Another wild ride!

Authors who would like to take part in my book fair this year please send me a message to let me know. I will need pictures of your books and sell links as well a very short description of each book. No more than three books per author please. Thanks, the Management.
Last few days for a while to get Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz for just 1.00;  
I have taken up with an idea about mentoring a few writers.  Just to get my toes wet. My mentoring is for a targeted period on a retainer for 10-15 hours specific targeted help. Non refundable.
If you like the support you can re-sign up. And as part of that deal you get a free interview on Chatting with Sherri for your new book with all the advertising that goes with that. Afterwards we can discuss how you did and how you can use the knowledge toward your own platform. Send me a note if your interested at;
I have a big announcement for Chatting With Sherri coming soon, shhhh.
Meanwhile I have been rather lax in telling you about my guests shows, so here is a run down of my lovely wonderful and most generous guests!
Chatting With Sherri welcomes Hugo Nominated editor & author Bryan Thomas Schmidt on 8/31/17 11ampt 
I had a delightful chat with the talented Anthony and Julie Sharpe, we talked about how they met, Anthony’s latest jobs, Julie’s trip to Cambodia and the Kickstarter campaign for Miss Fisher;  
My chat with Emmy Winning Producer,Writer and Author Brooks Wachtel was fun, charming yet highly educational.  Brooks is a very witty and bright man and he is a great communicator, we chatted about such a wide amount of subjects you will see why I say I learn something wonderful every time I chat with him;  
My chat with the charming, wonderful and talented Highlander Star, author and film maker; Elizabeth Gracen! We had a fun chat about her producing, the Highlander Con she was going to (which might be the last one) and her book site’s update, we had such a fun chat!
Tops on Elizabeth made the tops in Entertainment on blogtalk last week; 

Best Selling, Award Winning author Peter Wacks was just delightful,  we had a great time chatting about books, creativity and how to find your pace when creating your book.;  

We had such a great time Peter decided to give me an exclusive BTS Clip only for my Patrons on my Patreon account.  I am so grateful it was so much fun;  So sign up 🙂


I also chatted with author Michael Okon about his new book Monsterland.  It was a great concept that they were just hurt individuals not monsters it was the public that came to stare at them that was causing the real damage. fascinating chat;
I chatted with RobRoy McCandless about his novel; HELL BECOMES HER we talked about writing a series, how that felt and how it felt when t came to an end.  fascinating chat;  
And to close on the anniversary of our last interview Nathan Page is once more tops in Entertainment on Blogtalk!


We are doing Hamlet, it is a very short version so don’t worry but it is an amazing thing to produce Shakespeare. 
 One thing I really find interesting is how many phrases and words come from this play.  If you think Hamlet is not your cup of tea listen to the words, you will be amazed how many times you hear his words in our modern language and people just don’t realize it. If you would like to take part in our next production please drop us a line;  
Just to get you in the mood for our radio theater here is;  My radio play Cat’sPajamas was tops on Twitter in the last week 🙂
So I received my DVD of the show Bamboozled with my book and Spencer Powell’s vision.  It is my first writing assignment and it was very successful.  Really cool!
 Next year I will be taking part in Condor as a speaker, watch this space!
Cats Pajamas, Elizabeth Gracen, Miss Fisher Kickstarter, Peter Wacks
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