Mostly a good week.

12795533_1149762565064334_575123236415178808_n12801359_1149762568397667_7046487659183604052_n My author copies of my books; Entering My Second Half and Fantasy Time Inc. The Second Edition; finally arrived in the mail.  It is so nice to hold them, they are very pretty and feel creamy 🙂


poster cats pajamas (2)We had the  first read through of my new play; Cat’s Pajamas 🙂  I am so excited. I don’t think I can express how it feels to hear others express your words and bring them to life.  They are all exceptional in the play.  I can’t wait till everyone can hear it, remember to check the Sherri’s Playhouse page for updates;


I was really upset all day yesterday because I was really looking forward to my interview with Andrew Mayne, I love magic and I really wanted to chat about it. But  due tech problems I had to cancel my show this week. I hope to reschedule Andrew very soon. maynePlease keep an eye on my Chatting With Sherri page for the new date;




I hope you enjoy the latest updates in my fan fiction series, I love fan fiction and it is such a wonderful expression of your love and respect for a show and it’s creators;

end-smiles-before-episode-goes-blackLove Comes In All Forms by Rithebard – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Inspector Sullivan

Two Hearts Becoming One by Rithebard – Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy L. Sayers, Father Brown


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