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Great shows and projects!

I am now casting for our new season of Sherri’s Playhouse, we have some really exciting shows coming up!!!! So anyone who is interested in acting in a radio play please get in touch. No pay but a lot of great exposure. It is all done via Skype and phone so you can call from anywhere! We especially need male voices. 


I would like to thank you everyone who supported my attempt to bring Cat’s Pajama’s to the stage.  Sadly it failed.  I really tried hard.  It was the true college try.  It just breaks my heart.  I worked so hard.  But it was not to be.


Coming soon an audio book for my memoir; Entering My Second Half!  I am so excited, this one is really personal so keep your eye on this space but for now here is the link to all the ways you can buy the book;





I had so much fun chatting with the wonderful John C. Alsedek and Dana Perry Hayes about their show Suspense! We talked about writing a radio drama, how they got such great voice artists and what is coming up on their show;


I had a such a great time with Highlander Star & film maker; Elizabeth Gracen!  We chatted about her playing a part in my new radio play Joe Kronus as Jane Austen!!  We talked about her work on the radio show Suspense and how much fun it is to act with your voice only.  I would also like to thank  Elizabeth Gracen for her wonderful endorsement of Cats Pajamas for my attempt to bring to the theater.  Thank you so much Elizabeth.…/be-a-part-of-theater-…/updates 



Coming soon on Chatting With Sherri we welcome back author Andy Peloquin 11:30 am Pt on 2/13/18




Nicholas Davidge, Steven L Sears and Elizabeth Gracen earned 4,684 impressions over the last week!!!





I wrote two new really weird short story called; Another Time by Sherri Rabinowitz

Unexpected by Sherri Rabinowitz;

And the first one again; We’re On Our Way! by Sherri Rabinowitz 



Some fan fiction I have been scribbling between projects;

It’s Ivy’s Second Birthday and the family gathers to celebrate.

Ivy’s Birthday by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Happy Ending of the story and the series. (or is it?)

Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The fun and strange finish to my breaking the fourth wall fan fiction story;

Privateers by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries chapter 4;

A surprise suspect comes into the case.

Germ Art by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries


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I am hosting an #AuthorsAMA for my Cat’s Pajama’s Campaign!

I added some rewards for my  Kickstarter to get the financing to make it the stage play happen. So you can be a part of theater and put Cat’s Pajamas on the stage!   Even if you don’t live here in California, you can be a part of the theater.

I’m hosting an #AuthorsAMA JAN 25, 2018 9:00PM EST about expand the radio play Cat’s Pajamas into a play for the stage through a kickstarter campaign


Chatted with the fabulous Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly about the new book; Blood Legacy on Chatting With Sherri!  We had a great time, we chatted about inspiration and what to do with ideas that do not fit.  It was a really fun chat!




Chatting With Sherri welcomed back author and screenwriter Melissa Good! We had a great time.  We chatted about fan fiction versus writing a novel.  And how she started to write in the first place. Listen in; The picture is from the episode of Xena that Melissa Good wrote called Coming Home.




Chatting With Sherri welcomed actor and musician Nick Davidge , we talked how he went from art and music to acting.  We talked about his band the tour he went on to acting in Sherri’s Playhouse’s latest show Hamlet!!!! He played a much, much older character Polonius and how much fun he had in playing the part;



Image may contain: one or more people and indoorImage may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

Condor Con was this weekend I had a great time, I was not sure if I would because of personal reasons but it worked out. I was on some great panels about time travel and fan fiction.  And I met a rather lovely wizard!


New review for A Kitty’s View;


I have a great voice artist to help me create an audio book for my memoir; Entering My Second Half!  I am so excited, this one is really personal so keep your eye on this space but for now here is the link to all the ways you can buy the book;

I wrote a really weird short story called; We’re On Our Way! by Sherri Rabinowitz  I may write some more and create an anthology, it depends how people feel about this one.


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Cat’s Pajamas, Hamlet and The Chatty!!!

Well, I am going to try to bring my dreams of having one of my plays on stage come to life! I started a campaign yesterday on Kickstarter to get the financing to make it happen. So you can be a part of theater and put Cat’s Pajamas on the stage!  I have some great rewards listed and even if you don’t live here in California, you can be a part of the theater, kind of cool, huh? 
I would like to thank everyone who listened to  Hamlet on the New Years Eve, we have had amazing numbers.  I think I can speak for the whole cast,  we were all stunned! To be honest I wasn’t sure about doing it as a recording, I like the live theater aspect of it but since it was a holiday it was nice to just press a button and let it go.  I would like to thank Everett  Robert who edited it all Christmas week, Nick Davidge for all the sound effects that he created for the broadcast, And C. B. Floyd for his help in editing the play.  And Anne Louise Fortune for adapting and directing the play for the radio theater.  For those who missed it please listen to here for our archive of it;  
And to listen to the cast chat about the whole experience here is the link; 
If you would like to join all the fun of our next production please drop us a line;   

I am also working on a play for this season’s Sherri’s Playhouse and several books it is going to be a busy writing period for me.

I would like to send my special love and thanks to our winners of  this year.  They are Anthony and Julie Sharpe for most live listens! And a tie between Chris Lemmon and Travis Mcmahon for most downloads!!  Congratulations to you all!!!! Thank you for being on Chatting With Sherri, I don’t know what I would do with out such amazing and fantastic guests!!!


Chatting With Sherri welcomed author Bruno A. Ribeiro about his book; The Book of All Lovers, we chatted about writing and how he went from being an a fine artist to an author.  And the difference in treatment between the artist and author.  All very interesting;  



Chatting With Sherri welcomes back author and screenwriter Melissa Good on Jan 9th at 11am pt; The picture is from the episode of Xena that Melissa Good wrote called Coming Home.




Chatting With Sherri welcomes actor and musician Nick Davidge on Jan 18th at 1pm pt




A special treat for my Patreons members from the gifted Steven L Sears! A really great video about how a script is developed, and as entertaining as Steven always is so you know it’s a fun story!

I am also going to create an  audio book for my memoir; Entering My Second Half, so keep your eye on this space but for now here is the link to all the ways you can buy the book;

Next year I will be taking part in Condor as a speaker, watch this space!


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Mentoring, Hamlet, Patreon, interviews and other scattered subjects this week!

I have taken up with an idea about mentoring a few writers.  Just to get my toes wet. My mentoring is for a targeted period on a retainer for 10-15 hours specific targeted help. Non refundable.
If you like the support you can re-sign up. And as part of that deal you get a free interview on Chatting with Sherri for your new book with all the advertising that goes with that. Afterwards we can discuss how you did and how you can use the knowledge toward your own platform. Sound me a note if your interested at;
I am giving one more month for the sale for my book’s anniversary, to celebrate; you can buy the e-book of the book for just one dollar; 
 I also thought you would enjoy this short article I wrote, MY JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB: LOVELY JANEITES: WHAT WOULD JANE DO?
We are doing Hamlet, it is a very short version so don’t worry but it is an amazing thing to produce Shakespeare.  One thing I really find interesting is how many phrases and words come from this play.  If you think Hamlet is not your cup of tea listen to the words, you will be amazed how many times you hear his words in our modern language and people just don’t realize it. If you would like to take part in our next production please drop us a line;  
Just to get you in the mood for our radio theater here is;  My radio play Cat’s Pajamas was tops on Twitter in the last week 🙂
This week on Chatting With Sherri we welcome back Highlander Star, author and film maker; Elizabeth Gracen!
Also this week on Chatting With Sherri we welcome author Michael Okon on 10/12/2017  at 11ampt
 On Chatting With Sherri we welcomed back playwright and actor; Everett Robert! We talked to Everett about theater, writing, Shakespeare and the new shows coming up on Sherri’s Playhouse; .
Chatting With Sherri welcomed back photographer Chris Loomis!  We chatted about inspiration, cartoons, creativity and his work with models and celebrities.  It was a lot of fun;
Tops in Entertainment Ian L Sitren last week 🙂

 Ian L. Sitren, Tanya Lemani and Cat’s Pajama’s tops on Twitter with 3,428 impressions over the last week


Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The bomber has been stalking Wardlow while the family was settling down at Jack’s sisters place.


Privateers by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

For once if this story does not continue it is not my fault!

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Busy Month Ahead!

I have a very busy month ahead, a lot of projects some you know and some I can’t chat about.  Hopefully I will soon.  But I am working on my shows, Chatting With Sherri, Sherri’s Playhouse, my plays, my books …etc….




Happy World Theater Day!
This is not a secret I love the theater, and I love that there is a day to celebrate it. I love the theater to go to and to perform in, I love radio theater, (which I take part in) i love community theater, (which I also take part in.) I love going to professional theater which I have been going to since I was 7 years old (I saw Porgy and Bess at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with my class.) I have seen plays in LA, Chicago, San Diego and London. My parents went to Broadway for their honeymoon, it is a family tradition. Anyway go to the theater or if you can’t afford that please listen to our radio theater, all by new playwrights that were performed live on the air;

By the way we are still casting our coming plays if your interested let me know. I think we are going to have an amazing season, I can’t wait.  If your interested in being  a part Sherri’s Playhouse  please send me a note here;




Last days to get all my Kindle E-books are 1.00 each. Get them while they are hot!

I had a lot of fun chatting with author RM Alexander about writing, how characters have their own with the author’s mind and working at the same time as you live your life; Listen in; .



I also had a great time chatting the lovely and talented  Adrienne Wilkinson we chatted about her hobbies on her time off such as travel and museums, and all of her wonderful projects that she has coming up. Listen in.





Back by popular demand the always entertaining producer/screenwriter/author Steven L Sears; March 28th 1030am pt.




Chatting With Sherri will be chatting with Dr. Janina Scarlet about Superhero Therapy! on 4/4/2017 11:00 AMPDT




Chatting With Sherri welcomes author Andy Peloquin to chat about his new books on 4/6/2017 11:00 AMPDT




Last week my Interview with Lee Murray made tops in entertainment on Blogtalk!





And this week I am so excited, my show with the wonderful   is now tops on again! photo by

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The Nominations for The Chatty are here!

This is going to be a real busy time, I have my book fair, The Chatty Awards, Sherri’s Playhouse, Chatting With Sherri and two books. (Plus some other surprises that I can’t talk about right now.) Yeesh! 


So this years nominations of The Chatty Award are for; (this is not in any order)
Blank award ribbon rosetteNathan Page                                                               

photograph by (c)Sam Mcadam-Cooper

photograph by (c)Sam Mcadam-Cooper

Chris Lemmon


Chris Lemmon








Panel for the anthology; Refuge



Steven L SearsEileen Mueller cover photosteven sears
Brooks Wachtel00-brooks-business-card-portrait-stand-along-large-emmy-2016

Kevin J Andersonkevin anderson




Shari Goodhartz
Richard Mueller0 new widgie posterThe cast of; A Widgie Knight0 ShariGoodhartzInternet

0-debra-6Debra De Liso






Honorable Mention; (These are highly rated by are not eligible for one reason or another.)
Nathan Page (Half hour interview from last year.)
#JohnDoe (Radio play from Sherri’s Playhouse last year)
Chris Lemmon (interview last year)
2_poster cats pajamas w actorsThe Cat’s Pajama’s (Because it is my play, it is not eligible but people seem to like it.)

Look in at the end of December for the top 5, remember to listen to your favorites to help move them up.




00-xena-coverIn December I will be on a couple of shows talking about my new book; Interview with Larry Whitler, the host of “AMOcala Live!” the morning drive show on WOCA “The Source” on December 2, 2016 at 11:20 AM ET/8:20 AM PT and interview on Madame Perry’s Salon  on Blogtalk radio; Wednesday December 7, 2016 at 7PM ET/ 4PM PT!!!  So drumroll… here is my cover for my new book, isn’t cute?  It is an animated version of my own kitty and your guide in “A Kitty’s View!”    It’s a new interactive children’s book that stars her (though her name is not used,) .”  The book is interactive and I will have a page on my website which will be just for this book, for you to share your answers to the questions in the book, the pages you colored and for a segment I am calling A Kitty’s ?Questions.”  but right now it is under construction so watch this page and I will let you know when it is active. Watch this page, you will soon be able to buy a copy of this fun book!!!!


00-a-new-play-posterSo our first task is complete the casting of our first show of the season “Terror By Night Train, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery,” and I can’t wait.  We have a hell of a cast and great radio play.  It is my hope we will knock your socks off; Listen to our previous seasons or please check out my channel on YouTube;

0-webisode-posterOn Tuesday we Chatted with  the creators, cast and crew of the new web series; “Voyeur!” It was a lot of fun, we talked about how the new series was created. What they hoped for and how they went about creating this world of social media that is the focus of the series. Listen in here;  . And check out their series here;!


00egracenheadshot100-a-small-pic-of-elizabeth-book-coverChatting With Sherri welcomes Highlander star and author; Elizabeth Gracen! on 11/29/2016 10:30 AM PST; We will chat about Highlander, her production company and her new children’s book; SHALILLY!






So all the books are in, now I have a lot of work ahead.  So please join us on Christmas Day to check out a lot of great work, of wonderful artists.  Support authors, in this time books are the gateway to knowledge that will help you through what is ahead;




This week for the Global E-book Award,please check out my book and 0-geba-nomineeplease review it if you are able to purchase it.  Thanks xx ;




Great interviews on my website;

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Sometimes stuff happens…

0 roses

 Sometimes stuff happens and this time a lot of stuff happened.  Real life can be difficult between working your way through problems to being sick or helping others who are sick, it delays things, like updates to my blog. Sorry for the delay but it really could not be helped. 



13342243_979851968798544_763470828_nI am so honored that my friend, Mary D. Brooks has  allowed me to present her beloved characters Zoe and Eva in my next radio play for Sherri’s Playhouse.  We will be presenting it in mid-July it is called The Widgie Knight.  It is a lovely play about survivors and love. Here is your first glimpse at the poster for that production and for future updates please check Sherri’s Playhouse’s page; By the way Cat’s Pajama’s is still doing very well on Blogtalk, it has been in the tops in Entertainment for several weeks 🙂


Ok, so I have been having a lot of bad stuff hit the fan of late so I have not been able to update.  Including being sick as a dog with the flu.

Below is an essential update for each of the shows and how you can hear the show and check up on the guest;

 We chatted with author LJ Hachmeister about inspiration on Wed she was lovely and delightful and abomination3ddespite an evil interloper still managed to have a good time.  Please listen in; Her website is;




We chatted with  author Eileen R Mueller about her books and creativity, she was delightful and wonderful. WeEileen Mueller cover photo had a lot of fun! There was a delay in the archive but it is now avail at; You can also check her out at;





Last week we chatted with Andy Rickert about his novel; Walton on Chatting With Sherri how it is so close to WALTONour current election situation and how art sometimes does reflect our current choices in life; you can listen to him his archive here; Or check out his blog;




We chatted with the delightful and talented author RM Alexander to chat about; The Determined You! Robin isTRY Cover to fix ebook eyes USE always fun and interesting, please listen in to our fun chat; You can also check out her work here; Http://www.rmalexanderauthor.wix/rmalexanderauthor





 We had a fabulous time chatting with the talented photographer, Chris Loomis we had an amazing time talking to this chris loomiscelebrity  photographer about his stunning work. You can listen here;  And see his amazing work;



Coming up next week;

Actor Damion Poitier from; Captain America: Civil War comes to Chatting With Sherri! 6/14/2016 10:30damion pic civil warAM PDT






Special Feature!!!

Next is a feature that we have not had in a while, an author interview.

Me (1)My guest this week is; James Richardson from Blacksburg, SC!

His works include;

Twilight City: Edward the Silver Werewolf (Son’ of Cain series),

Edward must overcome his anger at what’s been done to him. The deaths of his daughter’s haunts his mind throughout the long centuries. He must put all that aside in order to stop the Son’s twilight_city_frontcover_jamesrichardson_soul71_sll_sllb_sscof Cain from dominating the world of man, and free the long forgotten Cain from his imprisonment.

The Terra Drago Chronicles: The Sacrifice(Reign of Fire series),

Cominus thought he had lost his younger brother, only to find he was in a world where myth and legends walk the land. There he learns of the curse that plagues their bloodline, and that Terra drago front (1)his brother was running out of time as his own curse consumes him. With the help of his brother Cominus they bring an end to a war that has raged on for millennia.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your back ground?

It wasn’t until I red R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf trilogy that I found myself thinking. What if I did this then one day I picked up a pen. The words just flowed onto the paper, within a week I had half of a book done granted it was a rough draft. Let that didn’t stop me from soldering on until I was done. Then something strange happened when I was writing the ending to Terra Drago. Idea’s flowed into my head of future books in that series along with many other’s. That was when I knew being an author was what I wanted to do.

When you go through your need to write time do you make deals with your friends and family? 

 Not really if they see my noise in a notebook scribbling down a paragraph they know to wait until I’m done. You never know when inspiration will strike!

Does reading a good book ignite your imagination?

 Oh most difently sometimes I take on the role of the main character as I read along, or I make another character in my head that travel’s along side the main character. There have been times that I’ve been so engross in a book. That I burst out laughing because my mind came up with a witty remark to the main characters dialogue. Then my family looks at me if I’ve gone insane.

Do you love history? Does it have a part in creating your stories?

 Of course, myth and legends of that time I believe make’s a person ask “what if”. What if that legend was true, how would they evolve over the ages. How would their children look like, act like, or simply watched as the flow of time passed. Would they live in the shadows of human civilization or would they take center stage.

Give us a taste of the best part of your book, what do you want readers to take away from the experience?

 Well in Twilight City its were Edward was captured sneaking on board the Queen of the West. When I created Jacob to be Edward’s nemesis I didn’t think I would grow to hate my own character. Let when Edward was chained down in the maintenance room on board his ship, and Edward was pounding on Jacob even chained. I was so routing for Edward as Jacob laid on the floor. Then in Terra Drago it’s when Draco and Cominus are on his roof before their trip to Sandsabar. I mean what little boy hasn’t dreamed about having a sword fight with his older brother.

What do you think all the different styles of publishing? 

 I can’t really say about traditional publishing, I went the self publishing route. I can see the merit’s of both. If an agent contacted me today I probably sign, seeing they have more resources to get my work into reader’s hands then I do a the moment.

What was the biggest satisfaction in completing your book?

It’s when I see the smiles on their faces, the emotion’s that play across their face as the reader’s connect with the characters. For me its not about the money it’s about the world’s I create in my books that allows people to lose themselves if for only a short time.

Tell us a bit about your working on now?

8. Right now I’m working on a book called The Balance: Darkness Unchained. It’s about a fallen god and a Chicago Detective as the race to stop Lucifer’s rising. It should be out within a month or two then off to write the second book for Twilight City.

Thank you Richard, for more information about our guest author please check out his author page;


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