My New Adventure Begins!

a heavenly hand

MV5BMzk2MDg5MzEwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDQ2MDIzMQ@@__V1__SY314_CR89,0,214,314_Well Steven L Sears did indeed switch lanes with me and hosted Chatting With Sherri. It was fun being interviewed by him about my writing and Sherri’s Playhouse! So please tune to listen to this fun reversal;  .  On Thursday May 15th join the cast of Aauthor Heavenly Hand on Chatting With Sherri we will chat about our exciting new adventure!  Please join us! .  May 15th is the deadline for all you talented playwrights to submit your work to me for a live performances on my show. Please send your submissions to or message me on Facebook; will have a live Blogtalk radio broadcast like the old Playhouse 90 from the 1950′s. We will do a show once a month and all kinds of plays, I would like the playwright to narrate the show and I will direct and produce it. It is an exciting recreation of a great but lost art.  Please join me! Speaking of My Blogtalk Radio show; Chatting With Sherri, has almost reached 100,000 listeners. I am at 99,981  so close!  So Cool!!!!!!!!


 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATuesday author Robin Alexander chatted about her book; Matter Of Choice! We had a Matter of Choice (final) @ 800 300dpi high res (2)fun time chatting about good books, writing and her novel; Matter of Choice as well as a new series that will be out very soon. Listen in;  .





reza small bookAuthor Reza Mashayekhi will chat about his book; From Iran to America: Mahnaz and Shirin;– A Love Story on 5/6/2014 10:30AM PT





murder inc149623561012I am happy to tell you that my first book; Murder Inc is finally an e-book! Please check it out;





I am so excited about all the amazing interviews and all the great contributors to my new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box. Spring is really here and I think you will find the beauty of the pictures and the words will capture it for you. It is a vibrant and exciting issue. I am so happy to share it with you!  It is a beautiful issue with a lot of color and insight; http://sherrisjewelbox




xena in office chairXena lets you know;  I luv my buuuurdtay Preeesent!





Some articles schrift 2_whiteBGI have written for Yahoo Voice;

They mean a lot to me 🙂

Loss and Self Worth;

A Stolen Letter led to a Lifetime Together




post card for ftiMy card is so beautiful and it goes perfectly with my amazing trailer for my novel, Fantasy Time Inc. ; . (Arn’t they great? My friend Nancy Healy created them both.)  Travel back first day at conin time and see dreams come true,  please check out my novel GeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDhere; It is also avail on Kindle; And to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ;

And if you would like your e-book signed please check out this great site;

Get your e-book signed by Sherri Rabinowitz


Instagram  Also please check out my instagram page!


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