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So Many Exciting Things Happening at Once!

My first book for a live stage show; 2017 KDK Bamboozled Promo via  and my name and picture is in the video, Thank you Spencer Powell.




 I have begun casting for the next radio play and it is our take on Shakespeare, if you would like to take part in a production please drop us a line; 

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Chatting With Sherri, I can’t belive my little idea blossomed to this show.  Thank you to all my lovely guests and listeners. XOXO

New Logo for Chatting With Sherri!

Tomorrow on Chatting with Sherri is excited to welcome the talented actor; Travis McMahon 11:00 AM PT; .






Sam McAdam-Cooper

Steven L Sears


Photograph by (c)Sam McAdam-Cooper

Photograph by (c)Ian L. Sitren

Adrienne Wilkinson’s Photograph by (c)Chris Loomis

Photograph by (c)Steven L Sears

Ian L. Sitren

Chris Loomis

Chatting With Sherri Presents an Informative and Fascinating Photography Panel on 8/15/2017 11:00 AM PT; We will have a great chat about photography with; Ian L. Sitren, Chris Loomis, Sam McAdam-Cooper and Steven L. Sears, join us;


I had a great time chatting with  author; Mitzi Szereto  about her latest books and other adventures! We talked about writing, inspiration and what is happening in publishing;




Photograph taken by (c)sam mcadam-cooper

My October show with  was tops in Entertainment from  last week! And this week it’s  Mitzi Szereto Show!   







Photograph taken by (c)sam mcadam-cooper

Top Tweets on my Twitter; 3,671 impressions over the last week are for ,   and #TJScott.










  2. Announce Top-5 Category Finalists: Oct. 1, 2017
  3. Announce 7 Winners: Nov. 1, 2017

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My book Entering My Second Half is nominated for an award!

full-cover-of-my-bookEntering My Second Half is nominated for the Global E-book Awards, I am so excited!  I will get my sticker next week but I just had to share it with you all. You will see a lot of posts from me once I get the sticker.  I have not had a book entered since 2015 (Different Is Beautiful was entered and won gold;

chekhov's revenge_actors0 new widgie posterThere are now two plays are up on Youtube of this season’s Sherri’s Playhouse;  A Widgie Knight;  and Chekov’s Revenge; via  Soon all the shows will be up for your easy access.


I had a wonderful conversation with the extremely charming Chris Lemmondsc_4235 JackandChrisLemmonyesterday. We talked about the triumph of his one man show on the London stage, his relationship with his Dad, the legendary actor Jack Lemmon.  And how anyone can relate to the show because it is all about the relationship between a father and son. Listen in; .




0-debra-6I had a lovely chat with actor, dancer, director, choreographer, playwright, and teacher; Debra De Liso! We talked about film and TV and especially theater.  What being an actress is all about.  How she is inspired to create all the one woman shows she writes and what her passion is; .







This Tuesday Chatting With Sherri welcomes actor, stuntman, and voice over artist Paul Townsend! 10/18/2016 6:00 PM PDT0paul1






©Joshua Witheford

©Joshua Witheford

Check out my blog about Sam McAdam-Cooper, she is a wonderful photographer with a great style sense of style! Special guest star is actor Nathan Page 🙂 A look at innovative 0-sam-4and thought-provoking photographer, Sam McAdam-Cooper! 




0-book-fairAuthors who would like to take part in my book fair this year please send me a message to let me know. I will need pictures of your books and sell links as well a very short description of each book. No more than three books per author please. Thanks, the Management.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s that time of year again, I am now open for submissions for radio plays for Sherri’s Playhouse. Please be sure that it is in radio play format. I need to receive your play by November 19th. Good Luck!

0 sherriCheck out my book’s page on my website where you can buy out of print copies of mybooks;







0 top 100Different Is Beautiful: A love note to the children of the world! It’s now at #144 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Education & Teaching > Childhood Education > Preschool & Kindergarten not bad 🙂  A beautiful book trailer for my new Children’s Book Different Is Beautiful; Our book is about love and acceptance. Written By Sherri Rabinowitz, Illustrated By Anja Gruber.  Different Is Beautiful is available at Amazon; 

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A look at innovative and thought provoking photographer, Sam McAdam-Cooper!


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