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Sherri’s On-line Blog Book Fair!

Happy Holidays! Welcome to  my first ever on-line Blog Book Fair. We have a great mix of books here. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained.

Thschrift-3.-rede raffle is closed. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in it. The book fair will remain up for anyone who would like to buy a book. Please do so, we are very grateful for anyone who buys one. I am happy to say by the traffic to the site and all the people who took part in the raffle it was a roaring success!!!! Thanks a lot.  the management 🙂

Below are the books for sale; I have them separated by category (in Pink) so you can easily find the books you like. Once you find the book you would like to buy just click the sell link that you prefer. Enjoy!

Children’s Books;

41ba7da122e90ac1d188ba.L._V401949537_SX200_a new AMAZING MATILDA Cover(Thumbl) 200x260 (2)

AMAZING MATILDA becomes discouraged when she is unable to fly during the early stages of her metamorphosis. But, this amazing Monarch never gives up on her dream. Encouraged by her meadowland friends, MATILDA learns that if she tries long enough and hard enough, she can do anything that she really wants to do. AMAZING MATILDA will inspire readers and listeners alike, not only to follow their own dreams, but to encourage others to do the same!



The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too! is a resource for multi-cultural and interdisciplinary studies in the classroom or at home. Integrates Math (measurement and geometry) and Language Arts (research and writing) for elementary and middle school students, while presenting a few historical facts about tangrams. Tangrams and word puzzles (rhyming riddles/poetry) encourage students to have fun while they’re learning, and then to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Includes ideas for home/school projects. Tangram outlines, with rhyming riddles as clues, are even labeled for coloring for preschoolers. Hands-on fun for the whole classroom/family!




Isabella never wanted to learn to speak Spanish. But when her parents announce that they are moving the family to a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, Isabella becomes desperately afraid that she won’t be able to fit in and grudgingly agrees to start Spanish lessons with her abuela. But the lessons aren’t as easy as she thought they would be. Abuela is a strict teacher and the words are a lot more difficult to memorize than Isabella thought they would be, so at the goading of her best friend she decides to put a stop to them. Through a runaway adventure, a visit to her father in the hospital, and an introduction to a new kind of friend, Isabella comes to realize that Spanish may not be as bad as she thought, and that being able to communicate with people who share her heritage could be invaluable. Follow Isabella and author Cherrye Vasquez on a challenging journey of culture, family, and communication that just might change your mind about having No Tildes on Tuesday.

Fantasy/ Science Fiction;


author   In the future we as a people will be going through many strange and conflicting changes. We will be traveling and living in space and under water. We will have an even better network of communications and transportations but we will still need to have a vacation and to relax from this antiseptic new environment. People will need an escape and most people dream of the future and the past, because no one romanticizes about their own time.

Amazon paper back;

Amazon e-book;

Barnes and Noble;




After suffering a near-death accident, retired Marine Casper Brown awakens with a strange new connection to three stray dogs recently adopted by his family.  Casper’s nights are filled with dreams of the dogs’ activities, at times he can even see through their eyes.  And what he witnesses has him worried for his family’s safety.

Predatory Animals will be free on 12/26 and 12/27.


When death has you for dinner, oh the tales that you will hear.A secret hidden in a freezer. A lonely woman takes solace in an ancient cat. A boy is trapped in a barn with a gang of killers. An open grave awaits an occupant. A man is encouraged to kill by a long lost love. And more.

Here lie ten short stories from the mind of author Gabriel Beyers.


When Silas Walker is endowed with the power to heal, he soon discovers that no gift comes without a price.  A man possessed by an ancient evil is taunting the healer with photos of victims brutally murdered and marked with the crude image of an angel, and for Silas the slain are growing more familiar.

After he is given an ominous warning and an unbearable ultimatum, Silas sets out to draw his enemy away from those he loves, and discover the true purpose of his gift. The Stalker is close on the healer’s trail, bringing with him an army of demons. Silas’s only hope rests in the hands of a guardian angel he doesn’t even know exists.

The Guardian is doing all within his power to save the healer, but he is certain Silas is heading into a trap. Time is running out. But there is no turning back. For even an angel can’t alter a man’s destiny.

Mystery/ Thriller;


5434561_orig     The crash of Pharaoh’s colossal statue into a throng of worshippers brings the festival of the good god Ptah of Memphis to a sudden, bloody end. Prince Khay, the High Priest, barely escapes being killed, himself. He finds clues in the wreckage that show that the disaster was deliberately set. Now he is confronted with questions that grow more alarming with every answer he finds as the great temple of Ptah is rocked by a chilling series of murders.


vicky and gary 1   With his father in a coma, CIA operative Samuel Tolen may have found a way to answer mankind’s greatest question: Is there life after death?

When the Sudarium of Oviedo—the venerable cloth that once covered Jesus Christ’s face on the cross—is stolen from a cathedral in Spain, it sparks a series of grisly murders. Each victim is killed in a manner resembling the form of execution of one of the Apostles. American CIA operative Samuel Tolen, Spanish inspector Pascal Diaz, and British archaeologist Dr. Jade Mollur embark on a journey to reclaim the Sudarium. Their search takes a surprising turn when a 2,000-year-old clue from Joseph of Arimathea suggests a far greater secret Garyis within reach; a startling discovery that would forever change humanity.

Embroiled in a deadly hunt that takes them from the grounds of Harvard University to the coast of Costa Rica, from a hallowed Greek Isle to an exquisite Spanish cathedral, and ultimately to the doorstep of mankind’s greatest civilization, Tolen, Diaz, and Mollur will search for the ultimate truth in the midst of unspeakable deception. But is it a truth mankind was meant to discover?


Barnes and Noble;

Smash Words;


vicky and gary 2

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, CIA operative Samuel Tolen arrives to reconnoiter a meeting between a North Korean illegal arms dealer and the personal assistant of an American millionaire. The meeting is not what Tolen expects when he uncovers a nefarious plot: a murder for hire which will occur that night in Colombo with a $100 million payout. The problem is, he does not know who is being targeted or where the assassination will take place. During a night when clues lead only to questions, Samuel Tolen will learn that nothing is quite as it seems. It is a mission that may require the ultimate sacrifice.

Two bonus reads are included with this thrilling short story: A secret chapter to the upcoming e-book, Indisputable Proof, and the first five chapters of Indisputable Proof, where Samuel Tolen will undertake a deadly quest to find a treasure which could forever change humanity.


Barnes and Noble;



vicky and gary 3   On Amelia Island, Florida, 36-year-old journalist Fawn Cortez is adjusting to life in her new surroundings as she prepares for her upcoming marriage. Her father’s tragic death earlier in the year still haunts her. For decades, Juan Velarde Cortez obsessively hunted a legendary treasure, and his passing has left unresolved feelings for Fawn. Now, when a series of grisly killings rock the small island community—each victim’s face has a distinct signature—Fawn suspects a bizarre connection between the murders, her father’s quest, and the death ritual of an infamous Seminole Indian from the 1800s. A cigar box that once belonged to her father appears to hold the key. As Fawn draws closer and closer to solving the 200-year-old puzzle and determining the killer’s identity, she will be forced to unravel historical clues that will lead her on a harrowing journey. Time is quickly running out as a serial killer is watching and waiting in the shadows. Will Fawn discover the truth before she becomes the next victim? With historical links and storyline twists, this follow-up to Gary Williams’ & Vicky Knerly’s debut novel, “Death in the Beginning,” engages all the necessary elements of and delivers a fast-paced, heart-pounding thriller.


Barnes and Noble;



vicky and gary 4

It has been an extraordinary summer for archaeologist Curt Lohan. First, he discovers a manmade cave in the Canary Islands off the African coast. The austere walls hold artwork which dates to the dawn of mankind. Then, while exploring a newly found gunpowder magazine inside a 300-year-old Spanish fort in St. Augustine, Florida, a man emerges. When Curt uncovers a link between the Canary Island cave and the unidentified man, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a secret lost in history. But the revelation holds terrifying consequences, and there are those willing to murder to guard the truth. As Northeast Florida braces for a deadly hurricane, Curt and his friends are drawn into a monumental conspiracy which could forever alter the world…and destroy humanity.


Barnes and Noble;



Alternative Fiction;

murder inc

authorAlex Bennett led a double life. She was known the world over as the highly successful founder of a toy software company. But she was also the head of the infamous Murder, Inc. A situation she didn’t want but felt an obligation to fulfill until she met the lovely Patty Darcy and suddenly she wanted to just be the head of Toys Inc. Now she had something to fight for. Will the love of this sweet woman help her get out from under the weight of family obligations? Will she be able to share the kind of life with Patty that she wants?


Barnes and Noble;

Chris Martel has struggled all her life to form strong,lasting relationships. For Chris, love, compassion, and trust are critical. In A Kiss Before Dawn cover (2)their absence, Chris has turned to her dog and her horses for the emotional fulfillment she craves. Then along comes Mary Me an' my hat-1 (2)Jo Cavanaugh.

Fresh out of veterinary school, Mary Jo inadvertently antagonizes Chris with her overconfident assumptions about how to care for animals. She comes to learn that Chris’s practical experience provides both a wealth
of knowledge and a friendship unlike any she’s ever known. The carefully built walls around Chris’s heart begin to crumble as she acknowledges the unfamiliar feelings evoked by being with Mary Jo. Just as she believes she’s found the happiness that had always eluded her, someone from Chris’s past comes back into her life, intent on winning Chris’s affections, no matter what the cost. Can the love between Chris and Mary Jo survive so that they can share A Kiss Before Dawn?

Amazon paper back;

Amazon kindle;


Zeke Cabot is smart, tough, and one of the best Special Agents in the FBI’s Chicago Field Office. She’s also recovering from a traumatic head injury and months of being undercover on the mean streets of the Windy City. She takes an extended vacation in New Mexico to help her recover from her physical and emotional duress.

She meets Anne Reynolds, a home health nurse, who is recovering  from a failed sham marriage. Surrounded by the breathtaking New Mexico landscape, they are pulled into the horror of a serial murder case that Zeke thought was closed. Zeke’s PTSD runs dark and deep and threatens to overwhelm their fledgling relationship. But every once in a while, two opposing energies can merge to create a stronger alloy—but the laws of physics, like love, can be fickle.

comingsoon_SBHLCCharis_headshot_sm_rez (2)

Hired to work on a biography of the late film star, Daphne DeMonet, Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett, Daphne’s “longtime companion.” To Bailey’s dismay, she learns Eleanor has set up a co-interview with Bailey’s ex-partner, Chelsea Parker.

Estranged for eleven months, the two women hide their painful memories and strain to be civil to one another. Eleanor startles them by insisting that they take turns reading aloud from Eleanor’s diaries of her life with Daphne DeMonet. Only after the diaries are read in her presence will Eleanor proceed with a full interview.

Once Eleanor discovers that Bailey and Chelsea are ex-partners, the diary readings take on a new meaning for her. Can they learn from the mistakes she and Daphne made as young lovers? Will that knowledge bring Bailey and Chelsea together again? Or is it too late to mend their broken relationship?

Amazon Ebook;

and for paperback:


From an early age, author Tom Ufert can remember his grandmother proclaiming that adversity builds character. At the BOOK COVER-1Rtime, he didn’t completely understand what it meant-or know that he would actually live it. In Adversity Builds Character, Ufert shares the events that altered and shaped his life and shows how, with God’s help, he was able to survive, thrive, and inspire others. In this FACEBOOK_PICSmemoir, he narrates his life story and tells about the adversity he has faced-his mother’s early divorces; the breakdown of his relationship with his sister; his adoption by family friends; his mother’s illness and murder; his contact with a predatory pedophile; his questioning of his own sexuality, bisexuality, and eventual acceptance of being gay; alcoholism and sexual addiction; diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and HIV; and paralysis from a car accident. Revealing, honest, painful, and tender, Adversity Builds Character communicates the power of the human spirit to overcome the trials of modern life. It shows how Ufert’s suffering paved the way for a deep appreciation for life and God’s role in the world.

Amazon Hardcover;

Amazon Softcover;

Amazon Kindle;


13118291  This is a book about English idioms, expressions, and phrases, and their meanings, along with sample sentences and the origins of some of these expressions. A number of humorous illustrations and some interesting expressions and proverbs from other languages and cultures have also been included. It is a useful and fun collection for anyone who speaks English, and will be referred to for many years to come. It’s a great gift for a friend, or a fitting addition to your coffee table or office waiting room.

Book Depository (With free worldwide shipping):

1d2530bRomeo & Juliet Cover by Gary Ciesla (2)  The Romeo & Juliet Story Summary Worksheets & Tests effectively and faithfully summarize the story of Romeo & Juliet and will be useful for teachers and students as they read this classic and timeless tale by William Shakespeare  The book has been written to help U.S. students meet five Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing, and can be used by teachers in several different ways:


Barnes and Noble;


Thank you for your interest in The Little Book of Secret Code Puzzles. If you’ve never solved a Code Puzzle before, or never even heard of a Code Puzzle, this book and its puzzles will bring you many hours of amusement and insight.  Learning how to solve the puzzles is easy, and once you start solving one, you’ll want to solve them all!  Each of the twenty-seven Code Puzzles contains a thought that will humor, encourage, or challenge you, and each contains a little pearl of wisdom just “…waiting to be discovered.”


Barnes and Noble;


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Busy New Year!

41ba7da122e90ac1d188ba.L._V401949537_SX200_This week I did my last show of the year of Chatting With Sherri. My interview this week waa new AMAZING MATILDA Cover(Thumbl) 200x260 (2)s with the lovely Bette Stevens about her wonderful children’s book Amazing Matilda; A Monarch’s Tale. An inspirational tale of a Monarch butterfly and her meadowland friends. It was a fun and informative chat about books and the love of reading. It is a children’s book and we chatted about the joy of reading and passing it on to children.


We couldn’t in good conscience start our chat with out dedicating it to those we lost in Newtown, CT.  I also dedicate this blog to them with much love and prayers.


Here are two reviews I have done this week; one is on The Floating Admiral;  and the other is for Get Real! Fighting the Mythic Woman Finding Your Authentic Self; . I find that I enjoy doing a review but it is difficult for me to rate it.


Don’t forget to join us for my On Line Book Fair on Christmas day. You will have a great selection of books. Many different types of books and we will have free drawings for autographed books starting at 230pm PST. Right here at on my blog;

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Chatting on…

Cover 200x300 (2)This week I spoke to Will Merrill about 9/11 called “Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes;” It really touched me as I heard the stories that Will told about the after effects of that violent act against 200x300 (2)innocent people. It was the most serious and important of the interviews I have had so far. I have had a lot of fun talking to my guests about their projects and I think they have enjoyed it too. This was the first time I was so touched by the subject.  I enjoyed talking to Will who is a kind and gentle man. He also talks about this with passion and a great need to communicate what happened to real people during a horrible time and the affect on them both emotionally and physically. I was choked up a couple of times during the interview, It was fascinating, compelling and full of important information. Please listen to the interview; It is a very important one. Below are the links for his book;

Amazon’s site;


Barnes and Noble;
IP_-_Final_copySpeaking of heroes I need to let you all know about this;  FREE ebooks to U.S. Military members. Throughout the month of December, authors Gary Williams and Vicky Wood Knerly are opening up their library of e-books FREE to all Wounded Warriors, active duty and retired U.S. military personnel. It is their way of saying “Thank You!” for your commitment, service and the sacrifices that you have made for your country. Click on the link below and feel free to share this free offer with family and friends so that we can get the word out to our military serving both at home and abroad. Happy Holidays!   
41ba7da122e90ac1d188ba.L._V401949537_SX200_Next week I will have the lovely Bette Stevens about her book about her wonderful children’s booka new AMAZING MATILDA Cover(Thumbl) 200x260 (2) Amazing Matilda; A Monarch’s tale. An inspirational tale of a Monarch butterfly and her meadowland friends. She is a lovely and talented lady so I am really looking forward to chatting with her.
Last week I took part in a blog tour for my book, Fantasy Time Inc. Two of my writing buddies Sarah Baethge;  and Gabe Beyers; did the blog tour this week.  I can’t tell you how much I love new and exciting ways to promote our books. In a world that is media driven it is
surprisingly hard to get the word out and sell your books. This was a great way to do it. So I want to thank Tracy Kaufman;  for inviting me to take part in this exciting adventure!
My next exciting adventure I am doing all on my own. I am going to have an on-line Blog Book Fair on Christmas Day. I thought it pic with bookwould be a unique way to showcase not only my two books but other authors that have become friends through interviewing and social media.  I will have raffles for free books through out the day. Please check the top of the page for those books on Dec. 25th. So come and browse all the authors that will be featured and buy a nice late present for the holidays. Or a little something for yourself!
11985168My latest review of a new book is Get Real! Fighting the Mythic Woman Finding Your Authentic Self
by Ananya S. Rajan on Goodreads can be found at; . I really enjoyed this book very much and learned a lot from it.
My writer interview this week is with M.M. Frye, Please give her a gentle welcome;

 What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?Missy-Promo-Shot-200x (2)

The Large and Growly Bear and yes I do still own it.

 What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I like all genres. I tend to get tired of trends and like to mix things up. I’m not sure if they affect my writing. When I write, I’m not thinking of anything but the story.

 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

The book was called Alabama Moon and it was part of the Harlequin for teens back in early 80s. I can’t remember the author’s name and really don’t remember much about the story, but I can still recall how it made me feel.

 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I like historical books more than contemporary, though I read both. As to a favorite era, I’m not sure. If the story is good, I don’t think I really mind what era the setting is. I like the WWII era because there are so many factors that can contribute to stories. I like to get emotional punches while I’m reading.

 Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

I have to be at my desk to write. When I sit in front of my computer, it triggers something in my brian that says it’s time to work. I’ve never had a laptop though. If I did, I might find another place to let my creativity flow.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

I like fantasy and sci-fi and tend to steer away from formulaic romance. Don’t get me wrong I like romance, but prefer it to be a subplot. I’ve read more books in the young adult genre this year than anything else, but my favorite books range from Christian fiction to literary fiction.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I like holding a book in my hands and the feel of the paper as I turn the pages. I’ve read using electronic devices, but nothing beats a real book.

 Can you tell us about what your working on now?

I’m currently working on the second draft of a women’s fiction novel. It’s called The Widows of Wyatt Abney. “Yancy and Beth lost a great love when Wyatt Abney died. When they meet again twenty-five years later they throw their families into turmoil and along the way discover whether they’ve truly moved on or merely moved forward.”

Her website address is;
Till next time…

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Busy Week!

pic with bookI had such a busy week this week. I had my first public speaking engagement for; What is your Life Story?86694361548341527_vPHQTfoq_c   I have done one on ones through the Learning Annex,  and a group conference call but never in person. So I am thinking this  a group of people who had not written a lot and needed some guidance to get started. I worked all night on my little 20 minute speech getting it picture perfect and memorized. I arrive early and got to hear some pieces that they had written. What I discovered was that these are very accomplished writers who had already written memoirs.

Well as I sat there listening and35816_406565138320_1875124_n thinking that I can’t do what I thought I was going to do because it would have been completely unacceptable. So I smiled, stood up and went completely off the top of my pointed little head.  It went pretty well because I do know my subject and I am completely willing to share not only about my writing but about my new Blogtalk Radio Show, Chatting with Sherri. So it all turned out well. They all enjoyed it and I recieved  nice emails from both the library and the leader.  I learned a lot and I really hope they did too.

I  also took part in my first Blog Book Tour. It is a really interesting idea. To pool the blogs of many writers to advertise our books so we get a bigger market. Like a consortium. I really do love the idea and of course I am open to anything new and imaginative to sell my books. Here is my special blog with the book tour;


Speaking of using  your imagination, I have had a really crazy idea. I thought about the book fairs that I have taken part in and I said to myself I wish I could go outside of Southern California.  So after a lively conversation in my head, I came up with this really crazy idea. I am going to have an on line blog book fair on Christmas Day. So come and browse all the authors that will be featured and buy a nice late present for the holidays. Or a little something for yourself! It will be on my website, here is the link; .  You can sign up for it on Facebook and Goodreads .


0afef531fec40ad8976ff2_L__V137635642_SX200_This week I had the pleasure of having Anne Hosansky and her latest book Ten Women of Valor on Chatting With Sherri. “Ranging from indomitable Sarah to legendary Queen Esther, they confide frank feelings of faith, ambition, passion and sibling rivalry” It was a fun show all about books, movies and how far we have come as women.

And next week I am very happy to be chatting with the fascinating Will Merrill about his amazing book about 9/11 calledCover 200x300 (2); “Ordinary 200x300 (2)People: Extraordinary Heroes;” it vividly recalls for us the catastrophic legacy of the most destructive terrorist attack in our country’s history.

VickySpeaking of heroes I need to let you all know about this;  FREE ebooks to U.S. Military members. Throughout the month of December, authors Gary Williams and Vicky Wood Knerly Garyare opening up their library of e-books FREE to all Wounded Warriors, active duty and retired U.S. military personnel. It is their way of saying “Thank You!” for your commitment, service and the sacrifices that you have made for your country. Click on the link below and feel free to share this free offer with family and friends so that we can get the word out to our military serving both at home and abroad. Happy Holidays!    IP_-_Final_copy

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Special Blog Book Tour Edition

This is a special edition of my blog, I am taking part in a Blog Book Tour. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?


1) What is the working title of your book?

Fantasy Time Inc.
2) Where did the idea come from for your book?

For a long time I worked as a travel agent and daydreaming one day I thought it would be interesting to send people back in time instead of to Hawaii. I also remember a show from when I was a kid where a woman was asked where she went on vacation and she said that she went around the world but next year she was going somewhere else. Ding! An idea was born.
3) What genre does your book fall under?

Time Travel/ Fantasy/ Romance
4) Which actors would you choose to play in your movie rendition?

I think that Anne Hathaway would make a great Dr. Anne Ross. She is beautiful and very smart perfect for the part. And for Captain Morgan I think the most dashing choice would be  Hugh Jackman .
5) What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Can’t find an agent who will help me so I am doing everything all by myself.
7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

About three months.
What other books would you compare this story to?

That is hard because there is such a different twist to it. I guess the closest to it would be The Time Machine.
9) Who or what inspired you to write the book?

This book was inspired by my own warped imagination and my love of history.
10) What else about your book might pique the readers interest?

There is a lot of romance in it. There is a little something for everyone because there are three different romantic threads.

You can find my book (a wonderful present for the holidays) at the wonderful book dealers below;IMG_9195

Amazon Kindle edition;

Amazon Paperback edition;

Barnes and Noble;

Next week these lovely writers will be writing their own entry into The Blog Book Tour on Dec. 12th!

Gabriel Beyers for his book, Predatory Animals!

Sarah Baethge for her book, The Speed of Darkness! 

Please check out my friend Southern Author for her blog;


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