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Back From Vacation Met With Surprises

nancy and II had a very nice vacation below are blogs about it from two perspectives. The first one is my perspective and the second one is my cat, Xena’s perspective. I think both are very interesting check them out;


lucy and IMy Vacation at The Xena Convention 




20140208_193210On Vacation With My Family 




I came home to a couple of nice surprises, the first is a project that I had feelers on but nothing solid. Now it is and I just started working on it.  All I can tell you is that it is a writing project. The second is confirming that I will be going to another convention this time for my book Fantasy Time Inc. at the;


                                                   ConDor 21 Friday; March 21st to Sunday March 23rd, 2014

I am back to work on my show Chatting With Sherri,  my first interview as I cam back with the talented writer;  Raymond Bean BenjiFranklin_Cover (2)chats about Benji Franklin Kid Zillionaire and writing for children. He also talked about how his work as a teacher and dad influenced his writing; .




No Easy Catch 200 BY 300 (2)

This coming Tuesday I will chat with Pat Simmons about her new book;

No Easy Catch on Chatting with Sherri on 2/25/2014 10:30 AM PST. …


I willjewel_3 have the next issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box in April. I have a great idea, if your hobby is making jewelery let me know about it. Send me an email. If I love it, I will contact you and you will be a part of my next issue. Please email me at; .   For inspiration please check out my last issue, it is about the beauty of silence in winter. It is perfect for the winter months. Have you ever walked out in the still  morning after a snow when there is a chill but not freezing and it is  just beautiful and peaceful? The amazing pieces of jewelery for this  issue are beautiful and we have great articles and features that touches  on the beauty of winter!

versatileblogger113I am very excited to be nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.  My good friend and fellow author Bette Stevens. It is a great honor to be in the running for this award!
Thank you all, I am now nominated for the Shorty Award! Now I need your help to win since  I created a new shorty_badge_300x250_mecategory.  Please copy the sentence below and tweet it;
@shortyawards I nominate @rithebard for a Shorty Award in #blogtalkhost because she has amazing guests!
Help me to represent all us blog talk radio hosts who help others promote they’re creative endeavors. Here is my page;

postcardGeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDDr. Ross speaks for herself! …

Fantasy Time Inc. was nominated for a Global E-Book Award!  Please check out my books; Fantasy Time Inc. and Murder Inc. are available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here are the links;

Get your e-book signed by Sherri Rabinowitz


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