Second Annual Sherri’s On-Line Christmas Book Fair

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schrift 2_whiteBGHappy Holidays! Welcome to  my Second on-line Christmas Day Blog Book Fair. We have a great mix of books here. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained!



Below are new lady sherlockbooks are coming for your future pleasure;

Brooks Wachtel‘s fascinating new book;

“Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling Dead”  

is Due Out in 2014!


nancy book coverNancy Cornell-Healy‘s exciting new book, Intersection

will be out in January!

So Pick up your copies of these great books as soon as they are avail!



The raffle is now closed. I want to thank everyone who took part in it both authors and readers. It was a great deal of fun and I think everyone ended up with something special. 

Our last pull was a tie, the winners will receive the following books; winner one will receive Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti and winner two will receive The Girls by Sunny Alexander! 

Please continue to enjoy and buy the books from the sale below. I hope you find the perfect book for the perfect holiday.

 I have them separated by category (in Pink) so you can easily find the books you like. Once you find the book you would like to buy just click the sell link that you prefer. Enjoy!


gpagreatest poet book coverRevenge the Orgasm by: Greatest Poet Alive

As you are driving, your body involuntarily jumps. Sweat begins on your forehead and appears on your body, even though it is the middle of Winter. Inside of your left thigh, there is a tapping that is not harmful but noticeable. And you begin to wonder if sanity has departed or control of your motor skills is no longer your own. Then, the epiphany becomes clear. This is Revenge of the Orgasm.

Children’s Books

Author BAS White Text (2)AMAZING: A Monarch’s Tale by Bette Stevens (kindle & paperback) Award-winning Picture Book ages 5-10 a new AMAZING MATILDA Cover(Thumbl) 200x260 (2)

tnTHE TANGRAM ZOO and WORD PUZZLES TOO! By Bette Stevens; (Paperback only) Activity Book ages 5-Adult!


easelly_visual(1)PURE TRASH, The Story By Bette Stevens;(kindle & paperback) 1950s Short Story Adventure YA/Adult

Fantasy/ Science Fiction

GeBA_Sticker-Nominated-GOLDFantasy Time Inc. by Sherri Rabinowitz;

In the future we as a  people will be going through many strange and cover1002471_600038430030157_1318259393_nconflicting changes. Publishers links; Amazon;  Amazon Kindle; Barnes and Noble;


Guardiphoto(2)(1)ng the Healer by Gabriel Beyers

When Silas Walker is endowed with the power to heal, he soon discovers that no gift comes without a price.
Predatory Animals by Gabriel Beyers

After suffering a near-death accident, Casper Brown awakens with a strange new connection to three stray dogs recently adopted by his family.,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-52,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

His collection of short stories titled Contemplations of Dinner:

S.L. Wallace in hat resized(2)Price of a Bounty by S. L. Wallace (2)
When a typical job goes awry, it changes everything. Alliances are formed, long kept secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed.
Canvas Skies  by S. L. Wallace
SLWallace_CanvasSkies_eFINALcleanWhile Guy and Keira navigate their way through a Terenian society that enforces the separation of classes, April is haunted by her past.
Heart of Humanity by S. L. Wallace
The laws of Terene may have changed, but that doesn’t mean the hearts and minds of its people have.
Retrospection final cover2(1)Retrospection by S. L. Wallace
When Claire wakes up in the hospital, she discovers a stranger in her room who only she can see and hear.
Dante’s Day Off by S. L. Wallace
Is Dante interested in helping mankind thrive, or is he only looking out for himself?
Dante's Day Off smaller (2)
dru in costumeClockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassottidru clockwork for goodreads
A steampunkish romantic fantasy set in Ondinium, a city that beats to the ticking of a clockwork heart. Taya, a metal-winged courier, can travel freely across the city’s sectors and mingle indiscriminately among its castes.
Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind by Dru Pagliassotti
dru clock work ironTaya, the metal-winged icarus whose investigation helped defeat a plot against Ondinium and its populace, is assisting her exalted husband Cristof Forlore on his fi rst ambassadorial mission.
Erotic Horror

Mitzi on tower bridge road (2)The Wild Passion of Dorian Gray by Mitzi Szereto

WildePassionsofDorianGray - Copy (2)The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray continues where Wilde left  off with the Faustian tale of a man of eternal youth and great physical beauty  who lives a life of corruption, decadence, and hedonism.



From The Waist Up by Lawson Brooks

After the murder of his wife Felix Anderson’s continual missteps cast doubts about his innocence.  Complicating matters are Union Stationa hefty insurance settlement, a dubious financial transaction and an unpredictable ex-lover.  Trying to larrys cover biggerstay one step ahead of the Metro PD, Felix is propelled through a series of harrowing events as he tries to find his wife’s killer.

Unleash Someone’s Inner Detective This Holiday Season!
​The Mystery Begins Here.  ➞  ​


2013_JGCovey_GaryW_VickyK_Photoshoot_Prelim-16 (2)indestupidle proofIndisputable Proof by: Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly

When the Sudarium of Oviedo—the venerable cloth that once covered Jesus Christ’s face on the cross—is stolen from a cathedral in Spain, it sparks a series of grisly murders.


Manipulation by: Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly

manipulationOnly when Detective Larsen digs deeper into Riley Lake’s past will a disturbing question arise: Who is the hunter and who is the prey?

Death in the Beginning:by: Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
 As Northeast Florida braces for a deadly hurricane, Curt and his friends are drawn into a monumental conspiracy which death in beginning (2)could alter the balance of power…and destroy humanity.

Historical Mystery

Jim on the Warpath (2)Forevermore by: Jim Musgrave
Jim Musgrave’s popular Detective Pat O’Malley mystery series is now in a
trilogy for sale on Amazon. (2)20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1482063492&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2
Forevermore is now a great audiobook read by an Irishman!
forevermore on line


Alternative Fiction


Murder Inc by Ri;

murder incauthor

Alex Bennett led a double life but now she had something to fight for. Publisher Link; Amazon, Barnes and Noble;

Portrait of Jordan RedhawkOrphan Maker by D Jordan Redhawk

Ragged, starving refugees want to settle in Lindsay Croorphan240 (2)ssing. In a world waking up from a devastating plague, control of resources—and people—is the key to survival. Marissa Loomis has grown used to fighting for herself and her family. The newcomers are a threat, but they can’t be left to die.

My site link to the book:



SunnyTheGirls_FINAL copy (2)The Girls by Sunny Alexander

A Different Kind of Love Story: Celebrate with The Girls as they make their way through a decades-long journey towards Marriage Equality.



160x160 JamesDarrellWilliams ThomasSmith PhotoByJoyNeely (2)Which One Am I? by Thomas Smith & James Darrell WilliamsWhichOneAmI Cover Web (2)

Which One Am I?” focuses on one man’s journey with multiple personalities, becoming a singular story about universal truths, horrors and grace.

SunnyFlowers from Iraq by Sunny Alexander13828929

A tale of opposites colliding and then reuniting, Flowers from Iraq balances humor and tragedy, the landscape of battle and the interior of the human mind.

Love, Mom: A Mother’s Journey From Loss to Hope by Cynthia Baseman

Scan-120580004-200x300This memoir written for bereaved parents chronicles Cynthia Baseman’s rough road to healing after the loss of hercoverFlat1-226x300 daughter, Samantha, who was stillborn.
rezaFrom Iran to America by: Reza Mashayekhi
English Idioms And Expressions For Everyone, Yes, Even You!13118291Final From I to A
From Iran to America: Mahnaz and Shirin – A Love Story

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