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Reviewing With Kindness

One of the things I really enjoy about Goodreads beside getting to know other readers and writers are the reviews.  I enjoy schrift-3.-redreading reviews and writing them. I just prefer to be honest but kind.  Reviewing with kindness. I don’t think having the ability to review another writer is an excuse to rip someone to shreds. I understand that you might find fault with another persons writing and I appreciate constructive criticism but tearing someone apart personally is beyond me. So you will not find that in my reviews, even the books I am not crazy about I am fair about. I just write that it is not my cup of tea but not that it is a waste of paper or some other charming statement. I have had that review on Amazon and I can tell you as a writer that hurts. I know that my writing is not perfect but to say that is just mean. To read my reviews please follow this link;   http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/4214079-sherri-rabinowitz?shelf=read

I also would like to address the general meanness on the net. This has nothing to do with me but just the general population. I cschrift 2_whiteBGan’t even read comments anymore. I will read an interview or a news story and people are just cruel not only about the article but to each other.  It happens on Facebook too, I have read a comment a famous person writes on Facebook and the followers will start to tear into each other. The person will ask that they stop doing that and sometimes they have to go so far as to remove the link, just because you’re sitting alone in your room writing on your computer does not give you the entitlement to be so wicked. I simply can’t understand it and won’t take part in it. I have had people try to do that with me but I will simply leave the discussion.  To quote a saying from the 80’s; Just Say No… To Cruelty.


Please join oharriet schultzur guest Harriet Schultz to talk about her novels; LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS and A LEGACY OF REVENGE  which are very popular. She spent almost 30 years as a journalist first at Harper’s and TIME magazines, then Stanford University and, finally, as a reporter at a small newspaper where her work was honored with an award from the New England Press Association. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/05/21/chatting-with-sherri


My guest Tuesday was Tom Ufert author of the memoir; Adversity Builds Character.  We had a wonderful discussion of how Tom overcame adversity to advocate for others with passion and kindness.  Please listen to this wonderful chat at;  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/05/14/chatting-with-sherri  Tom has been very supportive and I am very excited to have him on the show. He recently took part in my Sherri’s Second Blog Book Fair  http://wp.me/p2LjpY-9


It is just twauthoro weeks till my interview with the wonderful Charmaine Hammond on her amazing Blogtalk radio show; Your Book As a Business.  I will be on the show on  May 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm PST. We will talk about my own show Chatting With Sherri and why I do it. We will also chat about  my own writing. The link to the show is: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-book-as-a-business/2013/05/29/guest-sherri-rabinowi



thin manI love classic movies and I just had to get it off my chest about remakes. The classic The Thin Man series should be enjoyed as it is. There was a charm in it that even the talented Johnny Depp can’t touch. Please read my views in No One Else Can Do Justice To The Thin Man Series http://wp.me/p2MXCg-19  via @wordpressdotcom




We will have a new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box very soon. We will have talented artist like; Nathalie Leseine, Hannah Pazderka and jewel_3the talented people at The Fusion Glass Company here in San Diego. My issue this month will be all about the spring and hope it brings. I was inspired to create after all the tragedy our country has been through of late.  It will be a new and exciting issue.  Here is the link to the current issue to whet your appetite; http://sherrisjewelbox.weebly.com/




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