Hudson Leick is back on Chatting With Sherri Today!

schrift 2_whiteBGIt is really interesting running a radio show, I have these amazing ups and downs. The ups? Of course speaking to amazing people and learning something new from every interview. Down? Scheduling, it is a very difficult to make sure everyone understands whats available and coordinating so everyone is happy. The thing that I have learned?  I have to learn to up my patience 🙂


Hudson Leick is back on Chatting With Sherri! She will answer some amazing questions submitted by fans and she hudson on pedastalwill talk about her Yoga Retreats and Spiritual Counseling. Please tune in to this very special episodenon cropped hudson of Chatting With Sherri!  In the mean time  you can check out her retreats and buy one of her amazing CDs; and listen to our fascinating hour at;



Tuesday we welcome Sunny Alexander the author of the novel, The Girls:  A Different Kind of Love Story. We willTheGirls_FINAL copy (2) chat Sunnyabout creating her stories and how she entwined writing with her everyday life.


Steven L. Sears returns to Chatting With Sherri on Sunday, Sept. 22nd! Steven returns to chat about his graphic novel that steven in cover for gnhe and Kevin J. Anderson created called Stalag-X. We will chat about this exciting new adventure!

Please check out these links as a preview to our conversation;168_18160930182_8330_n

Here is the link to my last chat with the wonderful Steven Sears;

Like all Xena fans I do miss the Warrior Princess and the Bard. It made me think of another series I loved that it took personxenamany years to bring back to life; Why We Would Still Like A Xena Movie!!!!! via @wordpressdotcom



The new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box about romance of fall. I think this is my best issue yet, its informative and very jewel_3beautiful. I have several new features in this issue. I hope you enjoy my new issue I think it is one of my best issues yet. It is a bit revamped from last month, enjoy!

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