Try Things That Scare You!

I have been attending a lot of on-line webinars during this quiet period.  I have been inspired by them to both stretch in new ways and try new methods to bring my work to the attention of others.  We never stop learning and should never, ever stop exploring.  When you stop trying you stop growing and that in a way is an early death, something I never want to do.  My Dad taught me that education is an ongoing part of life.  He was still trying new things toward the end of his life which inspires me to keep stretching myself.  I have never been afraid of trying new things.  I do get nervous about others reaction to these attempts but that should not stop you.  Keep trying, keep exploring and try things that are scary to you.  That is the lust of life.


One ofantasy Time Inc new Coverf the changes that are afoot is for my novel, Fantasy Time Inc. I am going to change the book cover and update the inside too. It will be a better book when I get through with it. So It will be pulled at the end of my contract with my publisher to come back beautiful, shiny and even better than before. Here is the new cover, let me know what you think? 








bookfair psd (2)
I am so excited with the amazing authors that are taking part in my annual Christmas Day On Line Book Fair! Just the books that are up for the raffle this year boggles my mind. It excites me and I would love some of the books myself, I know my fellow readers will want to take part in this exciting book fair!  The authors who  are taking part are both new guests for my book fair and wonderful talented repeat authors with exciting new works. It will be on Dec 25th from 11am to 6pm pacific time! We have done very well the last two years and it is a great way to get your new books out and maybe they will become a beloved Holiday Gifts! We will once again have a raffle of books during the day for some truly amazing books! I’m so excited. If you would like to take part to get in touch with me. Send me a note and I will be happy to add you to the list. I have a page on Facebook for updates; . You will find updates starting on December 5th.


a  new full book cover of dib

I am so excited that our beautiful book, Different Is Beautiful is nominated for Global Ebook Awards, soon there will be a page on the site for the book to shine. I am always excited and touched when I hear from readers and I have had some really beautiful letters from parents who bought Children’s Book. They feel it is a great and GEbA-Nomineeloving tool to teach their children an important lesson. I think it is also a great Holiday Gift for any toddler; pigletDifferent Is Beautiful: A love note to the world; My book is also included on One Thousand Words Plus! And to get an autograph on your e-book; My book is also included on One Thousand Words Plus! Please watch this beautiful trailer for our children’s book Different Is Beautiful; It is amazing! We also have a great page Pubslush;


Intuition frontOn Chatting With Sherri we welcome author Jennis Slaughter to chat about her book Intuition! 11/25/2014 10:30 AMPST





On Chshanti twoatting With Sherri we chatted with  author FT Camargo will join us about his book, Shanti and the Magic Mandala!  We talked about his love reading and spirituality how he brought it together for his young audience in the first book of series of books that is meant to entertain and to enlighten young people.




We have had 80 percent higher circulation then we did for the last issue.  They are finding us, despite all the issues with Facebook, our Sherri’s Jewel Box is being seen by many more people then before. The beautiful issue has drawn a huge audience the beautiful work in it has brought much love and positive feedback to the talentedmarjorie 11 possible cover artists and marjorie 12 possible covercontributors to it. Thank you so much for reading and loving it. Here is the site so you can have direct access; and enjoy my fall issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box! You can see it on all the social media sites and of course my website; . I have decided to create a page just for Sherri’s Jewel Box, so you can not only see the latest issue but all the new things that are coming up for the spring issue!






rithebard teddy

bib different is beautiful

I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults please find what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Checkout my @cafepress shop!

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