Watching Your Work Come To Life

Well the  roundtable play reading happened yesterday and man was I nervous. It was really exciting and wouldn’t you knoauthorw it I schrift-3.-redwas the last play read. All three were very different. I really enjoyed watching it all. The actors who did my play were all very good especially the girl who read Alexandra in my play, A Heavenly Hand.  It was cool to hear the laughs in the right places and what missed. It was a magical experience which is quite appropriate for my play 🙂  Well the good news is that the people there really enjoyed my play but the bad new is that my play came in second. Which means it will not be produced on stage.


sherris playhouse

 But my play will be produced as the first play on my radio playhouse! My play is all cast and I have already started to cast the second play as well! Please check out the  casting for A Heavenly Hand have been announced on my Facebook page;
So please come in on the ground floor of Sherri’s Playhouse, May 15th is the deadline for all you talented playwrights to submit your work to me for a live performances on my show. Please send your submissions to or message me on Facebook; will have a live Blogtalk radio broadcast like the old Playhouse 90 from the 1950′s. We will do a show once a month and all kinds of plays, I would like the playwright to narrate the show and I will direct and produce it. (the new banner was created by my friend, Nancy Healy!) It is an exciting recreation of a great but lost art. Please join me!
168_18160930182_8330_nOn May 1st at 11:00AM PT  Steven L Sears will switch lanes and  interview yours truly about Sherri’s Playhouse! So please tune to listen to this fun reversal;
Speaking of My Blogtalk Radio show;  Chatting With Sherri, has almost reached 100,000 listeners. I am at 98, 693 listeners. Isn’t that unbelievable? So Cool!!!!!!!!
Matter of Choice (final) @ 800 300dpi high res (2)This Tuesday please welcome author Robin Alexander to Chatting With Sherri as she chat about her novel; OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMatter of Choice!  We will chat about her work and writing style at 10:30AM PT;
On thikburgebooksample (2)s past Tuesday I chatted with  author T.E. Ridener about; The Truth about Kadenburg on Chatting With 101_3398 (2)Sherri! This book the first in an ongoing series, The Kadenburg Shifters Series. “Secrets, wolves, and werebears-oh my!” We had a great fun chat about her work and how she went about writing her novels. It also seems we have a lot in common when it comes to our system for writing I was  so pleased to hear about. Please listen in;
In celebration of the release for Guarding Abigail by T.E. Ridener, you are cordially invited to a day filled with prizes, games, fun, and lots of books!
I am so excited about my wondfirst day at conerful new card to go along with my amazing trailer for my novel, Fantasy Time Inc. ;  . Arn’t they great? My friend Nancy Healy created them both. She is so talented:) Thanks Nancy! Travel back in time and see dreams come true, please check out my novel here; post card for fti It is also avail on Kindle; And to hear a voice clip from the first chapter (read by me) ;

Get your e-book signed by Sherri Rabinowitz


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