Journey In Writing and Chatting…

I just had a weird experience, I was re-reading my first draft of my novel that I am in the middle of writing.  I do periodic re-reads 2 me and bookbecause I have so many projects and I want to make sure I am consistent.  Also I want to make sure that I haven’t changed anyone’s names, I have a tendency to do that.  This is the weird thing that happened, I really got into this new story.  It’s  a thriller and when I reached the part where i stopped, I was a bit stunned to find I was disappointed, I wanted to know what came next.  It is weird because I wrote it and I know what I have planned but suddenly I was the reader and I wanted more.  Odd, don’t you think?


fusionglassco (3)This week we chat with the talented artist; Debbie Solan who will talk about her art, jewels and creativity.





I saw a documentary about the crumbling of the great MGM Studios and I had to write about it, it affect me so much. The loss of 2528538678_c38ec8208f_zMagic; The MGM Back-lot






poster cats pajamas (2)We had our second rehearsal, it is really cool to listen to your play being worked on, caressed and chatted about.  Hear the characters come to life.  Feel the rhythm of the words.    Remember to check the Sherri’s Playhouse page for updates; 


end-smiles-before-episode-goes-blackLove Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

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