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Sherri’s Playhouse and Chatting With Sherri are really busy right now!

Sherri’s Playhouse is really busy right now;

 Sherri’s Playhouse will be presenting a very short, tiny play called Mishpucha! It was originally for an under 10 minute play writing contest. But it was so personal and special I decided to do it on Sherri’s Playhouse. It is a very short re-imagining of the founding of my family in the US. It will be broadcast on Sept 29th at 8pm pt. I hope you will join us .

 Sherri’s Playhouse proudly presented The Thief’s Tale! Whitney is a thief. A good one. Like a mosquito she comes in quietly, first anesthetizing, then feeding, and finally leaving before her prey know any better. It’s a strategy which has worked for her 22 times in the past. But when she lands in Refuge, a discovery at an estate sale opens the door to other possibilities, this is a great show, listen in;

 And a great write-up for the creator of the story, Lee Murray;


I had a great time chatting with authors Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts! We talked about their books and collaboration, about their great play; The Thief’s Tale and how they felt listening to it come to life and so much more, listen in;




Chatting With Sherri with Producer; Craig Miller  we chatted about working with the great George Lucas on Star Wars do publicity, Producing a Star Wars segment of Sesame Street and all the other great films he worked on such as; The Dark Crystal, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Excalibur, Superman II, Altered States, Splash, The Black Cauldron, Real Genius! We had a great time, listen in;


Chatting With Sherri welcomes producer/writer Steven Rubin, we had a great time chatting about James Bond and the Twilight Zone.  We talked about films and books and the things that inspire him, listen in;



Coming up on Chatting With Sherri!


 Chatting With Sherri we welcome Producer/ Director/ Writer; Thunder Levin on 9/28/18 at 8pm pt;




Chatting With Sherri welcomes singer/songwriter; Amy Rigby 9/25/18 1pm pt;




Chatting With Sherri welcomes actress; Erika Eleniak on 9/24/18 at 1pm pt;




Chatting With Sherri welcomes wrestler, actress, author; Jeanne Basone on 9/22/18 at 1pm pt ;











TJ Scott, Chris York, Michele Brittany; Tweets earned 17,938  impressions over the last week!


7th anniversary of Chatting With Sherri!!!



I am doing a giveaway for the audio-book of  Entering My Second Half; Just comment about your future here and win a free copy of the audio book!! 






You can also purchase  the e-book or the paperback at the link below; Sherri Rabinowitz (Author), Kristine M. Bowen (Narrator); My adventures with some rather famous people and fun adventures; 

Entering My Second Half (Unabridged) –  


Also available; Fantasy Time Inc. (Unabridged) –  


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