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On-line events, Radio plays, and reviews…

13565532_688462304625314_966644324_nA great event with several authors of Fantasy, It’s called the “Fantasy Event” on July 9th  including yours truly at 3pm eastern time/ 11am pacific time, so join us for a chat and maybe a book?

Captain Morgan award

A review for my books Fantasy Time Inc.;

By Mrs. Tonia L. Carr on January 28, 2016fantasy time-black (1)

Format: Audible Audio Edition

Miss Rabinowitz has done a remarkable job of opening up a new realm of fantasy and drawing the reader into it. Beautiful setting, stunning story. Must read!!!





12033115_1048012205239371_236223503727800733_na square teddy cover_bearb (2)Win a free copy of my Global E-Book Award winning Children’s Book; Different Is Beautiful. Just put a comment on my book’s page, mention Different Is Beautiful and you may win a free book;

Here is the trailer;

GEbA_Goldand a review;






13342243_979851968798544_763470828_nOn Chatting With Sherri we chatted with the talented author and playwright Mary D Brooks; (Listen in;  .)  “A Widgie Knight” by Mary D Brooks will be on Sherri’s Playhouse at the end of July, Mary talked about her book series, writing and her new play.  Here is a short description;  Eva protects the woman that she loves and becomes a Widgie Knight! Written by Mary Dee

PaigeChatting With Sherri welcomes the wonderful author; Paige Dearth about her book; One One Among Us CoverAmong Us!



Aspen Headshot-Cropped-Adjusted-450x550-clr- KBSmaller JOS Sig Image_zps3lrtgljwOn Chatting With Sherri today we chatted with author Stephen Merlino about his novel; THE JACK OF SOULS and upcoming up works.  We also talked about writing, short stories and contests 🙂  It was  a lot of fun!!! Listen in;





We chatted damion pic civil warwith talented actor Damion Poitier from; Captain America: Civil War! We talked about acting, inspiration and diversity in TV and Films.  It was a fun IMG_4958chat;

My Books continued; 

Just as side note, my book Murder Inc is no longer with Outskirts Publishing.  If you would like to purchase please get in touch with me either through my blog, website or Facebook. 



 Here is another review of one of my books, my memoir, Entering My Second Half;



Format: Kindle Edition

Sherri Rabinowitz has lived an interesting life. She recounts her childhood experiences moving cross-country several times, detailing the excitement and trauma that can accompany an abrupt change of venue and friends. She was fortunate to have a strong, loving family. Sherri meets each challenge head-on, and learns the value of new experiences. She leaves the reader with a sense of a person who is most definitely optimistic and eager about entering the next stage of her life.

end-smiles-before-episode-goes-blackRosie sends a letter in the new chapter of my fan fiction series; Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1034862c7b3122b53d123a70fe9a44f7

I wrote a short blog comparing two of my favorite shows; Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries vs Partners In Crime. I love both shows they have several things in common and several things dissimilar. ; f261e442be106685be492df51b22a1f7 (1)


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Sometimes stuff happens…

0 roses

 Sometimes stuff happens and this time a lot of stuff happened.  Real life can be difficult between working your way through problems to being sick or helping others who are sick, it delays things, like updates to my blog. Sorry for the delay but it really could not be helped. 



13342243_979851968798544_763470828_nI am so honored that my friend, Mary D. Brooks has  allowed me to present her beloved characters Zoe and Eva in my next radio play for Sherri’s Playhouse.  We will be presenting it in mid-July it is called The Widgie Knight.  It is a lovely play about survivors and love. Here is your first glimpse at the poster for that production and for future updates please check Sherri’s Playhouse’s page; By the way Cat’s Pajama’s is still doing very well on Blogtalk, it has been in the tops in Entertainment for several weeks 🙂


Ok, so I have been having a lot of bad stuff hit the fan of late so I have not been able to update.  Including being sick as a dog with the flu.

Below is an essential update for each of the shows and how you can hear the show and check up on the guest;

 We chatted with author LJ Hachmeister about inspiration on Wed she was lovely and delightful and abomination3ddespite an evil interloper still managed to have a good time.  Please listen in; Her website is;




We chatted with  author Eileen R Mueller about her books and creativity, she was delightful and wonderful. WeEileen Mueller cover photo had a lot of fun! There was a delay in the archive but it is now avail at; You can also check her out at;





Last week we chatted with Andy Rickert about his novel; Walton on Chatting With Sherri how it is so close to WALTONour current election situation and how art sometimes does reflect our current choices in life; you can listen to him his archive here; Or check out his blog;




We chatted with the delightful and talented author RM Alexander to chat about; The Determined You! Robin isTRY Cover to fix ebook eyes USE always fun and interesting, please listen in to our fun chat; You can also check out her work here; Http://www.rmalexanderauthor.wix/rmalexanderauthor





 We had a fabulous time chatting with the talented photographer, Chris Loomis we had an amazing time talking to this chris loomiscelebrity  photographer about his stunning work. You can listen here;  And see his amazing work;



Coming up next week;

Actor Damion Poitier from; Captain America: Civil War comes to Chatting With Sherri! 6/14/2016 10:30damion pic civil warAM PDT






Special Feature!!!

Next is a feature that we have not had in a while, an author interview.

Me (1)My guest this week is; James Richardson from Blacksburg, SC!

His works include;

Twilight City: Edward the Silver Werewolf (Son’ of Cain series),

Edward must overcome his anger at what’s been done to him. The deaths of his daughter’s haunts his mind throughout the long centuries. He must put all that aside in order to stop the Son’s twilight_city_frontcover_jamesrichardson_soul71_sll_sllb_sscof Cain from dominating the world of man, and free the long forgotten Cain from his imprisonment.

The Terra Drago Chronicles: The Sacrifice(Reign of Fire series),

Cominus thought he had lost his younger brother, only to find he was in a world where myth and legends walk the land. There he learns of the curse that plagues their bloodline, and that Terra drago front (1)his brother was running out of time as his own curse consumes him. With the help of his brother Cominus they bring an end to a war that has raged on for millennia.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your back ground?

It wasn’t until I red R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf trilogy that I found myself thinking. What if I did this then one day I picked up a pen. The words just flowed onto the paper, within a week I had half of a book done granted it was a rough draft. Let that didn’t stop me from soldering on until I was done. Then something strange happened when I was writing the ending to Terra Drago. Idea’s flowed into my head of future books in that series along with many other’s. That was when I knew being an author was what I wanted to do.

When you go through your need to write time do you make deals with your friends and family? 

 Not really if they see my noise in a notebook scribbling down a paragraph they know to wait until I’m done. You never know when inspiration will strike!

Does reading a good book ignite your imagination?

 Oh most difently sometimes I take on the role of the main character as I read along, or I make another character in my head that travel’s along side the main character. There have been times that I’ve been so engross in a book. That I burst out laughing because my mind came up with a witty remark to the main characters dialogue. Then my family looks at me if I’ve gone insane.

Do you love history? Does it have a part in creating your stories?

 Of course, myth and legends of that time I believe make’s a person ask “what if”. What if that legend was true, how would they evolve over the ages. How would their children look like, act like, or simply watched as the flow of time passed. Would they live in the shadows of human civilization or would they take center stage.

Give us a taste of the best part of your book, what do you want readers to take away from the experience?

 Well in Twilight City its were Edward was captured sneaking on board the Queen of the West. When I created Jacob to be Edward’s nemesis I didn’t think I would grow to hate my own character. Let when Edward was chained down in the maintenance room on board his ship, and Edward was pounding on Jacob even chained. I was so routing for Edward as Jacob laid on the floor. Then in Terra Drago it’s when Draco and Cominus are on his roof before their trip to Sandsabar. I mean what little boy hasn’t dreamed about having a sword fight with his older brother.

What do you think all the different styles of publishing? 

 I can’t really say about traditional publishing, I went the self publishing route. I can see the merit’s of both. If an agent contacted me today I probably sign, seeing they have more resources to get my work into reader’s hands then I do a the moment.

What was the biggest satisfaction in completing your book?

It’s when I see the smiles on their faces, the emotion’s that play across their face as the reader’s connect with the characters. For me its not about the money it’s about the world’s I create in my books that allows people to lose themselves if for only a short time.

Tell us a bit about your working on now?

8. Right now I’m working on a book called The Balance: Darkness Unchained. It’s about a fallen god and a Chicago Detective as the race to stop Lucifer’s rising. It should be out within a month or two then off to write the second book for Twilight City.

Thank you Richard, for more information about our guest author please check out his author page;


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