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New Things on The Way!

I am biting my cheeks to keep from telling you some of the amazing guests I have coming up for Chatting With Sherri. I can guarantee that they will all be interesting and very exciting. I can’t wait!

This week I had the pure pleasure of chatting with Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly about their exiting thriller, Indisputable Proof .  We talked about the writing process and the challenges of working with a partner that lives in a different state. They are so much fun and very funny. It was a total joy to me and I think you will find it so too. .  They love to exchange ideas with their fans on their website or Facebook page; .

Next week I will get to chat with the amazing writer Sam Gilmour, to talk about his fantasy work Golden Mane, Renegades of Wolfenvald and the erotic paranormal murder mystery, The Borrowed Kitchen!  Please join me for this new show with such a wonderful writer. .







This week I am also excited to announce the relaunch of my e-magazine; Sherri’s Jewel Box. It is new site with a special theme in this issue. One that is very close to my heart, It is all about Breast Cancer.  How it touches everyone, there is a link to the Breast Cancer site. When you click you give someone who needs it a free mammogram. It is also the official page with a lot of merchandise where all the money goes to Breast Cancer Research. I bought a cute pair of socks. The issue is full of beautiful  issue full of special pieces and touching memories; .

My intrepid kitty, Xena has snuck on my computer again and has written a new blog about all her antics. Please check out how she is finding new ways to fill her furry time; .

I also wanted to remind everyone about my special one on one classes through The Learning Annex. It is a new thing they are offering and I think it is very exciting; .

For anyone in San Diego, my books Fantasy Time Inc and Murder Inc, will be featured at the San Diego Jewish Book Fair. I am not going to be at a table but I will be there on either Nov 4th or Nov 11th. Email me at if you would like to hang out. Here is the link for the site; .

Till next time…

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New Joys on the Horizon

As my last blog said these are exciting times ahead and there are so many things that are happening that I can’t talk about that I am about to bust open.

One of the first things was my special class last week. I had a conference call teaching people how to write their memoirs. It was so exciting! I received the homework already and sent them out. The call was recorded but the echo was so bad that people who wanted to hear it said it was just too difficult to listen to the recording. So I will do another class in a couple of months, stay tuned.

Starting today my Learning Annex class is available on a one to one basis. Here is the link; . I am really looking forward to talking to students and helping them to break through that wall of memory. It is so exciting!

This week I will have the pleasure of speaking to the  unique thriller writing team of Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly. We will be talking about their new edge of your seat thriller, Indisputable Proof! I am so looking forward to it, so please join me to hear all about this exciting book!

Last week I had a wonderful chat with Diana Wilder about her new book Morningtide and her current book the Pharaoh’s Son. It was a fun and informational discussion. I think you will enjoy it.

To get a taste of it please read this lovely pre-interview;

 What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?
The first book that I remember reading to myself was MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE by Marguerite Henry.  Like most kids my age (3rd grade) I was crazy about horses and had most of her books.  With all the moves my family had, I don’t have it any more, but I still remember the paintings by Wesley Dennis in there.
 What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?
I like adventure stories or pensive tales.  As a people-watcher, I like getting into a character’s personality and enjoying his or her ups and downs, and the way their conflicts are resolved.  I tend to get pretty involved…  One time, reading WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams, I got so involved with everything that was happening – the battles, the courage, the love story, the suspense – it took me a moment to realize that I was reading about rabbits!
 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?
My fourth grade teacher read us CHARLOTTE’S WEB and I remember how sad I was when she died – and then when her eggs hatched and it was a sort of having her back again.
 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?
Not really.  Good stories are good stories.  Though some of the rather mannered offerings of any era – minimalist or too wordy – tend to make me a little weary.
 Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?
I like to write looking out the window, when possible.  I have, however, done a lot of writing while monitoring a dressing room (part time job) writing on a piece of paper towel.  I have also gotten a lot done sitting in a mall with my laptop on my lap, picking away.  Ideally, though, a view, maybe a pleasant breeze…
 Do you prefer one genre to another?
I prefer straight fiction with a historical bent.  People are fun to work with and history is fascinating.
 Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?
Well…  I really like the feel and smell of a book.  There is no comparison.  However, I’m one of those who has a horror of being caught somewhere with nothing good to read, so I tend to carry twenty pounds of books with me.  A friend pointed out that I could carry fifty books in an e-reader, and I concluded that I could tolerate an e-reader if it meant that I wasn’t going to dislocate my shoulder trying to carry ten books with me.
 Can you tell us about what your working on now?
I’m finishing a novel with the title MOURNINGTIDE that is a sort of sequel to THE CITY OF REFUGE.  It takes place eighteen years after CITY and follows three characters as they deal with the death of a son and brother.  The story is complicated by the fact that the father is a king, and he has found that a broken heart is a terrible thing to bear publicly.  In the course of the story he remembers that the king is a man, too.  There is a quiet love story and some very funny moments.  I  started it November of last year and have enjoyed watching it grow and develop.  If all goes well it should be ready by the first of next year.
To find out more about Diana, please check out her website;

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Exciting Times!

I just had a great interview on my radio show with Adrienne Wilkinson, she was so sweet, funny and charming. We had a lot of fun and it was really exciting because this was my first interview that was a staff pick on Blogtalk  Radio. So please check this addition of Chatting With Sherri, with Adrienne;

She was so generous with her time and I so appreciate it. She is a very busy lady with her acting, her passion project; MOB and her charity work. Below are her links so you can check out all the information we talked about during our episode;

Online Resources:

#FromThe MOB:





Next week on Chatting With Sherri, I will be having a chat with Diana Wilder about her wonderful book; The Pharaoh’s Son and her new book; Morningtide! Please join us for our talk at; .



The Fanfiction class is on hold, the first one I am going to do is class about writing your life story. It is going to be a one on one class on The Learning Annex. But I am going to have a sample class tonight through a phone conference. It is completely free.

Subject:  Life Stories Class
Date: 10/10/2012

Time: 630pm (PDT)
Duration: 30 minutes; a test to see how it goes over, anyone can join in.

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4700
Participant Access Code: 673349#

Do you want to leave your legacy to your family? Do you want to write your own history but don’t know where to start? Do you think you would like to write a book about yourself but can’t get past that blank piece of paper? I can help .

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A Time of Change

It is a time of change for me. I have been going through some difficulties  I have decided to move them to this new site. So look around see all the new sites and tell me what you think of my new place. Once you have looked around, take a seat on the couch, kick your shoes off and relax.

I am having so much trouble nailing down my class, it is a new thing for me and I am looking forward to it but it is really hard to get everything the way you feel it should be. I really love talking to fellow writers and people who want to be writers so I am really working very hard to make it happen, I will keep you posted.

Chatting With Sherri is the best!!!! It is going so well, I had a great interview with Barbara Daoust who is so many     things, she is an actress, director, writer, spiritual counselor, artist and creator spiritual vessels. Her interview went very well and was so much fun, here is the link; .Her book is called True Love/ True Self.    Her website is for coaching services.  For her book, vessel and  visualization cd:  Her email  if anyone is interested in receiving video tips is:

My next chat is with the lovely Adrienne Wilkinson who is best known for playing Xena’s daughter Eve in Xena, Warrior Princess. She is a very talented actress who is very diverse and has been many shows such as; “Charmed,” “ER,” “Angel,” “Venice: The Series,” “Goodnight Burbank,”  and “Reflections!”  Adrienne reunites with Zoe Bell and Tracie Thoms in the new fight feature film ‘Raze”. Her is her website so you can see more exciting info on this wonderful actress; .  Please join me for this exciting interview on Tuesday, Oct. 9th at 1030am PST. Here is the link, . Please follow my radio show under my show page at so you can get emails to remind you of this exciting show!!

My last lovely tidbit I would like to share with you is this really interesting new interview which from Dr Anne Ross’s  point of view instead of mine. So from my novel Fantasy Time Inc. for an insiders look at my  novel please read this interview; .

Till next time…

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