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Cat’s Pajamas, Hamlet and The Chatty!!!

Well, I am going to try to bring my dreams of having one of my plays on stage come to life! I started a campaign yesterday on Kickstarter to get the financing to make it happen. So you can be a part of theater and put Cat’s Pajamas on the stage! http://kck.st/2meg7vY  I have some great rewards listed and even if you don’t live here in California, you can be a part of the theater, kind of cool, huh? 
I would like to thank everyone who listened to  Hamlet on the New Years Eve, we have had amazing numbers.  I think I can speak for the whole cast,  we were all stunned! To be honest I wasn’t sure about doing it as a recording, I like the live theater aspect of it but since it was a holiday it was nice to just press a button and let it go.  I would like to thank Everett  Robert who edited it all Christmas week, Nick Davidge for all the sound effects that he created for the broadcast, And C. B. Floyd for his help in editing the play.  And Anne Louise Fortune for adapting and directing the play for the radio theater.  For those who missed it please listen to here for our archive of it;  http://tobtr.com/10488099  
And to listen to the cast chat about the whole experience here is the link; http://tobtr.com/10488099 
If you would like to join all the fun of our next production please drop us a line; https://www.facebook.com/Sherris-Playhouse-1415103118746094/   

I am also working on a play for this season’s Sherri’s Playhouse and several books it is going to be a busy writing period for me.

I would like to send my special love and thanks to our winners of  this year.  They are Anthony and Julie Sharpe for most live listens! And a tie between Chris Lemmon and Travis Mcmahon for most downloads!!  Congratulations to you all!!!! Thank you for being on Chatting With Sherri, I don’t know what I would do with out such amazing and fantastic guests!!!


Chatting With Sherri welcomed author Bruno A. Ribeiro about his book; The Book of All Lovers, we chatted about writing and how he went from being an a fine artist to an author.  And the difference in treatment between the artist and author.  All very interesting;  



Chatting With Sherri welcomes back author and screenwriter Melissa Good on Jan 9th at 11am pt; http://tobtr.com/10512095 The picture is from the episode of Xena that Melissa Good wrote called Coming Home.




Chatting With Sherri welcomes actor and musician Nick Davidge on Jan 18th at 1pm pt http://tobtr.com/10514919




A special treat for my Patreons members from the gifted Steven L Sears! A really great video about how a script is developed, and as entertaining as Steven always is so you know it’s a fun story!

I am also going to create an  audio book for my memoir; Entering My Second Half, so keep your eye on this space but for now here is the link to all the ways you can buy the book; http://authorpage.com/books/127

Next year I will be taking part in Condor as a speaker, watch this space! http://www.condorcon.org/category/speakers/


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