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My New Campaign For The Shorty

shorty_badge_300x250_meIt’s that time of year again, time to start my campaign for the Shorty Award. I decided to create a new category. So I need all your help! Please copy the sentence below and tweet it.

I nominate @ for a Shorty Award in  because she has amazing guests!

Thank you so much for your help,


Next week please join us in a chat with Bob Walton and Sal Santoro to chat about their book; Route 66- The People, The Places, 2) Jay, Sal & Bob2 (2)The Dream!  Ride along with Bob and Sal as they have the time of their lives driving a 41 year old convertible coast-to-coast and back including all of historic Route 66. Come join us for a fun chat about these traveling men!

This week Gary Ciesla I chatted about his latest book,The Little Book of Secret Puzzles on Chatting with Sherri. He chatted aboutTheLittleBookOfSecretCodePuzzlesPearlsOfWisdom (2) Rotated Facebook Photo (3)how being a school teacher helped him to create his books. Please listen to the lovely interview;





carlesbad 6Sometimes bad stuff can you lead you to fun. We had to take care of issues with my car and found ourselves in Carlsbad! My First Trip To Carlsbad



xena in office chairXena, the Warrior Kitty had a wonderful time and she tells about in Thanksgiving With My Family



The new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box will be available very soon! It is about the beauty of silence which is perfect for the winter jewel_3months. Have you ever walked out in the still morning after a snow when there is a chill but not freezing and it is just beautiful and peaceful? The amazing pieces of jewelery for this issue are beautiful and we have great articles and features! Check out this issue it will only be available till  November 30!




My annual Book Fair will be on December 25th so getting your shopping juices ready for last minute books for your friends and schrift 2_whiteBGfamily. My last one was very successful for everyone and everyone had a great time. I already have received some wonderful books from some new authors and return authors from last time.  Please mark it on the calendar to join the fun!





Fantasy Time Inc. was nominated for a Global E-Book Award!  Please check out my books; Fantasy Time Inc. and Murder Inc. are GeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDavailable at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here are the links below;

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