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I Did It! I am no longer a Comic Con Virgin :)


Well I did it, I went to my first Comic Con, I created a panel, presented and moderated my first panel, and had the time of my life!10425035_801555149885079_6351227215319816003_ncreated for Comic Con (just an idea that I thought up and submitted and I didn’t expect it to work) is now done I wrote a littlexena 015 blog called; Yes, I was a Comic Con Virgin, check it out; I want to thank the people who took part in my panel and all those wonderful people who attended. I hope you all had a great time!

On Tuesday evening Chatting With Sherri brought  you the cast of Sherri’s Playhouse latest production Spin by Nancy Healy. They were open and chatted about the play and how they felt about the parts and it’s spinbannerheader neworigins;   Then listen to  Sherri’s Playhouse  presentation of Spin by Nancy Healy! Tune in on Sunday 8/3/2014 6:00 PM PT


Up next on Sherri’s Playhouse will be Murder At Home! Everett Robert’s fascinating Noir style play about passion, love, hate and murderathomeposter (2)Murder! Please stay tuned for the latest updates and check out the fan page 🙂 Please check my Sherri’s Playhouse page for the latest;

And you get a feel for the play house by listening to the first episode of Sherri’s Playhouse, my play A Heavenly Hand on A Heavenly Hand with out dateYoutube;
or blogtalk radio;


laura's book completed guide to being evillauraThen next Tuesday Chatting With Sherri brings you Laura Stephenson and her new book; The Complete Guide to Being Evil! 8/5/2014 10:30 AM PT It should be a fun half hour;


a  new full book cover of dib

A lot is happening this week and if I had thought it out a bit more I bigger cats_rgb300 (2) for childrens bookmight have spaced it all out a bit more. This week I have two really great shows. My book is coming to the close of its second week never falling out of the top twenty in some categories on Amazon currently,Different Is Beautiful still in top ten after two weeks!

pigletDifferent Is Beautiful is in a Goodreads giveaway please check it out!

and there are already a whole lot of people signing up for my little book. And Different Is Beautiful is now available to be autographed as an e-book at;



livepreviewfirst day at con
to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ; And the wonderful
trailer created by Nancy Healy for me;


I am so excited that people still love and are buying my first baby Murder Inc as an e-book! I am so grateful for all your suppobib different is beautifulrt! ;

In celebration of my new book; Different Is Beautiful I created a new section in my Cafepress shop. I also created a section for fans of Fantasy Time Inc. Check out the new sections in my @cafepress shop!

a mug fantasy time Incrithebard teddy



Check out my  shop! Rithebard


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A Lot Of New Stuff :)

schrift-3.-red I am so excited, my play will be read at a roundtable play reading on Wed. April 23rd! So cool, I will be able to hear my words come to life. Its soooo amazing! I can’t wait 🙂
  On the subject of plays and theater; my radio playhouse is coming along nicely, thank you very much. So please come in on the ground floor of Sherri’s Playhouse, May 15th is the deadline for all you talented playwrights to submit your work to me for a lsherris playhouseive performances on my show. Please send your submissions to or message me on Facebook; will have a live Blogtalk radio broadcast like the old Playhouse 90 from the 1950′s. We will do a show once a month and all kinds of plays, I would like the playwright to narrate the show and I will direct and produce it. (the new banner was created by my freind, Nancy Healy!) It is an exciting recreation of a great but lost art. Please join me!
post card for fti
postcardGeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDI am so excited about my wonderful new card to go along with my amazing trailer for my novel, Fantasy Time Inc. ; .  Arn’t they great? My freind Nancy Healy created them both. She is so talented:) Thanks Nancy! Travel back in time and see dreams come true, please check out my novel here; It is also avail on Kindle; And to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ;

Get your e-book signed by Sherri Rabinowitz     My Blogtalk Radio show Chatting With Sherri, has almost reached 100,000 listeners. I am at 98, 549 listeners. Isn’t that unbelievable? So Cool!!!!!!!!

And On Chatting With Sherri  this week I had a great chat with author dru clockwork for goodreadsand educator; Dru Pagliassotti about her books; Clockwork Secrets: Heavy Fire, Clockwork Heart andDru43cleaner (2) Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind! In Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind, love and duty collide when Taya’s new appointment as attaché to Ondinium’s first exalted ambassador plunges her into a sinister world of secrets, lies, and malice.  We talked about her books, her love of books, and what teaching means to her.  Please listen; She has a great prize for all the people who love her books and new fans from the show. She is giving away two of her books. Please put a comment below with a name of the book you would like, your name and your email address. Good Luck!
This week on Chatting With Sherri; author T.E. Ridener will chat about; The Truth about Kadenburg, which is 101_3398 (2)kburgebooksample (2)book 1 in an ongoing series, The Kadenburg Shifters Series“Secrets, wolves, and werebears-oh my!” Please join us for this amazing show on 4/22/2014 10:30AM PDT
LauraOf all the movies that were part of Film Noir, my favorite mystery has to be Laura. Here is my blog about that special movie; There are few classics like Laura
dali lamaI wrote a review about the Dalai Lama’s Book; The Universe in a Single Atom;
authorHere is a short piece I did for Yahoo Voices for new writers on building an audience;
I am so excited about all the amazing interviews and all the great contributors to my new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box  jewel_3Spring is  really here and I think you will find the beauty of the pictures and the words will capture it for you. It is a vibrant and exciting issue. I can’t wait to share it with you! There is not much time left to enjoy the last issue. Winter is gone and that issue will melt away like snow; http://sherrisjewelbox
Till Next Time….

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