Great Plays and Interviews!!!!

00000-sherlockI am so proud that Sherri’s Playhouse presented  “Terror By Night Train, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery,” written by William Goodwin, directed by Everett Robert and produced by Sherri Rabinowitz (Me 🙂 ) .   It was an excellent production and on top of that we had a great audience! The cast was exquisite and we had a fun Skype after party. You can still catch it in our archive at . Casting has begun for the next play get in touch at;

00000miss-fisher-con-caro-phryne-fan-show-girl-white-lo-resWe chatted with Bianca from the The Adventuress’ Club of the Americas to talk about the first ever Miss Fisher Con. It sounds like a lot of fun.  Listen into get some information for this great way to meet other Miss Fisher fans; . Here is their website to their page on Facebook for more info; 



On Wed. Chatting With Sherri welcomed back author Stephen Merlino about The Jack Of Souls.  We talked 000000000thumbnail_kos_002-with-title-smabout writing your second book and publicizing your first book. The ups and downs of the whole process. Listen in;




On Sunday Chatting With Sherri welcomes back the fabulous Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly on 2/12/2017 7:30PMPST;




0000-global-ebook-awardsI am so exited my page for the Global Ebook Awards; Entering my Second Half;





00000-monogram-murdersI reviewed Monogram Mysteries by Sophie Hannah;





0000-play-for-spencerThe first draft is done for my special play for Kidz Danz Kompany for their summer production called “Bamboozled!” I will be working on the next draft soon. I can’t wait to see it come to life! It is really an exciting group of children and they are so talented! I want to thank Spencer Powell for giving the opportunity to work with him and talented dance theater group!!!!!

Great interviews with many wonderful guests on10409783_803245753049352_3893712058043773424_nmy website;

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