My Cat and I have a very important announcement!

024_24My Cat and I have a very important announcement! I have a secwet!!!   I have  written a new interactive children’s book that stars her called A Kitty’s View.  The book is interactive and I will have a page on my website which will be interactive.  Children will be able to share the pages of the coloring book section with other children, share their answers to my cat’s questions and they will be able to ask her questions.  Watch this page, you will soon be able to buy a copy of this fun book!!!!



 I had so much fun chatting with Emmy winning screenwriter and author Brooks Wachtel about his book, Lady 00-cover-front-onlySherlock, his writing, and what inspired him to write his first novel.  Listen in to this engaging 00-brooks-business-card-portrait-stand-along-large-emmy-2016and enchanting writer; .







I got to chat with  Peter Wacks about a new author utility and website author page that he and his partner author and magician Andrew Mayne developed.  We talk about how it works, how it 0-peterwas developed and how both authors and readers can enjoy it; .  Here is my page on their new site to check out;




Chatting With Sherri will be chatting about Sherri’s Playhouse with Everett Robert on 11/15/2016 10:30AM PST  We will talk about our new season, our past season, The Chatty and 0-everetthow you can take part in it. We are getting some great submissions for Sherri’s Playhouse!  In fact we have already started casting one of our new radio plays, it’s so exciting! You don’t have a lot of time to get your radio play in the due date is Nov. 19th which is coming up very quickly.  Good Luck!


0-book-fairI truly have some great books for this years book fair! The due date is powering toward you so authors who would like to take part in my book fair this year please send me a message to let me know. I will need pictures of your books and sell links as well a very short description of each book. No more than three books per author please.  I need them by November 15th;



This week for the Global E-book Award,  we are to send for more reviews, which I did.  I also signed up for my friends Peter Wacks and Andrew Mayne’s new author website to publicize my book. Check out my book and 0-geba-nomineeplease review it if you are able to purchase it.  Thanks xx ;




full-cover-of-my-bookMy books for your perusal; 

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