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Blog Book Fair and Great Interviews Coming!

schrift 2_whiteBGI am so excited that Sherri’s Second Blog Book Fair is this Sunday April 28, 2013 at 11:00am to 6:00pm. It is so amazing to have another book fair! We will have a great mix of books. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained. I am going to make it very interactive this time. Below please see the schedule for Sunday;

All times for the fair and events will be at Pacific Time;
schrift 3. red whiteBGRaffle; 1200pm  to 1230pm
Question and Answer session; 400pm to 500pm
Autograph Party; 500pm to 600pm

Please sign up for book fair events at the events page on Facebook here;    http://www.facebook.com/events/428552560569327/ .

Please join me here at my blog site for the fair it will go live on Sunday; http://wp.me/p2LjpY-98

Holiday (2)

Tuesday join chipme in my chat with  director Chip Chalmers, well  known for such shows as; Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210! He will talk about directing these famous shows and how you go about preparing for a directing job.   http://tobtr.com/s/4632093

We  had another amazing author Jeff Gunhus and his new  book; Jack Templar and the Monster Hunter Academy. We had a great Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00040]authorphoto (2)chat about his book, reading and how he was inspired to write his books for his kids.  Jack Templar, after barely surviving the onslaught of monsters that tried to kill him the day before his fourteenth birthday,  leaves his hometown on a quest to rescue his father and discover the truth about his past. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/04/23/chatting-with-sherri

I do have a yahoo group for fans and followers of Chatting with Sherri. I will do updates and on the site. Please join in the fun! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chattingwithsherri/?yguid=64414577

Next month we will have a new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box.So this is your last chance to see the beauty of this issue called; Love Is jewel_3All Around! It is about love and the Myth of love.  For both history  lovers, Jewel Lovers, and the lovers of design this is the issue for you. Here is the link; http://sherrisjewelbox.weebly.com/

Coming up soon I will be having interviews for my books and publications. I will have more events and more interviews of other artists.

Stay Tuned…

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Great Interview This Week!

KJAlibrary (2)I am so excited that my guest on Tuesday for Chatting With Sherri              cover UNNATURAL ACTS (2)                               is the amazing, Times Bestselling Author, Kevin J. Anderson. He is the Co-Writer of the new DUNE series of books, Co-Creator of STAR WARS: JEDI ACADEMY for George Lucas, Co-Writer with Steven Sears (Co-Excutive Producer and Writer for Xena, Warrior Princess) for the graphic novel STALAG-X, He is going on a national book tour. He will chat about that and his novels; HELLHOLE AWAKENING and UNNATURAL ACTS!    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/03/05/chatting-with-sherri




6458081The lovely author Christine Hannon chatted about her novel; A Hairdressers Diary on my show this 15794357week. In her novel you will read things about hairdressing you may have never imagined. You might even look at your hairdresser in a whole new light  after reading this book. Come sit in her virtual chair and enjoy the ride  http://tobtr.com/s/4331269



schrift 2_whiteBGauthorI have entered another blog tour called; THE NEXT BIG THING BLOG HOP. I will be posting on March 1st. My friend, fellow author and blogger Bette Stevens did her blog yesterday. Here is the link; http://www.4writersandreaders.com  . Anyone who would like to follow me with their blog the following week please let me know This Blog Tour will be about new books that you have on the horizon. My link will be at http://wp.me/p2LjpY-6u later today, please check it out.


jewel_3Sherri’s Jewel Box is best with new designer and new beautiful pieces. This one is all about love and is called Love Is All Around! It is about love and the Myth of Valentines Day.  For both history  lovers, Jewel Lovers, and the lovers of design this is the issue for you. Here is the link; http://sherrisjewelbox.weebly.com/

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