It’s An Exciting Time For Me!


I was at this years Conjecture Convention here in San Diego. I had a great time meeting fans at my table and doing my pan14 - 1els. Not only did a lot of people buy my time travel book; Fantasy Time Inc. at the convention but they were interested in and bought my only two copies of Different is Beautiful. It was so much fun to meet so many different people and chat about books, time travel and  reading.  I found books and movies that I was interested in too. I was on a time travel panel that was so much fun. And  had a lively chat about Sherlock Holmes in the modern age.  I was very happy to have a panel with my friend Dru Pagliassotti about romance in fantastic fiction. It is always fun to see friends and to chat about our current work. 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy friend and the illustrator of Different Is Beautiful, Anja Gruber took the time to take this picture.  It’s great, isn’t it?

Last week I had a very lively interview about my Children’s book; Different Is Beautiful on G-Zone yesterday; We talked about my book, where it came from and what I do when I am not working.  I will have another interview about GEbA-Nomineemy beloved children’s book this week too 🙂

Please watch this beautiful book trailer for our book; Different Is Beautiful It is so amazing. You can buy Different Is beautiful at Amazon at; piglet And get your e-book autographed at; Different Is Beautiful; We also have a great page Pubslush;


???????????????????????????????I have some great interviews coming up on  Chatting With Sherri this week. First up is author Jas T. Ward to chat about her new book; Love’s Bitter Harvest: Romance, the Ward Way! “The story of Kat and Mark is not your typical romance–for its full of resentment, reality and how sometimes hard times, marriage and facing a life-changing disability can either break love forever or harvest the sweetest fruit of all. Romance – The Ward Way” Join us!


And theimage (2)n on Chatting With Sherri we welcome back Renee Hand to chat about her new book; The Crypto-Capers in the Mystery of the Circus for Hire !  “An award-winning interactive children’s mystery where the reader solves the case by solving puzzles in the story.” Join us for this fun chat!



And  a TJ Scott - Photo by Victoria Pratt (2)week from tomorrow, on Saturday Oct 25th at  11am we are excited to interview the diverse director,  photographer and author T. J Scott! His current projects as a director are ‘Gotham’, ‘Constantine’, ‘Longmire’, ‘Orphan Black’, ’12 Monkeys’, ‘Bitten’ and it was just announced that he will be directing a pilot called ‘Dark Matter’ from the producers of Stargate! Heinto the tub  directed several episodes of Xena, Warrior Princess.  He is also a talented photographer and author, we will chat about his book ‘IN THE TUB’ – portraits of Actors, Recording Artists, Models… all using a Bathtub as a common setting – with all of the profit going to Breast Cancer Research. He is currently shooting Volume 2 of IN THE TUB now…we will chat about it all, join us!




Timnacoverharvardlg (2)This week on Wednesday I chatted with the highly intelligent author Avraham Anouchi  about his novel; From Timna to Mars. We chatted about books, technology and how life can change in an instant;  .



On Tuesday evening we got to know the talented cast of The Cast of Unfortunate Demonic Incident Number 271  271 poster draft 01(2)about the play and Sherri’s Playhouse!   We had a lot of fun chatting about acting in a radio play, playing something that is nothing like you with just your voice.  And how the actors feel about the play and their parts.  Setsu also chats about how it feels to listen to her baby come to life!   We are having a great time rehearsing and I hope you will join us on November 2nd!


The_Ghost_cover (2)I am really enjoying the joy of hearing Xena N Ubers bringing my fan fiction story The Ghost to life. I got a bit choked up as I listened to my Veba brought to life by this very talented woman. Please listen to part one;




bookfair psd (2)

My third annual book fair is coming again on Dec 25th from 11am to 6pm  pacifc time!  I need authors who would like to take part to get in touch with me. Send me a note and I will be happy to add you to the list.  We have done very well the last two years and it is a great way to get your new books out and maybe they will become a beloved Holiday Gifts!  We will once again have a raffle of books during the book fair. 



schrift 2_whiteBGI wrote a review of FINDING Humor in Grief by Dr. Ruth Baskerville




This weekend I am working on all the wonderful articles and interviews of my new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box and then it is going to bed. The pieces in this issue are so beautiful and touching. I am so excited. the issue of jewel_3Sherri’s Jewel Box is going so well. It is going to be beautiful. My fall issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box, will be an exciting issue!



bib different is beautiful

I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults please a mug fantasy time Incfind what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more; Check out my  shop! Rithebard


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