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I Lost The Race :(

BookCoverPreview (1)What I wanted was for all of the second edition of Fantasy Time Inc to come out as a unit. ¬†Sadly with all I the irons I had in the fire and my slowness when going through the finals of a book, I lost the race ūüė¶ ¬†So the new edition of Fantasy Time Inc is out on audio! This is special re-done edition with a new chapter included! I am so excited that you can buy it at; ¬† ¬†It has already made the ¬†top 100 for new releases ¬†for audio version of Fantasy Time Inc! ¬†¬†If you would like to buy the first edition please send me a note, you can only buy them through me ūüôā



a new full book cover of dibHad a great time on on Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Different is Beautiful, chatting about both Different Is Beautiful and Entering My Second Half.  We talked about bullying which is a very personal issue to me and is featured in different ways in both books.  Please listen I hope it inspires to reach for you dreams despite and road blocks;  

Different is Beautiful received a new 5 star review!!!  you can buy your copy of the paper back at; and the ebook at;


full cover of my bookI had such a wonderful interview with Steven L Sears about Entering My Second Half, he asked perfect questions during our; The Tables Are Turned interview;   .  We talked about my family, my ambitions to be an actress, and the amazing people I have met on the way. You can buy the paperback at; and the ebook at;



10346388_10202142417762195_6468923505010771555_nLast week  I chatted  with author Patti Morelli about her book;Shielded Past on Chatting With Sherri.  We talked about writing, reading and the long road to creating a story.  Listen in;  






SeanHeadShotDue to schedulingour interview w/ Sean Wright Neeley about; A Gathering of Butterflies to 11/25/15 11:00 AMPT




Inspired by a documentry on Josephine Baker I wrote a fan fiction story bringing him into the world of Phryne Fisher; An Old Friend 0c5ab8e8ad77856e56ab724f33717d9fby Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries via @ao3org






My kitty Xena and I watched and episode of the old Doris Day show.  We were both so impsired that she wrote a new blog; Doris Day63770_516309685076295_1756383758_n inspired My Mommy to ask landlords to allow babies like me into apartments. via @wordpressdotcom

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