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The Challenge of The Great Adventure…

schrift-3.-redWhen I first started the great experiment of my BlogTalk Radio Show; Chatting With Sherri I thought it authorwould be hard to find my guests. I really thought that would be the challenging part. I was partly right, I have a full list of guests but keeping them nice and balanced as well as keeping everyone on track is my real job of production. Writing the questions and producing the episodes holds challenges too but what  I did not know was that the biggest challenge was going to be doing it all by myself.

I didn’t think much about all the work that is involved in it. I have everything written down and my calendar is set up with all the jobs I have to do for the show but I really didn’t know about it till I was in the middle of it. The 35816_406565138320_1875124_nthing is I am so proud of myself for simply getting it done. I have been doing it for months and to my shock people seem to love it. I have a following. Wow! What a concept. I am a producer. Who knew?

This was such a different project for me and I was not sure if I could do it. I always get nervous before a show, but the first month I was really scared. I thought I would mess up or clam up. No, I did not do either but I did have production problems I had to work through. I also have had pre-production dilemmas that I had to work out. (I am smart enough to get technical help from some special friends when I need it.) That I have been able to do it is the best part of it. It gives me confidence. (which is a really, really good thing for me)

What I have had to learn to do is balance, I need time to work on my writing, my show and other projects and make sure I get them all done. It is a one day at a time thing, but I am trekkin’ through!

5056771This week I chatted with  Quinn Barrett about her novel, Invisible Snow. It is a classic family drama about 12094111wealth, power, greed, and redemption; http://www.wisebearmedia.com/invisiblesnow/.  We also had a great talk about her Indie Book awards; Wise Bear Digital Book Awards. http://www.wisebearbooks.com/awards/ . She talks about how exciting the project is and how it came about.  It is an interesting and entertaining interview; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/01/15/chatting-with-sherri .

She is also the person who started me thinking about being a host with Blogtalk Radio.  Here is my interview with Quinn; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq5tGrU98tM .

Scan-120580004-200x300Next week please join me with the entertaining and fun Cynthia Baseman. She is the blogger, Beverly HicoverFlat1-226x300lls Mom.She is also author of the loving and hopeful; Love Mom; A Mother’s Journey From Loss to Hope. In it she shares what happened to her and offers hope to those that find themselves grieving for a loved ones. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/01/22/chatting-with-sherri .  It should be both a fun and informative interview.

Till next time…

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Back From The Holidays!

schrift 3. red whiteBGI had a nice holiday and after my blog book fair I rested. I just spent time with my family, watched movies and read. It was a nice 10 days that I needed. I hope you had a great holiday too. Now I am back to work, I have a lot of interesting plans up my sleeve and I hope you all enjoy the fun things I have in mind for the months ahead.
I would like to thank everyone who took part in my blog book fair. Both authors and readers were wonderful and very supportive. The blog is still up if anyone would like to check it out. https://rithebard.wordpress.com/2012/12/25/sherris-on-line-blog-book-fair/  It was a lot fun to spend Christmas helping people get the wonderful gift of a book from the raffle. I am also happy that so many people enjoyed buying books from all the wonderful writers who were guests on my site. Thank you!!!
Next week welcome Quinn Barrett to chat about her novel Invisible Snow. It is a classic family drama about wealth, power, greed, and redemption. Marriage is a delicate dance of power between lovers, but Kate and Paul Delacroix are strangers caught in a disparate union somewhere between betrayal and truth. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/01/15/chatting-with-sherri


This week I had my first broadcast with Amore Goodman about her book; The Temptation Of Love! It was a delightful chat about her book and life as a busy writer. Her book tells the story of Alexander Love, A Philadelphia attorney whose heart was broken several years ago. He thought  the love of his life walked away when he announced he wanted to study law instead of joining the NBA. https://rithebard.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/279/

xena's eyes
My kitty Xena has had another great adventure that she just had to tell you about. She had a battle. A battle with a dragon so please read her blog which she entitled, Me and the Dragon! http://akittysview.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/me-against-the-dragon/
This week my guest interview is with Tina Frisco, so give a nice warm welcome to Tina;

What was the first book you remember loving?

       The Last of the Mohicans.  I love reading fiction about indigenous peoples that contains historical references.
    Do you still own it?
      I didn’t own it; I borrowed it from the library.
 What kind of books do you like to read?
       Fantasy, spiritual, occult, visionary mysticism, autobiographical fiction with a plethora of mystery and adventure, historical fiction about indigenous peoples, herbal and alternative medicine, grammar and reference books.
   Do those books have an affect on your own writing?
      Absolutely.  My novel is fantasy fiction, with an eye toward the spiritual.  The story evolves around a tribe of indigenous people sequestered on a high plateau that’s relatively cut off from the rest of the world.  This sets the theme’s bearing within the realm of the mystical.  The protagonist is a 15-year-old tribal female who discovers her strengths and her destiny by overcoming adversity while in concert with honoring the wisdom of her elders. Her will, fortitude, and ingenuity are tested many times over within the tenor of adventure and mystery.  She must learn to trust blindly and overcome fear exhaustively, without fully knowing why she was born the Keeper of the Crystal Heart, which is the requisite key to the Great Mosaic of Life.  And since this tribe lives off the land, the native flora are an integral part of their medicine and spiritual life.
I love grammar and reference books.  I derive great pleasure from constructing my writing to read eloquently as well as grammatically accurate.  I may rework a particular sentence many times before it satisfies me.  The dictionary, thesaurus, and Gregg Reference Manual are my good buddies!
 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?
       Lynn Andrews’ Medicine Woman.  It so affected me that I began an apprenticeship with her.  This was the beginning of a sustained spiritual practice that I continue to this day.
 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920’s, 1800’s so forth?
      Not particularly.  I’m fairly eclectic in most areas of my life, including what I enjoy reading.
 Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?
      I write at my computer.  My thoughts flow quickly, and I type faster than I write.  Also, I don’t enjoy transcribing from long-hand to computer.  I find this unpleasantly redundant.  When I sit at my computer, the world of possibility opens to me and my creativity flourishes.
 Do you prefer one genre to another?
      Again, not particularly.  My proclivity is eclectic.  Mystery combined with adventure and the spiritual will always capture my interest.  And my love of animals, plants, maps, and grammar leads me straight to the reference books!15901079
 Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?
      I most definitely like the feel of a book in my hands.  I like the texture and smell of books.  I like turning pages.  I like looking at my desk and seeing a book with a page marker inside, waiting patiently for me to return.  There’s nothing so satisfying as watching the pages wax on the left side and wane on the right side!

Can you tell us about what your working on now?
    I’m beginning a sequel to Plateau.  For me, the fascinating aspect of writing fiction is not knowing where it will lead me.  I have a general theme in mind when I begin writing a story, but I don’t plot out the chapters; I allow the story to take me on an adventure.  I find this exciting, gratifying, and extraordinarily refreshing.

Thank you Tina for your lovely interview.

To get her book please check Amazon at;  http://www.amazon.com/Plateau-Tina-Frisco/dp/1770976035/ref=la_B009NMOFNY_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357943418&sr=1-1

And her Website at; http://www.endtimesplateau.com/

Till next time…

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