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chekhov's revengeAs for Sherri’s Playhouse are having a great time rehearsing our new radio play and my cheeks are raw from biting them to keep from laughing! It’s so funny. Tip of the hat to our cast, they are wonderful!!!! Our new poster for Checkov’s Revenge has been completed, you can see it here for the first time. We are very excited to present it to you all.

Anyone who is interested in acting in a radio play please get in touch. No pay but a lot of great exposure. It is all done via Skype and phone so you can call from anywhere! We especially need male voices.


I had such a great time chatting with the wonderful, witty and lovely Brooks Wachtel! Brooks with Emmy Tut copy (2)  Brooks is a fascinating, fun and very engaging man, we talked about winning his Emmy, how he got into screenwriting and writing for animation.  His wonderful exciting documentary series and his new adventure his first novel, Lady Sherlock that will be out in April.     Listen in; 



Tomorrow I am  happy to welcome back Producer/Screenwriter Steven L. Sears, Steve produced and wrote for many shows but he is best known for working on, Xena, Warrior Princess!!! He is also an author and graphic novelist.  We will talk on many subjects, join us for a chat with this very entertaining man on 1/26/2016 10:30AMPT MV5BMzk2MDg5MzEwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDQ2MDIzMQ@@__V1__SY314_CR89,0,214,314_producerscreenwriter-steven-l-sears






024_24Xena was very insistent on writing a blog this week.  She thinks I am not aware of all she is up to so she decided to let you know exactly what that is in; What My Mommy Doesn’t Know! 





Don’t forget to check out our new website, especially my photo album and all the updates about events; 10409783_803245753049352_3893712058043773424_n







A couple of reviews for Different Is Beautiful; new full book cover of dibre and


A couple of reviews for Entering My Second Half;11891989_830447113739031_7810264273073449041_nre and




fantasy time incThe second edition of Fantasy Time Inc. is now published! The new version as been re-written, there is a great new forward, there is a new cover and a whole new chapter.  So even if bought the first edition and loved it you may want to check out this new and improved edition. for paper back as an e-book. I really hope you will check out the audio book as well and my voice artist Eileen, from Eye Hear Voices is wonderful. I am so excited that you can buy the audio version and listen to it as you drive or work, or what ever your pleasure.  Please let me know what you think of  it after you listen to new edition. You can buy it at;


I now have three books to promote so I am very happy to let you know that I will be on some panels next year at Condor!  So keep an eye on this page, and my new website for any updates. on Feb 26-28th

I will be going to the Global Influence Summit on Feb 19th it’s taking place in San Diego its at the Wyndham Bayside from February 18th and the 19th, 2016.

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