So Much Happening At Once!


I am so excited aposter--MaH_2bout the next cast of Sherri’s Playhouse coming on to Chatting With Sherri. Murder At Home is noir style play that comes in two acts in two very different settings but it is connected by…Murder. It should be a lively chat about acting, the style of the play and their characters.  Join us tomorrow Sept 6th on Chatting With Sherri at 10:00AM PT We are getting closer to our performance of Everett Robert’s Murder At Home. it’s sounding great but the nerves are still there. Everett not only wrote this wonderful play but he is taking on the mantel of director. So cool! We are having a great time creating this Noir style play about passion, love, hate and Murder! I am so excited about Producing and Acting in this play on many levels. I love Murder Mysteries and I will be acting in this one as well as producing it. It is a great joy to put my toe in the acting pool again. We had one change in casting our narrator has departed for other exciting waters so the very talented Tonia Carr and David Koshiol have agreed to come aboard as the new narrators. The radio play will be on Sept 14th! We are so excited,  for all new information please check out our Facebook page;
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We are still casting but we have a few parts left so please get your information in as soon as you can. Our new play for Sherri’s Playhouse in October is called; Unfortunate Demonic Incident Number 271 by Setsu Uzume! We have cast some wonderful actors and I can’t wait to hear from you about some parts that are still available so please let me know if you would like to take part!



authorThis week is my third anniversary as the creator, producer and host of Chatting With Sherri, cake for everyone!








Tuesday we had a great chat with author David Tuccaro Jr. and his book; Bad To The Bone! ” Bad To The Bone Bad To The Bone Book CoverTuccaro_2 (2)is the true heart-wrenching story that inspires you to believe when there is no evidence of hope.” His book is a touching account of what he went through its guide to others who suffer from cancer.  We talked about writing and how it was therapeutic and how he hopes to visit hospitals and guide others in person. Please listen in; .  To get in touch with him check out;! or his Facebook page;



I finished  writing my Keyn10425035_801555149885079_6351227215319816003_note Speech for the Marketing Mastery World Summit, yeah!!!!!! What is interesting is that the more I write it I realize I may actually have to cut it. Since it is 45 minutes long that is really surprising. I now have to record it and hope that it sounds good and that it is suitable for the summit. Now my knees are knocking a bit.  As soon as I know more info I will let you know; Marketing Mastery World Summit Speaker on September 15-19;


a  new full book cover of dibI was a guest on Kiler Davenport Live to chat about my book Different Is Beautiful, though we chatted about an assortment of subjects. We were concentrating on was bullying.  My new children’s book is an anti-bullying book so the conversation covered a vast assortment of subjects, it was a lively chat;  Different is Beautiful also received two reviews last week, I am so excited and I truly hope bigger cats_rgb300 (2) for childrens bookother people find the sweetness, beauty and lesson of our book. One is a 4 star on Goodreads;
The other is a 5 star on Amazon;
This book is about love and acceptance. It teaches very small children about love you can’t go wrong with that. It also has some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!! Different Is Beautiful is pigletnow available to be autographed as an e-book at; Please check out this great interview by B.C Brown about Different Is Beautiful; BC Brown Books: Interview: Sherri Rabinowitz, author Different is Beautiful; You can also by it at Amazon at;


I  am very excited to take part in this years Conjecture Con in October!  I will have a table again and appear 1002471_600038430030157_1318259393_non panels. You will be able to buy a signed copy of Fantasy Time Inc.;

first day at con is also available on Kindle; And to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ; And the wonderful trailer created by Nancy Healy for me;  

bib different is beautiful

I expanded my on-line store; Rithebard Shop. I have some really cute products for both kids and adults please find what you’re looking for yourself a mug fantasy time Incor great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more;


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