Formatting is not easy with pictures :(

11891989_830447113739031_7810264273073449041_nMy new book, Entering My Second Half will be published next week, I will create a nice event for the following week for it on Facebook and Goodreads.  But formatting a book with pictures
is hell on wheels.  I have never had so much trouble. It either reduced the pictures to a tiny little pic or it took them out.  Three days of my life went by as I struggled with staying up late and getting up early.  But I did it!  And now it has been submitted, happy dance! Publishing date for book is set for this coming Saturday.  Waiting for pricing and all the other stuff that comes with the final submission. Yeah!!!!!!!!! 

fantasy time inc

Also in book news, I am in the process of developing an audio book of Fantasy Time Inc.  I am so excited about this new adventure, I have just heard the first chapter of my book, what an amazing thing to hear your own baby called a book, come to life.  So cool 🙂 I can’t wait till it is ready;


Adrienne Wilkinson 
is best known for playing Xena’s daughter Eve/Livia in the series 12002826_10153583278023048_7432157992751996833_nXena, Warrior Princess, but she is a very busy actress who has also appeared in; Pretty the SeriesStar Trek: Renegades,  Club 5150SuspenseNobility!  She will be chatting about all this and her special project MOB, so please join us on 9/22/2015 10:30 AM PDT;








We chatted with Mustafah Dhada,  about his book; The Portuguese Massacre of Wiriyamu in Colonial Mozambique, 1964-2013 and other scholarly works.  It was a very interesting chat, we also talked about the possibility of his writing fiction or a memoir.
This episode of Chatting With Sherri with Mustafah Dhada has made tops in entertainment on Blogtalk Radio;


Two of my episodes of Chatting With Sherri are doing very well;


I had a wonderful chat with actor, writer, producer, musician and playwright Chris Lemmon! We talked -e547f521eb0102e8about his one man show. about his book about his Dad, Jack Lemmon; and the show is doing very well in downloads, he is now at; 330, 114!







 Nathan Page who plays Detective Inspector Jack Robinson in Miss Fisher Murder np-final-web-opener-1Mysteries  we talked about his career, his acting style and his love of art. It was a fun and lively show. His show has caught on like wild-fire in new downloads;  his latest amount is;  1,083,739!!!!! Wowser!







In honor of the 30th anniversary of The Golden Girls I decided to write a personal blog about when I was on the screen grab of me from Golden Girlsshow in; Memories of The Golden Girls;




My novel Fantasy Time Inc has won two awards from readers.  Anne and Captain Morgan won best couple and Captain Morgan awardCaptain Morgan alone as best male lead in the Travel-Less Online Book Event Awards! I feel so1465327_470619183109577_6439789885548081431_n honored that the readers loved these two wonderful,exciting and warm characters;




I won an award and  I would like to thank everyone who bought a copy, and all your good wishes and support.  It 12033115_1048012205239371_236223503727800733_nmeans the world to me.  Thank you.  For those who missed it, Different is Beautiful won the Gold Award (First Place) 2015 Global E-book Awards Winner for the Children Picture Books Fiction!  Here is the listing;

expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults pleasebib different is beautifulfind what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Checkout my@cafepress shop!


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