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Mentoring, Hamlet, Patreon, interviews and other scattered subjects this week!

I have taken up with an idea about mentoring a few writers.  Just to get my toes wet. My mentoring is for a targeted period on a retainer for 10-15 hours specific targeted help. Non refundable.
If you like the support you can re-sign up. And as part of that deal you get a free interview on Chatting with Sherri for your new book with all the advertising that goes with that. Afterwards we can discuss how you did and how you can use the knowledge toward your own platform. Sound me a note if your interested at;
I am giving one more month for the sale for my book’s anniversary, to celebrate; you can buy the e-book of the book for just one dollar; 
 I also thought you would enjoy this short article I wrote, MY JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB: LOVELY JANEITES: WHAT WOULD JANE DO?
We are doing Hamlet, it is a very short version so don’t worry but it is an amazing thing to produce Shakespeare.  One thing I really find interesting is how many phrases and words come from this play.  If you think Hamlet is not your cup of tea listen to the words, you will be amazed how many times you hear his words in our modern language and people just don’t realize it. If you would like to take part in our next production please drop us a line;  
Just to get you in the mood for our radio theater here is;  My radio play Cat’s Pajamas was tops on Twitter in the last week 🙂
This week on Chatting With Sherri we welcome back Highlander Star, author and film maker; Elizabeth Gracen!
Also this week on Chatting With Sherri we welcome author Michael Okon on 10/12/2017  at 11ampt
 On Chatting With Sherri we welcomed back playwright and actor; Everett Robert! We talked to Everett about theater, writing, Shakespeare and the new shows coming up on Sherri’s Playhouse; .
Chatting With Sherri welcomed back photographer Chris Loomis!  We chatted about inspiration, cartoons, creativity and his work with models and celebrities.  It was a lot of fun;
Tops in Entertainment Ian L Sitren last week 🙂

 Ian L. Sitren, Tanya Lemani and Cat’s Pajama’s tops on Twitter with 3,428 impressions over the last week


Love Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The bomber has been stalking Wardlow while the family was settling down at Jack’s sisters place.


Privateers by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

For once if this story does not continue it is not my fault!


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Chatting With Sherri is up for THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE PODCAST AWARDS!

Chatting With Sherri is up for THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE PODCAST AWARDS!  As soon as the site is up for voting I will let you know.  I am so excited.  A little idea has turned into so much and I am so grateful!!!! Starting in July, you can help me win the award, stay tuned to this page 🙂

Our next play starts rehearsals soon but we are still casting our upcoming plays if your interested let me know. I think we are going to have an amazing season, I can’t wait!  If your interested in being  a part Sherri’s Playhouse  please send me a note here;




  1. Announce Category Semi-finalists: Sept 1, 2017

  2. Announce Top-5 Category Finalists: Oct. 1, 2017
  3. Announce 7 Winners: Nov. 1, 2017

In addition to the Global Ebook Awards!




Also my book Fantasy Time Inc. will be included in the Banner Books Section on the Kindle Page;


On July 1st I will be signing my books at the “Faeries in The Garden” event between 11am-3pm  at the  author’s corner here in San Diego!





I am so excited that my top 4 tweets are out!!! Here they are; 1. 2. 3. 4 adding up to 24.1K impressions, Wow!

Photograph taken by (c)sam mcadam-cooper







Picture by @Sam Mcadam-Cooper

And on the fourth show, Mr. Nathan Page’s show which was last year it is really cool! That it is included in my top tweets.  On top of that Nathan’s show is once again on Blogtalk’s tops in entertainment again;





On the show we welcomed back Josh Vogt about his new book; The Maids of Wrath! We talked about writing a series, ebooks vs paperbacks and just what his passion in life is;




I also had fun chatted with both Spencer Powell & Debbie Solan of Kidz Danz Kompany about Ballet My Way which is coming up this weekend.  We talked about the inspiration both for the show and the costumes. And how very important art is; 


I was so excited to welcome back Highlander actress ELIZABETH GRACEN!!!  She talked about being an author and creating flapper
press(which I am on); HTTPS://WWW.FLAPPERPRESS.COM/BOOKS-1)  We talked about her work as a producer and director of documentaries for flapper films;  DANCE FOR JOY (just announced as an official selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival) – A documentary short that celebrates the terrific work that the Mark Morris Dance Company and the Lineage Dance Company are doing with their healing movement classes for people with Parkinson’s disease. And  LEE  – (in production) – A documentary short about the fabulous Lee Meriwether – first in a series of shorts films about fantastic women over 70.   listen in; HTTP://TOBTR.COM/9939859







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Entering My Second Half nominated for two awards!!!!

I am so excited my book is nominated twice for two different contests;

2017 Kindle Book Awards nominee; Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz

  1. Announce Category Semi-finalists: Sept 1, 2017
  2. Announce Top-5 Category Finalists: Oct. 1, 2017
  3. Announce 7 Winners: Nov. 1, 2017

In addition to the Global Ebook Awards!


Tomorrow on Chatting With Sherri welcomes back Highlander actor as well as a writer and producer Elizabeth Gracen!!! We will talk about her new films, her books, and her new site Flapper Press, (which I am on; at 4/13/2017 1030am pt  I can’t wait!



I always enjoy chatting with Steven, he is fun and thoughtful and always fascinating.  We had a great time chatting for an hour about writing, movies and his interests. So listen to the always entertaining producer/screenwriter/author Steven L Sears; .  So excited my show with made tops in Entertainment on  





I had fascinating chat with Dr. Janina Scarlet about Superhero Therapy.  It was an honest chat about how the concept came to her, how she uses it to help people, especially military patients and what it means to her. Listen in; .


I had a great time talking to author Andy Peloquin about his books and how became an author and why.  His feelings about science fiction and how he touches base with his readers.  Listen in; 

Yesterday I chatted with author J.D. Lakey about the Black Bead Chronicles. She chatted about how she brought her feelings and idea about female empowerment to her fictional characters.  Listen in;





Our next play starts rehearsals this week but we are still casting our coming plays if your interested let me know. I think we are going to have an amazing season, I can’t wait!  If your interested in being  a part Sherri’s Playhouse  please send me a note here;



A cute little chapter called The Costume Party that come from the first dream in this series; What Dreams Are Made Of by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries via @ao3org

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New project, Winners of The Chatty and our own Sherlock Holmes Mystery on Sherri’s Playhouse!

I am so excited to be creating a special show for Kidz Danz Kompany  for their summer production called “Bamboozled!” It is really an exciting group of children and they are so talented! I want to thank Spencer Powell for giving the opportunity to work with him and talented dance theater group!!!!!


As we start our 2017 season of Chatting With Sherri and Sherri’s Playhouse, I want to thank all the generous and talented people who took part in both shows in 2016.  I think it was my most successful and diverse year so far.  I especially want to thank all my guests who returned to Chatting With Sherri.  And all the new guests who took a chance on my show.  I also want to thank all the talented voice actors who are took part and are still taking part in Sherri’s Playhouse.  You all rock!

And now for the winners  for the The Chatty for Chatting With Sherri for 2016!

And the winner for downloads is; Mr Nathan Page!

Nathan returned to our show for an hour chat this time. It was wonderful; he was funny, reflective and fascinating.  I am so grateful he was on our show again! You can listen in to his show here; .

Photograph taken by (c)sam mcadam-cooper

Photograph taken by (c)sam mcadam-cooper








And the winner for live listens is; Elizabeth Gracen! This was Elizabeth’s first time to our show and we had a blast! She just sparkled during the show. Listen in here;  .








I had a lot of fun chatting with Writers and Illustrators of the Future winner, Camber Arnhart, and Writers;0000camber-arnhart-iof2016-the-last-sunset-for-the-world-weary-cws-lores Christoph Weber and JW (James) Alden.  We talked about writing and art.  How science 000000img_20170109_140030_375fictions seems to be going very dark.  And what inspires them. Listen in;  .



00000kevinphotoI really enjoyed talking to  author and publisher Kevin J Anderson we always have fun.  He talked about his books, and his publishing company. His long admiration for the group RUSH that led to his book about them. How he is inspired and how he works, listen in; .






00000-sherlock “Terror By Night Train, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery,” written by William Goodwin, directed by Everett Robert and produced by Sherri Rabinowitz. It is excellent and on top of that we have had a lot of fun!  We are having great rehearsals and we are working to bring you a wonderful show in two weeks! I can’t wait!!  We will be having our interview next week and the show in two weeks, Help us solve the mystery,please join us for all the fun live!




xena-1-thickI hope that readers of A Kitty’s View will send the pictures and questions to my website. My website will be there to receive questions and answers as well as the children’s colored pictures to share with other children. My 00-xena-coverwebsite page for A Kitty View is;  Is up and running but  I have a lot of work to do it on still. The book is now available at : and on Amazon the link is; It’s also on the Author page as; A Kitty’s View, An interactive children’s book by Sherri Rabinowitz (Author), Anja Gruber (Illustrator);


0 mr and mrs sullivanTwo Hearts Becoming One by Rithebard – Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy L. Sayers, Father Brown (… 




Great interviews with many wonderful guests on10409783_803245753049352_3893712058043773424_nmy website;

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