Working hard on my writing and producing Chatting With Sherri!

1907596_943621512345108_8947102205798756801_nI have been working hard in the last few weeks.  Once I completed my season of Sherri’s Playhouse I focused on my writing which to be honest had been sadly neglected. So I have completed two articles, two fan fictions stories and the first drafts of my new books. I am waiting for the edits of my books and finishing the latest fan fic. Once I finish my books I will work on my new play.

I am also working on a few new projects that I can’t discuss yet both because they are still in the beginning stages and because I am superstitious enough that I don’t want too jinx them.  But if they come to fruition I will be over the moon excited. 



Chatting With Sherri chatted with  author Lee Murray  about how to network with other authors through writing groups, conventions and events. We had a lot of fun and we also chatted about her latest work; INTO THE MIST!




0 jessica pictureChatting With Sherri also chatted with author and Science Fiction Convention expert Jessica Brawner. We chatted about creativity, how to navigate being a new fan and her newest works of fiction.  




And the last one I want to tell you about is, Chatting With Sherri chatted with author and publisher Dawn Carter with Wicked Publishing. We chatted about Independent publishing and some their newest works. better








This coming Tuesday, Chatting With Sherri chats with author Rachel Rossano about; The Making of a Man! 9/27/2016 0-rachel-210:30AMPT






0 sherriCheck out my books page on my website where you can buy out of print copies of my books;





Ups and downs with all the changes in life; Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz … 

12033115_1048012205239371_236223503727800733_n Different Is Beautiful: A love note to the children of the world! A beautiful book trailer for my new Children’s Book Different Is Beautiful; Our book is about love and acceptance. Written By Sherri Rabinowitz, Illustrated By Anja Gruber.  Different Is Beautiful is available at Amazon; 

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