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My First Time Speaking At A Panel for Conjecture/ Conchord25th!


A week from today on October 18th I will speak at my very first panel at the  Conjecture/Conchord25  at the Town and Country schrift 3. red whiteBGResort here in San Diego. I am so exited I will be speaking at 4 panels and I will have an autograph session on Sunday at my table in the dealer’s room for  my book Fantasy Time Inc.  So if your near by on October 18th to 20th 2013, please come and support me.

Below are the panels I am taking part in, please check out the website; http://2013.conjecture.org/

Panel 1: Fri 10/18 8:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: A Degree in Geekdom
Participants: Amy Berner
Nancy Holder
Dru Pagliassotti(M)
1002471_600038430030157_1318259393_nSherri Rabinowitz
Martin Young
Precis: Academic study of popular culture is now widespread. What makes a genre work suitable for academic study? (Consider Whoosh, the journal of the International Association of Xena Studies. Or Slayage, the Online International Journal of Buffy Studies. Smart Pop Press has been publishing anthologies of essays on everything from Stargate to Star Wars, but they’re not alone. Robert Chaires and Bradley Chilton, authors of Star Trek: Visions of Law and Justice from Texas A&M University Press, have declared “To say that Star Trek was just a television show is akin to saying Shakespeare just wrote plays.” Also, the Popular Culture Association studies the rhetoric of pop culture.)
Panel 2: Sat 10/19 4:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: Can’t Stop the Signal: Communications Tech
Participants: Kim Hutsell
Dani Kollin(M)
Larry Niven
Sherri Rabinowitz
Eric Rand
Precis: While it’s rarely the focus of the story, the plot device of getting word from point A to point B (sometimes through hostile territory, or in a way that doesn’t expose more Bothans to death than absolutely necessary) is frequently an essential aspect of the narrative. What kind of features–or limitations–are assumed by authors when the plot needs a signal to get through (or fail to do so)?
Panel 3: Sat 10/19 6:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: Dreams of Space Lost
Participants: Sherri Rabinowitz
Gary Westfahl
Gerry Williams
Janine Young
Precis: Going to the moon was once fantasy, then reality, then history… and is now sliding into legend, as it looks like we may never go back. Science fictional dreams of colonizing other worlds are looking more like fantasy as we face the incredibly difficult and expensive problems of protecting fragile meat bodies from vacuum and radiation. Our machines may go where we cannot, but how can we handle the loss of our dreams?
Panel 4: Sun 10/20 12 Noon, 60 minutes.
Title: Turning Fandom Into Fame
Participants: Brian Bielawski
Eben Brooks
Sue Dawe
Neal Hallford
Sherri Rabinowitz
Precis: When someone asks “What was your inspiration for your art?” you don’t always expect the answer “Geek Love!” But in this era where anyone with a blog can become just as powerful as the mainstream press, and anyone with a YouTube channel can be a celebrity, finding your audience can be as simple as “liking” the Star Wars page on Facebook. This panel seeks to look at this phenomenon, where geek obsession fuels, inspires, and enables artistic creation.new banner for my book (2)
It’s going to be very big weekend for more information please check out the convention website; http://2013.conjecture.org/

On Tuesday we welcome artist Debbie Solan who is originally from Dublin,  Ireland and who founded The Fusionglass Co. with her debbie fusion glass flowerpartner,  Paul Fernandes. They create gorgeous jewelry and home accessories from their  gallery & studio in La Mesa, CA. She will talk about her creativity  and helping others bring out their own! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/10/15/chatting-with-sherri

Tuesday, I had anancy wonderful and an insightful interview with the lovely Nancy Healy. We chatted about her new book nancy book coverIntersection! We also talked about creativity, inspiration and how fan fiction is a huge influence. We had a great time; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/10/08/chatting-with-sherri

My new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box’s; Romance of Fall has reached the highest circulation ever! I am so proud of the new look and the aubourn hat with girlnew articles in it. The new issue of the magazine will come out at the end of November so please enjoy jewel_3before it goes away! http://sherrisjewelbox.weebly.com

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