OMG,  I had some exciting news a panel I created was accepted by San Diego Comic Con!  It is called How Fan Fiction Can Lead to Being a Professional and it will be on Thursday July 24th.  I am very excited we will have a great panel and it will be my first time at Comic Con since the 80’s. When I went there were no movie stars or red carpets. It should be to coin a phrase, fascinating.

I will be going to other events as well;


I will also  be attending Conjecture this year. I will have a table and maybe do a panel or two.  Please say hi if your going to be there too!


And for the third year in a row on Dec. 25th I will have my third annual book fair. Please check this page for news about this fun event!

 sherris playhouse

 Well we haa heavenly handd our first  play for  Sherri’s Playhouse; A Heavenly Hand went well everyone seemed to enjoy it. We had a lot of fun and a good response from our audience. It’s so cool that something I worked so hard on and created from my heart became a reality.  It’s about a young women named Donna. She is an actress and she has reached that time in her life that she must choose between her dream and being practical. She is on the brink of not only breaking her heart but the hearts of all those who love her and her talent. Till Alexandra knocks on the door and changes everything. Please listen in and enjoy my play; play

One of the cast members of A Heavenly Hand is also an author and playwright.   Nancy Ann Healy has been very busy, she has a new book called Betrayal and she is in A Heavenly Hand on Sherri’s Playhouse and a new play called Spin that  will premier on Sherri’s Playhouse





a square teddy cover_bearb (2)My new book called Different Is Beautiful is a  book to teach children about the way of love. To teach them the opposite of that song. To teach them acceptance and understanding. So my book is beautiful, sweet and colorful but it also teaches them that everyone is beautiful. Everyone no matter, what they look like, how they act, who they worship and who they love. Part of the money from the sale of the book will go to an Anti Bullying group. It is the only thing I could think of to help stop this. Love is the way.The beautiful pictures are by Anja Gruber and the text is by me.





I had a last minute interview last night about all the subjects above, it is an exciting busy time for me. And authorthere was a lot to chat about listen to this lively chat;

 Culture with Author and Talk Show Host Sherri Rabinowitz 06/05





This week on Chatting with Sherri I had a bit of problem the guest was not able to phone in due to some kind of technical issue, this coming week I am happy to  bring back the always entertaining author Justin Robinson to Chatting With Sherri to chat about his latest book; GET BLANK! “I’m retired. So why am I running around LA, trying to dodge every conspiracy there is just to stay alive? Oh, right. I’m me.”]

A note about my article the person who helps me do the research and helps me by being the first to read it and give me true and DSCN0058honest feedback is my brother, David. He was very much apart of my writing. He has read both my books and all my fan fiction and gave me help and guidance, he is a person I truly rely on for research, honest opinion and editorial feed back I love him for many reasons and this is just one of the many.  Here are two of the articles he helped me with;

Something every writer needs to do; Finding an Audience;





rithebard teddyrithebard doggyCheck out how you can get this cute doggy t-shirt at Cafe Press Shop for my Rithebard Publications ;








Murder Inc. is finally an e-book! It has gone on a long journey from a fan fiction story that I completely re-wrote into an murder incoriginal story and then I expanded it and re-wrote it again in its current novel form. I am so excited that Alex and Patty finally get to join the modern age and become an e-book! Please check it out;…


Also available on Barnes and Noble;



My card is so beautiful and it goes perfectly with my amazing trailer for my novel, Fantasy Time Inc. ; (Arn’t they great? My friend Nancy Healy created them post card for ftiboth.) 

Fantasy Time Inc. 

Fantasy Time Inc.GeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLD

Travel back in time and see dreams come true, please check out my novel here; It is also avail on Kindle;


authorAnd to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ; And if you would like your e-book signed please check out this great site;



Get your e-book signed by Sherri Rabinowitz






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