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I was on Hallowe’en Tales & Songs ‘Round The Cauldron At Madame Perry’s Salon  last night doing a reading from an original piece from New Zealand writer; Lee Murray, please listen to her little spooky tale 🙂 I enjoyed doing it for a new audience; My piece is toward the end at Story is at 105-1.13.


12180022_10153724802916882_525706370_nOur cast for #JohnDoe is amazing and I can’t wait for the performance on Nov 8th! We will have our cast interview on Nov 1st please join us at 330 PM pacific time at; and our final rehearsal is on that date as well, please check our Facebook page for any updates ;



On Tuesday on Chatting With Sherri  we welcome back the lovely and talented author RM Alexander!  We will chat about her new book, The Real You; Paige Reed and Kellen Richards couldn’t be a more unlikely couple. But 1969204_373257192812495_1915053878_nwhen they meet on location for the next big Richards blockbuster, they soon realize the only thing more dangerous than those stalking Hollywood’s elite is looking beyond the mask to learn…and love…who they really are.


On Tuesday jj pic 2we chatted with up coming young actor Jonathan “J.J.” Green! We chatted about his theater back ground and love of theater.  How he started acting and all the wonderful roles he has coming up.  JJ’s roles
have included  “The DUFF”, “Selma”, “Stock Option,”, “Girls Guns & Gangs,” and he’ll be seen in the civil war drama “Mercy Street” airing on PBS in 2016! 
Join us!





full cover of my book


Entering My Second Half by Sherri Rabinowitz;  What follows are fascinating bits and bobs of my life. The things I have done, the people I have met, the places I have been. I have re-written the goals of my life and these experiences helped me formed them. As I write this I began to realize I have led a hell of life!  You can receive an Authorgraph from for “Entering My Second Half”  


This week I am bringing back my guest interview of writers and artists of all kinds.  This week I am bringing you
a talented young writer and journalist;
 Marie Trevithick;

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became interested in journalism and politics?
My name is Marie and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a first year university student, studying journalism. I first became seriously interested in politics in primary school, when we were studying “3 levels of government” as one of our term topics in 2007. That year, it was also an election year, and I was a big supporter of the Australian Labor Party during that election. In terms of journalism, I’ve always been interested in news & current affairs, even from a very young age. At the age of four, I was VERY excited about the Olympics in Sydney in 2000, and have tuned into news programmes and bulletins since primary school. I’ve always liked humanities type subjects, and thought that journalism was a natural path to go down. Aside from this, I am also a gymnast, and I have taken classes for the past twelve years. I’m also a bit of a TV nerd, with my favourite shows being Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Doctor Who, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Prisoner/Cell Block H (an Australian soapie from the 1980s). I also love to test my general knowledge by watching The Chase every night.
2. Who was the first person in politics you ever met?
Hmmm… let me think. I’m pretty sure it was my local member of the Federal Parliament in Australia, Jenny Macklin. I also volunteer in her office when I have time. Since then, I have met former Prime Minister Julia Gillard numerous times, as well as a bunch of other Labor Party MPs and past MPs, including former Treasurer Wayne Swan, former Trade Minister Craig Emerson and current Federal leader of the federal opposition Bill Shorten. I have also met the current Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, on two occasions.
3. You had an exciting experience, you went from fan to interviewer with the talented actor Nathan Page from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, tell us about the experience?
Interviewing Nathan was absolutely fantastic and I feel so privileged to have done so. I’ll give you a bit of background as to how this came about- I am one of the admins of the DI Jack Appreciation Society Facebook page. (All you MFMM fans out there- please jump on and have a look- we’d love to have you join! Nathan had mentioned it in some articles in the Australian media, so he knew of the page. I found out he was hosting an event at Ripponlea House & Gardens (Aunt Prudence’s residence in the TV series), which was a concert consisting of the incidental music from the series. I went along and was lucky enough to have a chat to Nathan11828692_956572614366293_4583977839853122613_n about the page. He suggested doing an interview for DIJAS, and it was organised within three days. The actual interview was so much fun to do- it was actually the first interview I had done with someone other than my university tutor! I involved the fans of DIJAS which was great- they sent in questions for me to ask Nathan. All up, it was a truly fantastic experience, and Nathan was an absolute delight to interview. (Here is her interview with Nathan Page; )
4. Who else have you interviewed?
Well, to be honest, Nathan was my first major interview. The only other person that I have interviewed is Australian news presenter Peter Hitchener, who has been the face of Channel Nine’s nightly 6pm news bulletin in Melbourne since 1998. This interview was for a university assignment, which was fun. I was able to chat to Peter about his career- he has been a journalist for over forty years! At the same time I was able to have a tour of the Nine News studio, which was an amazing experience.
5. What do you think of politics in other countries?
Oh gosh. That’s a hard one- my forte is definitely Australian Politics, that’s for sure! But I am a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, I think she’d make a marvellous President. I’ll be definitely cheering her on from Australia! In terms of political parties- I support the US Democrats and the UK Labour Party- both sister parties to my political party in Australia, the Australian Labor Party.
6. Do you want to be a journalist on a paper or presenter on TV news show?
Good question! Either of those positions would be lovely. I have had some experience presenting before- for one of my university subjects last semester, we had twelve weeks to make a TV news bulletin from scratch. That is, we had to film the stories, create the segments, film interviews, create graphics, type up scripts- you name it, we did it. I was given the job of presenter, which was fantastic. It was a really worthwhile experience, especially in learning how to read off the autocue! I also like writing news articles and radio voicers, so to be honest, I wouldn’t really mind what I had!
7. Tell us about your ambitions, do you want to be PM of Australia?
Oh, yes. That would be amazing. However, if politics doesn’t work out for me, I need something to fall back on. If I become a successful journalist, I might stick to that side of the microphone, who knows?


3bc821dd9d98208f10af61a5d9c7b774I wrote in Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Nathan Page and Essie Davis for The People’s Choice Awards for mystery series. If we all do it they might win.!/home/all  It opens up again on Nov 3rd and we can resume our campaign then 🙂


SAVE THE DATE: MFMM/DIJR FAN APPRECIATION EVENT APRIL 15-17, 2016 Los Angeles, CA Included: Photography throughout the evening event Gifts and Prizes Transportation – To and From Airport/Throughout evening activities Lodging All Food and Beverage (Exclusive of Saturday Breakfast) Schedule of Events Friday, April 15th, 2016 7:00-9:00 p.m. Welcome Cocktail Reception – Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA Mezzanine Silent Auction (TBD) Hors d’oeuvres Cocktails Saturday, April 16th, 2016 Breakfast – On Own Afternoon Picnic Lunch and Mystery Event (Tentative – 11:30-2:30 p.m.) Free Time – On Own Evening Dinner – TBD Evening Mystery Event (includes cocktails, transportation, event activities and photographer throughout the evening) Sunday, April 17th, 2016 Farewell Brunch – 11:00-2:00 p.m. TBD FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE EMAIL ANDREA COBBS-WATERMAN AT


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