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The Download Chatty Award is still open!



One of the nominees for this years The Chatty is Mary D Brooks  & Steven L Sears, they chatted with me about a book Mary created for Xena; Warrior Princess big anniversary this year. By and for fans called; Xena; Their Courage Changed our World!

The Download Chatty Award is still open but only two weeks left for the to select the winner; You can still vote for best download just go to; and listen to your favorite show. These nominees are not in order, I will not let you know who is the winner till January 6th.

Thank you to all my guests for coming on my show and all my listeners who take the time to check out the different shows. Thank you.

Here are the nominees;

Nathan Page (Picture by (c) sam mcadam-cooper )





Anthony Sharpe




Dr. Colleen Darnell




Brice Bexter





Mary D Brooks and Steven L Sears





Final deadline is today; so any authors who would like to take part in my Book Fair this year please send me a message to let me know. I will need pictures of your books and sell links as well a very short description of each book. No more then three books per author please.


Chatting With Sherri welcomes back John Alsedek, we talk about the original radio theater, John’s inspiration and the exciting season;



Chatting With Sherri welcomes back award winning author Eileen Mueller, we talked dragons and how much she loves them.  The inspiration for her series and the latest book;




Chatting with Sherri welcomes Lisa Russell about life in the Malibu Colony and Cary Grant! We had a great time chatting about Cary Grant how lovely he was to her and her life in the Malibu County, listen in;



Chatting With Sherri welcomes author and magician Diana Zimmerman, we talked about how she became a magician, how the wonderful Cary Grant helped her, (I was able to chat about Cary Grant with two people who knew him and were friends with him, how cool is that?) And her new books and how she is creating a tv series!




Chatting With Sherri welcomes back author Wulf Moon on 12/17/19 at 1pm pt;






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