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An Exciting Time On Chatting With Sherri!

 I am going to do a give away for my book A Kitty’s View, because I lost my own Xena I think I have this wonderful book a bit of short shift, she was my muse and to lose her was so heartbreaking I just could not bring myself to advertise the book the way I should have.  So for the first  comments about how your pet made you laugh you will win a copy of the e-book, and for grand prize winner a signed copy of the paperback by me, with a nice pic of Xena included.

Find out how you can win a free audio book!

Also I am still doing a give away of the audio book; I had some great reviews for Entering My Second Half!  Check them out here;  and

You can still take part in my giveaway for the audio-book of  Entering My Second Half; Just comment about your future here and win a free copy of the audio book!! You can also purchase  the e-book or the paperback at the link below; Sherri Rabinowitz (Author), Kristine M. Bowen (Narrator); My adventures with some rather famous people and fun adventures; 


My dear friend and fellow writer Lee Murray, she is a multi-award winning writer and advocate for writers in every genre’ she will join me on 7/03/18 at 1pm pacific time  



Tomorrow one of my all time favorite shows that I still watch every day is I Love Lucy! Author and playwright; Gregg Oppenheimer will join me to talk about his dad who is the creator-producer-head writer Jess Oppenheimer!  We will talk about how his dad helped create such an iconic show also about his new play all about Lucy called “I Love Lucy: A funny thing happened on the way to the sitcom on 7/2/18 at 1pm pt;

Last night I was so excited welcome Ruby Rees from Miss Fisher Mysteries to the show!  We will be talking about Jane from Miss Fisher and all she learned and how she felt about the production.  It is a recorded interview because she right now she is at the Miss Fisher Con.  It is a great interview and I can’t wait for you to hear it.    She is producing a wonderful new movie called ‘Women By The Sea’ A FULLY FEMALE production.   And you can help here;

I also had a really good time talking to film maker: Jordan Jacobo about acting, tv, creativity and how we came to love the shows we love. And he talks about how created his shows on PBS and his new podcast;


Mark Simpson and I chatted about one of my favorite shows from childhood, Bewitched! And all about the wonderful guests he has coming up for  the Bewitched Fan Fare 




I had a really fun time chatting with actor and director; Debra De Liso & playwright Ty Pickett ! We talked about their new play, and just creativity and theater in general, it was a great chat!




I had a wonderful chat with Young and The Restless star Kate Linder we talked about her soap, the theater and her new play;    




I chatted with my friend who is a singer and talk show host; Jennifer Perry, we had a great talking about music and creativity; 



And I can not thank Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox enough for coming on my show, they were sensational and a lot of people tuned in to listen to them chat about Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries! The show has gone well over million downloads!!!! Thank you!!!!




For my Patreons thank you for helping me keep my platform going.  I have some truly amazing guests this month on Chatting With Sherri

Casting for radio actors for Sherri’s Playhouse play is complete we will start rehearsing soon for the amazing radio play; THE THIEF’S TALE  by Lee Murray. Adapted for audio production by Dan Rabarts.

 I still have two amazing radio plays coming up and could use some heavy lifting.  No pay but a lot of exposure and you get to meet people from all over via our rehearsals.  We rehearse on Skype and perform on my Blogtalk platform. It is a lot of fun and we get to act in some truly amazing plays.  We do the radio plays live, it’s a high wire act like live TV back in the day, so if you want to do something completely different, get in touch with me.



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