Very Frustrated Today!

Can you believe the proofs I have been working on so very hard on has somehow been corrupted when I emailed it to 10150722_943621522345107_7499396535674062380_nmy editor so I have to do it all over again.  Really, can’t people who hack find better things to do then bug a poor struggling writer with her book?  So I have had to start all over again working them and my pictures were all ruined so I have to reapply them to the manuscript.  So I have to switch the way I send stuff to my editor, I will not say how, so they can get them whole.  What a pain!



I will be going to San Diego Comic Con tomorrow so I have to try and relax and not worry about how behind the corruption 10409783_803245753049352_3893712058043773424_nof my poor book makes me on everything else.  I am looking forward to playing a bit.  I have been working very hard.  So if your going to the outside events at Comic Con and see me say hi 🙂





I just had a great chat with Dawn Carter on Chatting With Sherri we talked about her books, her love of reading betterand all the adventures she has been up to including a conference she will be attending soon, listen in; .





This week on Chatting With Sherri we chat with Jennifer Perry who is a writer, entertainer and owner of Lone Wolf Communications, LLC – a publicity firm specializing in authors and musicians. She also hosts the radio podcast Madame Perry’s Salon on blogtalkradio. Madame Perry’s Salon began as a blog six years ago as a MPS Cubemodern day version of the literary and cultural salons of centuries past. Perry is especially excited about two emerging projects. One is her online webinars to teach authors and musicians trade secrets of self-promotion. Promote This! DIY Publicity For Authors and Promote This! DIY Publicity For Musicians will also be available as books by September 2015.

The other project is an audio or podcast version of essays from Perry’s blog Memoirs Of A Misanthrope, wherein she shares the unbelievable yet true stories of her life and experiences. A special discount of $10 off the webinar price will be offered to listeners. Just use the code  sherrisentme at registration Please listen in on 7/14/2015 10:30AM PT

a poster of Ohenry play


Our rehearsals are going very well, we are all having a wonderful time! We will have our first cast interview on my show Chatting With Sherri on July 26th with our talented players and then the  play will be on Aug 2nd at 4pm pacific time! We need resumes from actors who would like to take part in Ev’s play and the two that follow please send them if you would like to take part.  It is going to be very different this year so please join in,  Please check our cast listing on our facebook page for our new show and any news about the other shows this season, please check the Facebook page;     All the radio plays from last year are on YouTube to give you an idea of what it is all about;


Voting soon will be complete for Different Is Beautiful – Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards  Different Is Beautiful: A love note to a  new full book cover of dibthe children of the world!

via    If you woGEbA-Nomineeuld like one they will be 12.00 each and a portion of each sale will go to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center! If you would like to buy one please go to the shopping page on my website;  We will show you a different month every week, I know you will love these beautiful pictures and have then in your child’s room or your room 🙂 



I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults pleasebib different is beautifulfind what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Checkout my@cafepressshop!

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