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Another very busy week :)


This has been a very exciting week but right now I can’t talk about the particulars, lets just say it was so exciting I 10409783_803245753049352_3893712058043773424_ncould not sleep a couple of nights because my little mind was whirring! I have so much happening, with Sherri’s Playhouse, Chatting With Sherri, my books and my writing that I can hardly think straight, but I have to, I have so much to do.  Anyway I do have a couple of things I can chat about;




I will be participating in the  Travel-Less Book “Signing” next month, I was invited by my friend RM Alexander and  End of Story, Next Book  to take part and I am very excited!  During this event the authors listed below will a  new full book cover of dibhave special and sales on their signed books. We know we can’t all travel for book signings so why not try a virtual one. More information will be murder incadded as the first date approaches. We will be having awesome grand prizes and some authors are planning to takeover. There are slots for more authors and I sent out invites to some of my friends so they can reach markets that they can’t usually reach.

My date is August 8th;postcard
Natalie Alder
Sara Mack
M.L. Steinbrunn
Sherri Rabinowitz







a square teddy cover_bearb (2)The winners for the Global E-book Awards will be announced on August 17, 2014 ! I am so hopeful for Different GEbA-NomineeIs Beautiful – Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards    Cross your fingers!!!!!!!







everettDue to scheduling conflict Laurie will appear later on Sept 8th, so this week I had wonderful chat with Everett In the Stillness of Dawn cover (1)Robert about the new season of Sherri’s Playhouse.  It was a fun chat about putting together a radio play and how fun and different it is to perform live.  Please listen in;  http://tobtr.com/s/7774271








Speaking of Sherri’s Playhouse since our first performance is a week from Sunday we will have great chat with  the cast of Sunday In The Park with O’Henry on 7/26/2015 2:00 PM PDT. So if you 11261914_466211656892983_3870129249476015631_n (2)want to hear our lovely cast talk about working on the wonderful show, tune in! 



We will chat with author and Disabled Political Activist Tom Ufert who will chat about running for President and what it 11753644_952456891443469_304730465879776960_nTOMMY POLITICAL CRAPS PIC 2personally means to him!  Join us;  7/28/2015 10:30AM PT





a poster of Ohenry play

 We will have our first cast interview on my show Chatting With Sherri on July 26th with our talented players then we will work our little hearts to the bone to try and bring this play to life in rehearsal right after the interview.  The  play will be on live on Aug 2nd at 4pm pacific time! It will remain available in the archive and will appear on my page on Youtube as well.  We still need resumes from actors who would like to take part in Ev’s play and the two that follow please send them if you would like to take part.  It is going to be very different this year so please join in,  Please check our cast listing on our Facebook page for our new show and any news about the other shows this season, please check the Facebook page;  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sherris-Playhouse/1415103118746094     All the radio plays from last year are on YouTube to give you an idea of what it is all about;  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3gst-mQJWiD01j4fcNCfjg




I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults pleasebib different is beautifulfind what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Checkout my@cafepressshop!http://www.cafepress.com.au/Rithebard

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