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Great shows and projects!

I am now casting for our new season of Sherri’s Playhouse, we have some really exciting shows coming up!!!! So anyone who is interested in acting in a radio play please get in touch. No pay but a lot of great exposure. It is all done via Skype and phone so you can call from anywhere! We especially need male voices. 


I would like to thank you everyone who supported my attempt to bring Cat’s Pajama’s to the stage.  Sadly it failed.  I really tried hard.  It was the true college try.  It just breaks my heart.  I worked so hard.  But it was not to be.


Coming soon an audio book for my memoir; Entering My Second Half!  I am so excited, this one is really personal so keep your eye on this space but for now here is the link to all the ways you can buy the book;





I had so much fun chatting with the wonderful John C. Alsedek and Dana Perry Hayes about their show Suspense! We talked about writing a radio drama, how they got such great voice artists and what is coming up on their show;


I had a such a great time with Highlander Star & film maker; Elizabeth Gracen!  We chatted about her playing a part in my new radio play Joe Kronus as Jane Austen!!  We talked about her work on the radio show Suspense and how much fun it is to act with your voice only.  I would also like to thank  Elizabeth Gracen for her wonderful endorsement of Cats Pajamas for my attempt to bring to the theater.  Thank you so much Elizabeth.…/be-a-part-of-theater-…/updates 



Coming soon on Chatting With Sherri we welcome back author Andy Peloquin 11:30 am Pt on 2/13/18




Nicholas Davidge, Steven L Sears and Elizabeth Gracen earned 4,684 impressions over the last week!!!





I wrote two new really weird short story called; Another Time by Sherri Rabinowitz

Unexpected by Sherri Rabinowitz;

And the first one again; We’re On Our Way! by Sherri Rabinowitz 



Some fan fiction I have been scribbling between projects;

It’s Ivy’s Second Birthday and the family gathers to celebrate.

Ivy’s Birthday by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Happy Ending of the story and the series. (or is it?)

Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The fun and strange finish to my breaking the fourth wall fan fiction story;

Privateers by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries chapter 4;

A surprise suspect comes into the case.

Germ Art by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries


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