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Joe Kronus and Winning free audiobook!!!

You can win  free copy of the audio book of Entering My Second Half!   My adventures with some rather famous people. Comment about your future and win, for a limited time.

Entering My Second Half; Audible Audiobook – Sherri Rabinowitz (Author), Kristine M. Bowen (Narrator);

 Also available as an audio book is my novel Fantasy Time Inc narrated by  Eileen Rizzo available at Audible, Itunes and Amazon, check it out at;

Zoe’s Promise stats has just made the highest live listen for any Sherri’s Playhouse production; 75,310 listens 🙂 Yeehaaa!!!!! 




Coming on April 18th at 7pm pt; Joe Kronus; A time travel radio play. Would you like to come along for the ride? You can stop those who would interfere in time…..A presentation of ;Sherri’s Playhouse!



Last Month was so exciting! 

Chatting With Sherri welcomed back The Aha Guy; Mitchell Levy, we had a fun chat talking about his new projects and how to write business books in record time;





I always enjoy chatting with talented author  R.M. Alexander; we talked books, deadlines, distractions and why we write? 



On Tuesday on Chatting With Sherri we welcomes author Christopher Golden  at 5pm pt 


For my fellow Nathan Page fans especially those in Australia, Nathan is performing again at the State Theater production of After Dinner by Andrew Bovell! The cast is; Nathan Page, Elena Carapetis, Jude Henshall, Ellen Steele and Rory Walker. It’s in Adelaide,and it looks like a lot of fun.    Wish I could go! To buy tickets;

Talking about Mr Page, take a look at my blogtalk  and Twitter stats , Nathan shoended up tops  this week, poof! 
















 This weeks tops in entertainment on Blogtalk;  my Chatting With Sherri’s shows with; Nathan Page, Anthony J Sharpe and the cast interview for Mary D Brooks play Zoe’s Promise!!!  And on Top Tweets in order of popularity Your Tweets earned 3,799 impressions over the last week;  Nathan Page, Anthony J Sharpe and the cast interview for Zoe’s Promise by Mary D Brooks!!!





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A Diverse Week, really.

Women are essential! I will be taking the day off tomorrow in honor of International Women’s Day. (Picture is from award-winning cartoonist, author and illustrator, David Trumble from WOMEN YOU SHOULD KNOW;


Only for the month of March all my Kindle E-books are 1.00 each. It is a limited special so get them while they are hot!…

I am really pleased that my book Different Is Beautiful is in the top 100 again. after all this time it is in the top 76 books last week;

I was very excited to take part in   this weekend;  I took part on several panels and did a signing. It was fun, I took part on some panels as a moderator that I knew little about but learned a lot.  I also was a panelist on a panel about Fan Fiction that I learned a lot about.  It was so much fun to exchange ideas with other fan-fic writers and readers.



We had a fun interview with playwright and author; Bill Goodwin about writing, mysteries, history and researching our work.  It was a blast, listen in; .




I had a lovely time with author & Blogtalk host; Rebecca McFarland Kyle, we chatted about writing, cats, and inspiration. .





Chatting With Sherri welcomes back Adam-Michael James to chat about Bewitched!.





On Thursday, Chatting With Sherri  will welcome back author and playwright Mary D!!!! 3/9/2017 12:00 PMPST

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                                    Happy Holidays!


Welcome to  my on-line Christmas Day Blog Book Fair. We have a great mix of books here. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained!


Our giveaway games are now closed. Thank you so much for taking part.

Congrats to Bette, Corrine and Jan are our last winners, yeah!!!! Congratulations to all our winners.

 Please pick from all the wonderful books below that are on sale.  There are a lot of talented people below for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Below Frosty here are the books for sale;  I have them separated by category (in Red) so you can easily find the books you like. Once you find the book you would like to buy just click the sell link that you prefer. Enjoy!





The Non-User-Friendly Guide for Aspiring TV Writers: Experience and Advice from the Trenches by Steven L. Sears;

Hard and truthful advice for anyone thinking of a career as a Television Writer from an Industry Insider.

Steven L. Sears has had a successful career in film and television encompassing over three decades. From his beginnings as a staff steves screenwriting bookwriter on NBC’s The A-Team, to Co-Executive Producer on the hit TV series Xena:Warrior Princess for MCA/Universal, creator and Executive Producer of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle for Sony/TriStar Television, and many pilot and development deals with major studios and production companies, he has amassed a huge amount of experience and knowledge about the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks and the Socially Awkward by Jessica Brawner;

In D&D th0000-jessicaere are certain attributes you start with, just as in life there are certain things you’re born with: Strength, Will, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence and Constitution. Whether you’re a veteran convention attendee, a con-virgin, a volunteer, vendor or a guest, everyone can use a bump in their life stats. Do you know what the 6-2-1 rule is? What do Barbarians and cell phones have to do with hygiene? Do you know when it’s okay to take a photograph? How do you flirt with that cute girl or guy across the room? Who are Booth Babes really?

Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz;

What follows are fascinating bits and bobs of my life. The things I have done, the people I have met, the places I have been.  I have re-0-entering-my-second-half-post-cardwritten the goals of my life and these experiences helped me formed them. As I write this I began to realize I have lead a hell of life!


Children’s Books

Shalilly by Elizabeth Gracen;

In the heart of ancient Delphi, Fippa, a sixteen-year-old misfit mystic with unusual gifts, stands at the edge of a cosmic pool, ready to 00-a-small-pic-of-elizabeth-book-coverdrown. Her sacrifice is the only way to open the portal within the water’s black depths and the only chance she has to bring the young warrior, Ision, back to Earth before Darkness annihilates Love from the Cosmos.



AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale  by Bette A. Stevens;

Description: AMAZING MATILDA(Ages 5-10)Friendship, patience and persistence are among the lessons learned in this gem of a tale featuring an amazing monarch butterfly. This award-winning picture book adventure follows the monarch’s life cycle as 000-matildaMatilda embarks on a quest to make her dream of flying come true. Science, art and wise lessons for children—all wrapped up in a tale the kids will want to read/hear again and again!



 PURE TRASH  by Bette A. Stevens;

Description: PURE TRASH(Ages 10- adult)In this short story adventure set in New England in the 1950s, two young boys set out on a Saturday adventure you won’t want to miss! Experience the joy of a carefree Saturday and the blistering pain of feeling not 000-purequite good enough as you hop on a bike and ride into town with two delightful young boys who find adventure at every turn. Shawn and Willie Daniels live in the woods with no indoor water or plumbing. Dad spends most of his hard-earned money on beer. Prejudice, class division, alcoholism, poverty, injustice, and bullying are cleverly woven into this 1950s adventure short. PURE TRASH is the prequel to the novel DOG BONE SOUP.

DOG BONE SOUP, A Boomer’s Journey by Bette A. Stevens;

Description: DOG BONE SOUP is the poignant tale of a dysfunctional family struggling to survive in America in the 50s and 60s, an era when many were living The American Dream. Whether or not You Grew Up in the 1950s and 000-dog60s, you’ll find DOG BONE SOUP to be soup for the soul. In this coming-of-age novel, Shawn Daniels’s father is the town drunk. Shawn and his brother Willie are in charge of handling everything that needs to be done around the ramshackle place they call home—lugging in water for cooking and cleaning, splitting and stacking firewood…But when chores are done, these resourceful kids strike out on boundless adventures that don’t cost a dime.

A Kitty’s View: An interactive children’s book by Sherri Rabinowitz and Illustrated by Anja Gruber;

00-xena-coverA Kitty’s View; An interactive children’s book is for kindergarten children and older. Though it is full of fun it is secretly teaching some lessons, shhhhhh.

Different Is Beautiful: A love note to the children of the world! By Sherri Rabinowitz and Illustrated by Anja Gruber;

a square teddy cover_bearb (2)Sherri Rabinowitz and Anja Gruber has found a unique way to encourage self-esteem in little ones while helping them develop a sense of appreciation and respect for everyone and everything in the world around them. A portion of the proceeds will go to anti-bullying charities.


Fantasy/ Science Fiction

Beginnings (The Nightmare Crew Book 1) by J.S. Frankel;,GeeksandtheSociallyAwkward/?tag=authorpage03-20

Picture (Im)perfect by J.S. Frankel;

 Nolan Goodman, star swimmer for Portland High, meets Mia Swarva at a swim meet and thinks he’s found his perfect girlfriend. 000-pictureThey start dating, things are going well…and then he finds out that Mia was born Mark, and his concept of what constitutes relationships not to mention sexuality goes out the window.



The Menagerie by J.S. Frankel;


The Demon in Business Class by Anthony Dobranski ;

A modern day fantasy set around the world—
000-anthonyA demon-possessed spy trying to start the next global war
falls in love with a psychic trying to stop it.



The Refuge Collection Book 1: by Ramsey Campbell (Author), Kaaron Warren (Author), Professor of English Paul Kane (Author);

The Refuge Collection is a collection of dark, supernatural and terrifying tales set in and around the mythical town of Refuge, bookkkkkkkwhere every house is different, and so are the people who live there. People seek Refuge for all sorts of reasons, sometimes without recalling why or how they arrived. Leaving is a different matter. The town is often described by those who live there as ‘Heaven to Some, Hell to Others.’

Hardback version of ‘The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some’

The Refuge Collection Book 1: by Lee Murray (Author), Martin Livings (Author), Ramsey Campbell (Author);

The Refuge Collection is a collection of dark, supernatural and terrifying tales set in and around the mythical town of Refuge, where every house is different, and so are the people who live there. People seek Refuge for all sorts of reasons, sometimes without bookkkkkkkrecalling why or how they arrived. Leaving is a different matter. The town is often described by those who live there as ‘Heaven to Some, Hell to Others.’

Softback version of ‘The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some’

Walking on the Weird Side by Rebecca McFarland Kyle;

 000-beckie-1When Dallas Homicide Detective Kevin Tallon wakes up in the ER with no memory of what got him there, he quickly learns he can no longer attend crime scenes without trying to eat the victims.  He’s on his own dealing with vampirism and walking the weird side.

Fanny & Dice by Rebecca McFarland Kyle;

000-fannydice“I’m leaving Hell for good, Eurydice…”

When she heard those words, Eurydice had a choice: remain in Hades’ realm or escape to Earth with her kinswoman, Persephone.


The Prequel to the Saga of Shadows and the Hugo nominee The Dark Between the Stars

Return to the epic universe of Kevin J. Anderson’s breathtaking, bestselling Saga of Seven Suns and Saga of Shadows. Nine years 000-kevin-ahave passed since the end of the titanic Elemental War, and the human race is still picking up the pieces. The Terran Hanseatic League has become the Confederation, and King Peter and Queen Estarra work to heal wounds among the factions of humanity, as well as with the alien Ildiran Empire.

The Madness of Hallen (The Khalada Stone Book 1) by Russell Meek;

Bearing the will to dominate all life among the desert, a long forgotten stone of power harbouring the mind of Husam al-Din is unearthed. From deep in the ice caverns of the Meil’vohllen Mountains, its release acts as a beacon, calling Na’ilah, Husam’s true blood heir to claim it for her own. Yet in her way stand Ohrl and Faerl, two brothers unwittingly linked to the power al-Din once held, their connection coveted by the 000-russellBrotherhood, the ancient guardians of the lost art of Harmonics. And so Na’ilah’s race begins, for to reclaim dominion over the desert she must first conquer all who seek al-Din’s power. Only one can claim al-Din’s mind, yet without each other’s strengths, Husam al-Din will have dominion over them all. The Madness of Hallen is the first of five parts in ‘The Khalada Stone’ series.

FIFTY FEET OF TROUBLE by Justin Robinson;

Book 2 in the City of Devils series

Being a private investigator ain’t all it’s cracked up to be—especially when you spend most of your time looking for missing kids and trying not to get turned into something that goes bump in the night instead of making time with femme fatales. But hey, it’s a living. 000-justinAnd there’s never a shortage of work for the last human detective in a city of monsters.

Right now, Nick Moss has three cases: tracking a missing girl, a young woman, and a toad, not necessarily in that order. The deeper he gets, the more troubling connections he finds—to his past, to some of the most dangerous monsters in the city, and to places he hoped he’d never have to go.

All Nick knows for certain is that he’s in trouble. Fifty feet of it.



THE DAUGHTER GAMBIT by Justin Robinson;

DaughterGambit-Cover.inddBook 2 in the League of Magi series

Teotl has been a loyal servant of the Priestess for forty years. Endowed with the incredible ability to absorb force and redirect it, she is nearly invincible, a dangerous enemy feared throughout the League of Magi. Her last mission ended in failure, when she could not stop the Twins from creating their newest Familiar, the cannibal spirit of winter, Coldheart. It has been three years since, and Teotl has been an outcast in her own organization.



The Atlas Chronicles ® by Karolyn Timarkos;

000-karriSwept up in events that challenge their sanity and courage, fifteen-year-old twins Briana and Hamish Ryan find themselves traveling through time, fighting creatures they thought only existed in mythology.




Available from

 Duty: First Novel of Rhynan (Novels of Rhynan Book 1) by Rachel Rossano;

Tomas Dyrease, the newly made Earl of Irvaine and the village of Wisenvale, owes his good fortune to his king and the recent civil 000-rachelwar. When his benefactor demands Tomas marry the cousin of a noble, he obeys. However, no one warned him that she wasn’t a typical noblewoman.

Triorion: Awakening (Triorion: The Series Book 1) by L. J. Hachmeister;


The Triorion series follows the lives of triplet siblings Jetta, Jaeia, and Jahx Kyron. As human children living on an alien world, they 000-ljmust resort to extraordinary—and oftentimes deadly—measures to survive. But relying on their secret telepathic talents comes at a high cost, putting themselves, and those they love, in danger. With death at their heels and an ancient evil at their fingertips, the siblings must decide how to use their gifts in a time of war, even if it means tearing apart entire worlds—or each other—to save the galaxy.

Triorion: Abomination (Triorion: The Series Book 2) by L. J. Hachmeister;

Triorion: Abomination,” the second book in the series, picks up at the end of the devastating war that has 000-lj-2left millions of Sentients displaced and entire worlds obliterated. Torn between her duties as a military leader and fulfilling her promises to her siblings, seven-year-old Jetta finds herself succumbing to a dark voice that grows louder each day. The siblings, once inseparable, face new enemies as the true source of their talents emerge and threatens to tear them–and the galaxy–apart.


Triorion: Reborn (Part I) (Triorion: The Series Book 3) by L. J. Hachmeister;

In “Triorion: Reborn” (part I), Earth is a planet ruined centuries ago by biological and nuclear warfare, its dwindling population 000-lj-3forced underground to fight for every scrap that comes their way. However, the dead world suddenly becomes the focus of both ally and foe as a fabled terrestrial technology for planet resurrection becomes a beacon of hope in a war-torn galaxy. The Kyron siblings make startling discoveries about their link to this forgotten world as Jetta is slowly consumed by a malevolent force. nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias% 3Daps&field-keywords=triorion

Fantasy Time Inc by Sherri Rabinowitz;

Newly edited version of Fantasy Time Inc, with new chapter and a new cover;
12795533_1149762565064334_575123236415178808_nIn the future we as a people will be going through many strange and conflicting changes. We will be traveling and living in space and under water. We will have an even better network of communications and transportation but we will still need to have a vacation and to relax from this antiseptic new environment. People will need an escape and most people dream of the future and the past, because no one romanticizes about their own time.

Romantic Fiction

The Real You by RM Alexader;

Paige Reed heads to a location shoot in Detroit where an A-list actor is filming the next big blockbuster. But it’s the man in the background she can’t take her eyes off. Throwing caution to the wind, Paige is captivated by Kellen Richards and the slow burning TRY Cover to fix ebook eyes USEromance which emerges. But when Kellen asks her to move to L.A several months later, she quits her job, only to find the consequences could be deadly. 

With his life built around Hollywood, Kellen Richards expects the masks people wear and is drawn to what-you-see-is-what-you-get Paige Reed. But wealth and fame come with a heavy price tag. Kellen finds he has to keep Paige safe, a task that won’t be easy. 

With everything stacked against them, can Paige and Kellen come out the other side together, or will the danger lurking within two separate worlds drive them apart?


Acclaimed author Mitzi Szereto explores the many complexities of desire, love and lust in this rich and varied “best of” collection of 000-mitzierotically charged short stories compiled over the course of her literary career. In these 17 provocative and often witty offerings, she travels expertly between genres with tales that explore both the light and the dark sides of sexuality. Oysters and Pearls gives the reader a glimpse into worlds that are as ordinary as they are fantastical and mysterious.



Amazon USA:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Canada:

Barnes & Noble:


Amazon Australia:



Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling Dead by Brooks Arthur Wachtel;

LADY NATASHA (TASHA) DORRINGTON, an emancipated and brilliant detective in 1906 London, is drawn into a deadly mystery 00-cover-front-onlyinvolving an ancient pagan curse and a diabolical scheme to plunge Europe into a devastating war.





Death in the Beginning (The God Tools Book 1) by Gary Williams (Author), Vicky Knerly (Author);

When archaeologist Dr. Curt Lohan uncovers a link between the ancient artwork in a Canary Islands cave and an unidentified man vicky and gary 4who emerges from a sealed room inside the 300-year-old Spanish fort in St. Augustine, Florida, he stumbles upon a secret that holds terrifying consequences. As Northeast Florida braces for a deadly hurricane, Curt and his friend, Scott Marks, are drawn into a monumental conspiracy which could destroy humanity and forever alter the world.


Evil in the Beginning (The God Tools: Book 2) by Gary Williams (Author), Vicky Knerly (Author);

Dr. Curt Lohan and Scott Marks return in the sequel to Death in the Beginning. Soon after discovering remnants of an ancient cross-oceanic expedition in a cave near the St. Johns River in Northeast Florida, sinister characters emerge in the nearby town. When 000-garypeople begin to disappear, a terrifying truth becomes evident: the magnificent archaeological site holds a dark secret that has been unleashed on the world.







End in the Beginning (The God Tools: Book 3) by Gary Williams (Author), Vicky Knerly (Author);

In the final chapter of The God Tools trilogy, the future of mankind hangs in the balance when Dr. Curt Lohan learns of the Cult of the End’s plan to destroy humanity and he embarks on a harrowing search to locate the third God Tool. To save his friend Scott 11798485_1040101279334756_1896989956_nMarks, rescue the children known as the seeds, and avert the agonizing death of every person on the planet, he will be forced to make the ultimate choice. Will it be enough?


Alternative Fiction

The Awakening, by Dawn Carter;

What do you get when you combine a powerful immortal witch with an immortal warrior of the Gods in holy matrimony? An i000-dawn-cndestructible team. Nira who was once a vampire made a pact with the Gods to fight the evil, and in return, she would regain her humanity and become an immortal warrior for the Gods. Stephanie, who had just come into her powers, teamed up with Nira to destroy the chaos that reigned terror upon the streets. As promised the Gods bestowed immortality upon her.


Murder by Proxy, by Dawn Carter;

Suspicious deaths were cropping up all over the city. What seemed like random killings had started to form a much darker and 000-dawn-c-3devious plan. Special Agent Danni Pacelli and Special Agent Parker Stevens have once again teamed up to catch the serial killer. The case which had gone cold and dormant for seven years is now again active and the body count is increasing.

Murder by Proxy – Kindle edition by Dawn Carter. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @


Forever Yours, by Dawn Carter;

Love knows no boundaries, something Taylor Fields discovered after her girlfriend died in a motorcycle accident.
000-dawn-c-1Unbeknown to Taylor, her true love had never left. In spirit, Raven Compton continued to stand by her side in death as she had in life. ‘Forever Yours,’ was Raven’s last words, and she meant it.




Hero, by Ronni Meyrick;

Major Jackie Holmes is a career soldier with nearly twenty-one years of service under her. Injured in Afghanistan, she returns home 000-dawn-author-2only to find the life she left, was no longer hers anymore. This is a courageous story of one woman’s battle to become whole while dealing with betrayal, it’s with the help of her physical therapist that she finds the strength and the possibility of new love. 



Cricket by Barbara Dennis;

Now in her mid-forties, Cricket has found herself existing with the unexpected loss of her long-time lover Gerry. With the support of 000-dawn-authorher circle of friends and the love of her Bernese Dog, Monkey, she continues to live, breathe, and hope for the emptiness to fade. Resigned to believing the hurt will stay, an unforeseen possibility of a new love interest breezes into her life through meeting new friends. Can Cricket lower her guard and allow another person into her heart, or will she push them away and forever struggle with the constant heartbreak? A touching story that portrays everyday struggles with unpredictable scenarios.





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End of the season for Sherri’s Playhouse, Interviews and Books!

0 new widgie posterThe last play of this season of Sherri’s Playhouse will be presented on Aug 21st at 8pm Pacific Time. So I am excited to the end the season with this great radio play “A Widgie Knight” by Mary D Brooks! to hear more about it listen to this chat we ha with the cast and the playwright And to read more about Sherri’s Playhouse please check out; about future productions and how you can be a part of it.

duo poster v2Today we chatted with the talented playwright and actress; Anne Davies about; Fifteen for Two and her special adaption of Hamlet.  We talked inspiration and how to create a way to make your dreams come true; 



Chatting With Sherri also chatted recently with the creative team for the audio book; Battlefield Earth which includes; Jim Meskimen, Director of Battlefield Earth; is a well-known film, animation and TV actor whose credits include Apollo 13, The Grinch, Friends, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Phil Proctor, Swiss banker  0 battleBaron von Roth; Phil is an award-winning actor, singer, writer and producer, a 45-year member of the thrice-Grammy-nominated Firesign Theatre comedy group. Fred Tatasciore, performed the Psychlo midget Ker;  is a professional Hollywood voice actor most known for portrayal of the Hulk in several animated roles, including Ultimate Avengers, Next Avengers, Hulk Vs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Listen in to this fun and lively chat; .


12795533_1149762565064334_575123236415178808_nI took part in the Traveless Book Event. It was a lot of fun, we played games and I gave away a copy of my book; Fantasy Time Inc, the audio edition. If you would like to check out the book and travel through time, please check;


0 beautiful nathan  I also wrote a blog on my movie and  tv blog website about Nathan Page answering fan questions ; THE PHOTO IS BY THE VERY TALENTED; © SAM MCADAM-COOPER.





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A nice boost for Different Is Beautiful and some great interviews coming up!

0 top 100Amazon Best Sellers: Best Preschool & Kindergarten Discover the best Preschool & Kindergarten in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Kindle Store Best Sellers. “Different is Beautiful,” made the top 100 in Best Sellers in Preschool & Kindergarten;

a new full book cover of dib

The winner of a free copy of my Global E-Book Award winning Children’s Book; Different Is Beautiful is Tonia Carr!!!!  Congrats Tonia, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Here is the trailer; And here is the sell link;


13342243_979851968798544_763470828_n“A Widgie Knight”will be on Sherri’s Playhouse next month and we are happy to announce our cast and that 1 maryinterview with the cast and creator Mary D. Brooks will be on Aug 5th!/




Drum roll….here is our cast…

1 jnaeEva Haralambos-Jnae Rae Spano



1 toniaZoe Lambros-Tonia Carr



1 juniorSebastion Fletcher and Patrick-Junior Paul




1 jessicaNarrator and Alice Beckworth – Jessica Crouse




1 rayHenry Franz and Mr Palamo-Ray Brent



1 wendyElena Jacobs and Aunt Adela  -Wendy Richmeier


everettEarl Wiggins-Everett Robert




0 sherriMrs Oliver, Dana Fletcher and Mrs Wiggins (Earl’s mother) – Sherri Rabinowitz






LTCoverFINALlightenedNext week Chatting With Sherri will chat with author; Will Pollock about his book; Leaving Triscuit! 7/26/2016 10:30 AM PDT…/…/07/26/chatting-with-sherri…




This week we chatted with  award-nominated Screenwriter Shari Goodhartz about the voice of the writer and how you can bring it out. We also talked about editing and how not to overwhelm the writer with the editor’s voice instead of the writer.  It was a fascinating chat! ShariGoodhartzInternet






Phantom The ImmortalLast week on Chatting With Sherri we chatted with author Mitzi Szereto about her new book Phantom The Immortal, which looks at the original Phantom with a modern twist.  We always enjoy talking to Mitzi, it was a fun chat.






Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz via



fantasy time-black (1)

Fantasy Time Inc by Sherri Rabinowitz via

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Book events and great interviews :)

13565532_688462304625314_966644324_nI had a great time with other  authors and fans of Fantasy at the “Fantasy Event” on Saturday.   We talked books, time travel, movies, and played games. It was so fun. The winner of the free audio book of Fantasy Time 12795533_1149762565064334_575123236415178808_nInc. is; Sarah Bird! I hope you enjoy it.  Here is a trailer of the book’s older edition; and if you would like to buy the book or just check it out, here is the link;


Format: Audible Audio Edition

Romance and time travel. Fantasy Time Inc is a company in the future which provides travel into the past. The author and narrator made you feel you were in that time frame.


pigletWin a free copy of my Global E-Book Award winning Children’s Book; Different Is Beautiful. Just put a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcomment on my book’s page, mention Different Is Beautiful and you may win a free book; is the trailer; And here is the sell link;

5.0 out of 5 starsIf you’re looking for a sweet little book to introduce your child to the literary …

By Steven L. Sears on May 25, 2015

Format: Paperback

If you’re looking for a sweet little book to introduce your child to the literary world, this is the one. You can’t start too early with this book and it serves a double purpose. It will give you some important time with your child to read together, and will teach your child the importance of being unique. More, it will teach your child to respect and celebrate the differences between us all. The illustrations are and text are perfectly matched. Just a wonderful little book.




13342243_979851968798544_763470828_n“A Widgie Knight”will be on Sherri’s Playhouse next month and we were so happy to chat with the playwright Mary D Brooks.  we talked about her book series, writing and her new play.  Here is a short description;  Eva protects the woman that she loves and becomes a Widgie Knight! Written by Mary Dee


We had a wonderful time chatting with author; Paige Dearth about her book; OneAmong Us! We talked about One Among Us Coverwriting, creativity and how she came up with her story line;






On Chatting With Sherri we chatted with Sherm Davis about; Learning To Stutter! We talked about how he created a book out and the journey it took him on. . Sherm_Davis_01






Phantom The ImmortalOn Chatting With Sherri Welcomes Back author Mitzi Szereto on 7/12/2016 10:30 AMPDT



































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On-line events, Radio plays, and reviews…

13565532_688462304625314_966644324_nA great event with several authors of Fantasy, It’s called the “Fantasy Event” on July 9th  including yours truly at 3pm eastern time/ 11am pacific time, so join us for a chat and maybe a book?

Captain Morgan award

A review for my books Fantasy Time Inc.;

By Mrs. Tonia L. Carr on January 28, 2016fantasy time-black (1)

Format: Audible Audio Edition

Miss Rabinowitz has done a remarkable job of opening up a new realm of fantasy and drawing the reader into it. Beautiful setting, stunning story. Must read!!!





12033115_1048012205239371_236223503727800733_na square teddy cover_bearb (2)Win a free copy of my Global E-Book Award winning Children’s Book; Different Is Beautiful. Just put a comment on my book’s page, mention Different Is Beautiful and you may win a free book;

Here is the trailer;

GEbA_Goldand a review;






13342243_979851968798544_763470828_nOn Chatting With Sherri we chatted with the talented author and playwright Mary D Brooks; (Listen in;  .)  “A Widgie Knight” by Mary D Brooks will be on Sherri’s Playhouse at the end of July, Mary talked about her book series, writing and her new play.  Here is a short description;  Eva protects the woman that she loves and becomes a Widgie Knight! Written by Mary Dee

PaigeChatting With Sherri welcomes the wonderful author; Paige Dearth about her book; One One Among Us CoverAmong Us!



Aspen Headshot-Cropped-Adjusted-450x550-clr- KBSmaller JOS Sig Image_zps3lrtgljwOn Chatting With Sherri today we chatted with author Stephen Merlino about his novel; THE JACK OF SOULS and upcoming up works.  We also talked about writing, short stories and contests 🙂  It was  a lot of fun!!! Listen in;





We chatted damion pic civil warwith talented actor Damion Poitier from; Captain America: Civil War! We talked about acting, inspiration and diversity in TV and Films.  It was a fun IMG_4958chat;

My Books continued; 

Just as side note, my book Murder Inc is no longer with Outskirts Publishing.  If you would like to purchase please get in touch with me either through my blog, website or Facebook. 



 Here is another review of one of my books, my memoir, Entering My Second Half;



Format: Kindle Edition

Sherri Rabinowitz has lived an interesting life. She recounts her childhood experiences moving cross-country several times, detailing the excitement and trauma that can accompany an abrupt change of venue and friends. She was fortunate to have a strong, loving family. Sherri meets each challenge head-on, and learns the value of new experiences. She leaves the reader with a sense of a person who is most definitely optimistic and eager about entering the next stage of her life.

end-smiles-before-episode-goes-blackRosie sends a letter in the new chapter of my fan fiction series; Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1034862c7b3122b53d123a70fe9a44f7

I wrote a short blog comparing two of my favorite shows; Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries vs Partners In Crime. I love both shows they have several things in common and several things dissimilar. ; f261e442be106685be492df51b22a1f7 (1)


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