Wow! What a Week!

a  new full book cover of dib


It has been such an exciting, frustrating, amazing, incredible week. Really I think I have been through every emotion from exhilarated to depressed. From wildly happy to a pure panic. A lot is happening this week and if I had thought it out a bit more I bigger cats_rgb300 (2) for childrens bookmight have spaced it all out a bit more.  I have three really great shows on Chatting With Sherri this week. My book is coming to the close of its second week never falling out of the top twenty in some categories on Amazon. I actually did a spit take (my poor Mom and cat, I scared them) when I saw that it had reached #2 in Hot Releases.  Currently, Different Is Beautiful is still number 3 in Early Childhood Education on Amazon! I received my books finally from the publisher and I ripped open the box like a kid in on her birthday. Different Is Beautiful is now a giveaway on Goodreads; and there are already a whole lot of people signing up for my little book.  And Different Is Beautiful is now available to be autographed as an e-book at;

The panel I created for Comic Con (just an idea that I thought up and submitted and I didn’t expect it to work) is very popular, we have now reached 278 people already signed up for our panel which is entitled; How Fan Fiction Can Lead to Being a an updated comic con posterProfessional. Wow! That’s actually way over the rooms capacity, I never expected it. A lot of people are really excited about it and I am proud and happy. Our panel will be on Thursday, 7/24/14 11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m., Room: 29A!  Please come early to get a seat.The panel is about how fan fiction can lead to jobs in several fields as a professional including but not exclusive to writing books, acting, and screenwriting and many others. I hope to see you all there,

After the panel I am scheduled for the Autograph Area; Sherri Rabinowitz, author/blogger (Fantasy Time Inc., Chatting With Sherri) Thursday AA18 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM. The Thursday schedule is up;



As a bit of preview please join my Comic Con Panel on How Fan Fiction Can Lead to Being a Professional on Chatting with Sherri 7/20/201A comic con episode of Chatting With Sherri4 6:00 PM PDT

This week I had two wonderful guests and we chatted about two different and fascinating subjects.

On Thursday Nancy Holder and I had a great time chatting about Comic Con & her latest books! She is such an interesting guest, you will beg for more and you can get more at Comic Con on July 24th. .






GMW-2013sq2 (2)On Tuesday we chatted with the fun and interesting filmmaker; Gerry Williams as we chatted about his Mars Projects and Mars Movie Night!  .




spinbannerheader new

Nancy Healy is in the final stretch in her rehearsals for her play Spin that will premier on Sherri’s Playhouse on Aug 3rd! The play is about; Two families who are torn apart by violence, collide in a most unexpected way. A story about love, loss and  forgiveness and the ever spinning journey we called life. We will have a group interview on Chatting With Sherri on July 29th at 6:00p.m. so you can meet the cast. Please join us;

Up next will be Murder At Home is now cast! Everett Robert’s fascinating Noir style play about passion, love, hate and murderathomeposter (2)Murder! Please stay tuned for the latest updates and check out the fan page 🙂 Please check my Sherri’s Playhouse page for the latest;

And you get a feel for the play house by listening to the first episode of Sherri’s Playhouse, my play A Heavenly Hand  on A Heavenly Hand with out dateYoutube;
or blogtalk radio;




 Fantasy Time Inc. takes you back in time and allows you to see that dreams come true, please check out my livepreviewnovel first day at conhere; is also available on Kindle;
to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ; And the wonderful
trailer created by Nancy Healy for me;


I’d like to thank everyone who bought my novel; Murder Inc. as an e-book! It is amazing how supportive murder inc149623561012everyone is and I am so very appreciative. As you know this first baby was born as a fan fiction story
that I completely re-wrote into an original story and then I expanded it and re-wrote it again in its current novel form. I hope new readers will buy the e-book or the paperback and join Patty and Alex on their journey. Please check it out;
You can also buy it at Barnes and Noble;




In celebration of my new book; Different Is Beautiful I created a new section in my Cafepress shop. I also created a section for fans of Fantasy Time Inc. Check out the new sections in my @cafepress shop! Rithebard

bib different is beautifula mug fantasy time Incrithebard teddy


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