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New Play, free audio book and great interviews!

Sherri’s Playhouse is really busy right now;


Our next play is called Never Again! I am so excited to have this adaption of RM Alexander‘s short story from her amazing book series!!

Failure isn’t an option…

Ken Shepherd’s witness is murdered, leaving him to want more than just to arrest the criminals and walk away. A career change to the Witness Security Program gives the opportunity to help people who made bad decisions find a second chance. But will high expectations lead to happiness or is death lurking around the corner?



 Sherri’s Playhouse has presented my very short, tiny play called Mishpucha! It was originally for an under 10 minute play writing contest. But it was so personal and special I decided to do it on Sherri’s Playhouse. It is a very short re-imagining of the founding of my family in the US. http://tobtr.com/10987227 and you can listen in as Chatting With Sherri chats with the cast of Mishpucha; http://tobtr.com/11007013


Audio-book give-away;



I only have one book left for my audio-book giveaway of Entering My Second Half! Just comment about your future here and win a free copy of the audio book!! My adventures with some rather famous people and fun adventures; https://www.facebook.com/Enteringmysecondhalf/
Entering My Second Half (Unabridged) –  


Also available for sale;


Also available you can also read about time travel in; Fantasy Time Inc. (Unabridged) –  

Coming up next one Chatting With Sherri!

Chatting With Sherri welcomes back Julie Sharpe a talented actress & burlesque performer on 10/20/18 at 7pm pt;




Chatting With Sherri welcomes back author and playwright; Gregg Oppenheimer on 10/23/18 1pm pt; http://tobtr.com/11026153




Chatting With Sherri welcomes back photographer; Ian L Sitren 10/25/18 1pm pt; http://tobtr.com/11025227




Previously on Chatting With Sherri;

Chatting With Sherri welcomed back Bewitched expert David Pierce, we had such a great time chatting about one of my favorite shows and how important it is to us. And how he came about writing this second book, listen in;  http://tobtr.com/11004673




Chatting With Sherri Welcomed Producer/Director/Writer; Thunder Levin, this was a wonderful chat, we talked about how he came into the business, how he created his movie and how hard it was, also some great advise to people who want to enter the business; listen in; http://tobtr.com/10987187




Chatting With Sherri welcomed singer/songwriter; Amy Rigby, had a great time talking about music, movies and inspiration.  It was a lot of fun, listen in; http://tobtr.com/10987625




Chatting With Sherri welcomed actress; Erika Eleniak, we talked about what it was like to work with Steven Spielberg, her career and how important charity and helping others is to her; http://tobtr.com/10987717




Chatting With Sherri welcomed wrestler, actress, author; Jeanne Basone, we had fun talking about her journey to become a multi talented performer and how she expressing herself for the first time in her upcoming book, Listen in; http://tobtr.com/10990049






Chatting With Sherri welcomed Patricia Hartmann a 90’s Supermodel who is now the creator of Runway Rogue, we talked about inspiration, books, movies and her introduction to the world of fashion and becoming the head of her new product,Runway Rogue, listen in;   http://tobtr.com/11000831 





Tops in Entertainment on Blogtalk; Hudson Leick, Nathan Page, the producers of Miss Fisher , Thunder Levin, and David Pierce!
And interviews with; Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts, Steven Rubin, Chris York and Craig Miller;  Tweets earned 12,273 impressions;



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7th anniversary of Chatting With Sherri and The Thief’s Tale premiers tomorrow!

So much is happening first up; The 7th anniversary of Chatting With Sherri was last week!!! Thank you everyone, guests and listeners for taking part in my dream; 

So its my anniversary so I thought  it would be nice to have a new banner created and here it is!

7th anniversary of Chatting With Sherri!!! And a special thank you to my Patreons too. https://www.patreon.com/posts/7th-anniversary-21020874?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=postshare

It all ends soon so check out Happy Children Promotion before it end; I am very happy to be taking part in this promotion for children’s books. I’ve added my award-winning book Different Is Beautiful; A Love Note To The Children Of The World. Part of the money goes to anti-bullying charities. Below is a link with a blog about the promotion;


And the following are links to take part;


 Tomorrow at 8pm pt; Sherri’s Playhouse proudly presents The Thief’s Tale! Whitney is a thief. A good one. Like a mosquito she comes in quietly, first anesthetizing, then feeding, and finally leaving before her prey know any better. It’s a strategy which has worked for her 22 times in the past. But when she lands in Refuge, a discovery at an estate sale opens the door to other possibilities; http://tobtr.com/10942585

Meanwhile check out our cast interview for our amazing radio play; THE THIEF’S TALE  by Lee Murray. Adapted for audio production by Dan Rabarts; http://tobtr.com/10936859  And a great write-up for the creator of the story, Lee Murray; https://www.leemurray.info/blog/the-thief-s-tale-on-sherri-s-playhouse

Next play coming to Sherri’s Playhouse, is a very short tiny play called Mishpucha! It was originally for an under 10 minute play writing contest. But it was so personal and special I decided to do it on Sherri’s Playhouse. It is a very short re-imagining of the founding of my family in the US. It will be broadcast on Sept 29th at 8pm pt. I hope you will join us .

Coming up on Chatting With Sherri;

Chatting With Sherri with Producer; Craig Miller on 9/13/18 at 1pm pt http://tobtr.com/10965071 We will chat about working with the great George Lucas on Star Wars do publicity, Producing a Star Wars segment of Sesame Street and all the other great films he worked on such as; The Dark Crystal, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Excalibur, Superman II, Altered States, Splash, The Black Cauldron, Real Genius!



Chatting With Sherri welcomes author Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts on 9/15/18 at 9pm pt http://tobtr.com/10973931


I have had some great chats on Chatting With Sherri;

Exciting news, Chris York’s show celebrating his Dad’s Dick York’s birthday has really done super well! Drum roll…. 1,003,225!!!!!!! Isn’t that cool? I am so excited for him, and it went up so quickly. Thank you!







Chatting With Sherri celebrated Dick York’s birthday with Chris York, we did celebrate his birthday but really we celebrated his life and his career.  We also talked about his impact on fans and how well-loved he is. (Chris was surprised and super pleased by this.)  We also talked about some of the classic people he his dad worked with that Chris didn’t even know he kept in touch with till year later like Bernard Fox.  It was a sweet, loving tribute to a wonderful man, listen in; http://tobtr.com/10955827 If you would like to find out about the Star on Hollywood Walk Fame for Dick check out; Appreciation page for Dick York about getting his star; https://www.facebook.com/DickYorkAppreciationPage



I am so excited to get to chat again with director  TJ Scott on Chatting With Sherri! He is such a fun guest full of new and fascinating info, we talked about Star Trek Discovery, V-Wars, Frontier, Taken, Caught, Orphan Black, Xena, and Longmire! We talked about location work, about working with the legends of Star Trek and so much more, listen in; http://tobtr.com/10936871




Chatting With Sherri welcomed culture scholar, author and photographer ; Michele Brittany!  We had a great time, we are both Bond fans and her new book features him so we had a great chat about James Bond and pop culture of all kinds.  It was a fun and lively chat, listen in; http://tobtr.com/10948629


Chatting With Sherri welcomed author; Carey V. Azzara, we talked about writing, books and pop culture and the unusual way he got into writing; http://tobtr.com/10957363




Tweets with TJ Scott;  Adam-Michael James and Chris York ; Hudson Leick, Kate Lister earned Your Tweets earned 23.5K impressions


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A Couple of Nice Awards

shorty_badge_300x250_meIt is time to start tweeting to get nominated for the Shorty Award and I need your help. I decided to create a new category.  Please copy the sentence below and tweet it.

  @shortyawards I nominate @rithebard for a Shorty Award in #blogtalkhost because she has amazing guests!   

Help me to represent all us blog talk radio hosts who help others promote they’re creative endeavors. Here is my page; http://shortyawards.com/rithebard .

I was nominated for the The Versatile Blogger Award by my good freind Bette Stevens who is also a author and versatileblogger113 blogger.  It is really exciting to be nominated for this award. I will let you know what happens when the winners are annouced.




Cruise Photos 189 (2)

This  week welcome author Eric Wynn who will talk about his novel, The Chronicles of Connor: erics coverZombie Rising.  The Chronicles of Connor: Zombie Rising is centered on Connor, a young man who has lost his parents in a mysterious incident. “A book with a unique twist on the zombie genre.”  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2014/01/14/chatting-with-sherri



On Thursday I will also have a special episode of Chatting With Sherri with the wonderful Hudson Leick and 168_18160930182_8330_nSteven L. Sears. They will join us for an hour to chat about the Xena Convention!  We  will Hudson in Yoga videoalso talk about all the exciting things these two are up to.   Steven will chat about his Graphic Novel; “Stalag-X” and a new novel called; “VilleAnne”.  Hudson will chat about her new Yoga video and her upcoming Cookbook; Yum,  as well as the Sacred Movement Dance that she will be facilitating at the Xena Con.  Please join us for this exciting hour!   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2014/01/16/hudson-leick-and-steven-l-sears-will-join-us-on-chatting-with-sherri

 This week I chatted with first time author Nancy Healy about getting her novel; Intersection published. This nancyshould help all the new authors who want to publish their first book understand what is BdWDJvCCMAAdSBPrequired to get your book out there. We talked about how complicated it is to get published and all the choices ou have to make to get your book out there. Please listen to this wondertful interview; http://tobtr.com/s/5792539 




piecesofmyheartRobert-WagnerMy review of Pieces of My Heart by Robert J. Wagner is up! It is a very interesting read about a great life! https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/819227816




covermurder incFantasy Time Inc. was nominated for a Global E-Book Award!  Please check out my GeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDbooks; Fantasy Time Inc. and Murder Inc. are available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here are the links; http://outskirtspress.com/webpage.php?ISBN=9781432758110

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More Lovely Interviews and Events!

me at the midsummer partyOn the same day as the San Diego Book Awards I also attended a wonderful party. They were such delightful hosts and I thought I would write a nice blog about them. I Was in a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream 🙂 http://wp.me/p2MXM9-P via @wordpressdotcom




We had a really lovely time at my book club; Sherri’s On Linew banner for my book (2)ne Book Club. We had a lively chat and talked about my book in a wonderful and constructive way. I think the most interesting part was chatting about the time periods they traveled to. We really focused on the Civil War and what I had to say about the cruelty of slavery. And how difficult the choices were for Anne in that period not to interfere with the time. Two of  the lucky people won a prize!



I am so excited to announce that Diane Carlson a wonderful hat designer will appear at the showcase. She is really very tallented she makes beautiful hats and hat pins. I think it will make a beautiful addition. It is starting to really shape up.  Creative Artists schrift 3. red whiteBGShowcase will be on Sunday, July 28, 2013  at 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Fusion Glass Co.  This will be a great time for all everyone is invited if you’re in the area  please stop by. We will showcase all kinds of wonderful creative  projects. Art, Books, Performing Arts, Music, Food…This is a chance for  new artists to show off what they have to offer and new patrons to  marvel at the work and of course buy it.  So come one, come all to our first showcase! http://www.meetup.com/La-Mesa-Creative-Types/events/123334742/?a=ra1_te

a cover for barbara

I had a wonderful time with Author Barbara Froman about  her new novel; Shadows and Ghosts. We had a fun time she has the barbra fromansame taste in films and books. It was a lively and fun chat. I really think her book is fascinating and I recommend it to all my listeners. Please check out our interview;  http://tobtr.com/s/5024917 . #BlogTalkRadio



terri's book coverterri

On Tuesday author Terri Morgan will be chatting about her book; Playing the Genetic Lottery. Her book; Playing the Genetic Lottery provides an illuminating look at schizophrenia and how it impacts people and those who love them. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/07/09/chatting-with-sherri


hudson cd cover

I am so excited about this special episode of Chatting With Sherri! Our  guest is the wonderfully talented Hudson Leick.  In XenHudsona, hudson-leick-05Warrior Princess she played the complicated and fascinating Callisto. She started a series of wonderful Yoga Retreats all over the world. She is an amazing Spiritual Counselor. And she has just come out with a cd that we  will talk about on the show. She has graciously consented to answering fan questions during the last 15 minutes of the show. So get your questions ready. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/07/18/hudson-leick-on-chatting-with-sherri

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