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New Exciting Things Coming My Way …

I have been so busy with my show that I sometimes neglect my own writing so I have now scheduled a day to write. Kind of nuts but I feel the need to write!  So that day I am going to be off-line and just relax. I will write, read and do some yoga. I love to do yoga, and I do it once to twice a week because not only is it good for my body it is good for my soul. So I have been really only been practicing it when I am alone and it is quiet.




This Tuesday I had the lovely B. C. Brown on my show. We had a wonderful time and it was a great show. Then I did something I have never done before. I didn’t hit end show and I kept on talking. We chatted about the show, writing and our common interests. There was nothing wrong with the chat but it was not for the public. Then when I listened to the show to my shock it was all there. Forty Five minutes was my first clue something was very wrong. I listened to it and I went into a panic. Oh My! I worked for 9 hours straight to try to fix the situation without food. I was crying when I went to bed. I let my guest know about my mistake and she was sweet and kind about it and I am very grateful. So then I worked again all day Wednesday to try to fix it. I didn’t do anything else just that.  My life was on hold as I tried to learn to be an audio editor. I got it done and in there did a new broadcast. I listened to it while it played but then when I was done it wasn’t there!!!! Then when I checked my stats they were through the roof!!!!!!!!!! I am not all sure why but people seem to like it. Like it was a dvd with behind the scenes. So I spoke it over with several people and my guest and they all said keep it. So here is the show and a very raw behind the scenes look; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2012/11/13/chatting-with-sherri

You can check all that is BC Brown at her writing blog;  http://www.bcbrownbooks.blogspot.com/  

or Amazon Author page;  www.amazon.com/author/bcbrown

I am so excited about my chat with the fascinating, Will Smith I, (Proud Papa of the actor), and Tony Smith who have written a wonderful novel that’s entitled “The Waymor”. “It is a  jazz club where you just might get way more than you bargained for!” http://www.amazon.com/WayMor-2nd-Will-Smith-I/dp/1475035993/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1353123298&sr=1-1&keywords=the+waymor  They are two very interesting men who have written a really wonderful book and our interview should be just as exciting 🙂   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2012/11/20/chatting-with-sherri




I am going to have my very first personal appearance for my series, What is your Life Story? It will be here in San Diego at the San Marcos Library. I’d love to do a one on one with everyone, and you can please check out the description and link below to find out more info; Everyone has a life history that is full of drama and comedy. You do too. Most people feel they don’t know how to write it out but they do. It is something every one can learn. All you have to do is take the time and start. I can help you. Over the years I have learned a lot. I know tricks of the trade to help you get over blocks or your own fears. I have been there I know what your hiding. Let’s get started! https://learningannex.com/listings/What-is-your-Life-Story/schedule_time

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