Award Nominations, Radio Theater and Chatting With Sherri

Sorry for the delay in this weeks blog, first I was waiting for information on projects that I have not heard back on yet and then I threw out my bloody back again, so here is my blog, such at is, a bit late…


So much is happening of late. Looks like my book will be released in September, I am hoping for either my authorDad’s or Brother’s birthday.  There was such a lot of trouble with the proofs that I had no choice but to delay.  I think it is a pretty good memoir and considering that I have never written a non-fiction book before I think  it is pretty good. I am getting an amazing line up of guests for Chatting With Sherri, I will be letting you know all about them as I get them confirmed.  And our first play from Sherri’s Playhouse is today!



I have several shows Chatting With Sherri coming up including;

I am very over the moon to be able to chat with the talented actor Nathan Page! Who has brought to us such characters as Detective Inspector Jack Robinson from Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries428583_364533653578346_781909950_n. the delectable bad guy Henry Stokes in UnderbellyNathanPage -2 Squizzy and  the sinister yet family oriented Koz from Hiding! The talented man is also a world-class champion cyclist and a first-rate highly in demand voice over actor. Please listen in!on 8/5/2015  7:00 PM PDT



I am very excited to get to chat with actress Hilarie Thompson! is a very accomplished actress who has done over 100 TV shows under contract to Screen Gems Inc!  She has done such movies hilarieas Where Angels Go Trouble Follows, If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be BelgiumHow Sweet It Is! and  Nighthawks!  She has worked with such luminaries as Rosiland where angels go trouble followsRussel, Stella Stevens, James Garner, Debbie Reynolds, Norman Fell and Peggy Cass!  We will chat about her career, acting and what she thinks of the whole experience. Join Us on 8/13/2015 3:00 PM PDT !!!!

Chatting With Sherri is so happy to welcome back Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly! They will chat about The GOD TOOLS series. The final installment in the trilogy, END IN THE 549034_608672475810974_447480354_nBEGINNING (THE GOD TOOLS: BOOK 3), will be released in September. Listen in as we will discuss all the exciting things that have happened to them11798485_1040101279334756_1896989956_n since the last time we chatted and get insight into their next project! Join us  on 8/11/2015 10:30 AM PDT



The winners for the Global E-book Awards will be announced on August 17, 2014 ! I am so hopeful for Different Is Beautiful  it is a good book, for the right reasons, with beauty and understanding.  Cross your a  new full book cover of dibfingers and check out The Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards … .





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Travel-Less Online Book Event is an ongoing book signing event on-line. I will be joining this great group of people on Aug 8th please come chat with me buy up a copy of one of my books, that I will send you signed 🙂!/events/1662873363926796/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&action_history=null  Also vote for my books in the Travel-Less Online Book Event Awards.  Plz vote for my couples in Fantasy Time Inc and Murder Inc are nominated’


So the day is almost here, our first production of this season’s Sherri’s Playhouse Presents Sunday In The Park With O’Henry! We have been working very hard and it will be presented appropriately enough this Sunday Aug 2nd at 4 PM Pacific Time, join us as we enter the world of the turn of the last Century with the great, O’Henry.     Last week I chatted with the cast of Sunday In The Park with O’Henry we had a lot of fun and though there were a few technical issues, we had a great time, listen in;


Last Tuesday I chatted  with author and Disabled Political Activist Tom Ufert who will talked about why he was 11753644_952456891443469_304730465879776960_n running for President and as someone who has been around all forms of government how he feels about how are country votes for our leaders and how we can improve it.… …Also  check out his website for his events and information about what he is doing at ;




I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults pleasebib different is beautifulfind what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Checkout my@cafepressshop!



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