Such A Lot To Do and So Little Time To Do It.

On my special episode of Chatting With Sherri with Emmy Award winning Brooks Wachtel we had a great time talking about his Brooks with Emmy Tut copy (2)work and art.  He is a very funny and talented man who won an Emmy for the show, Tutenstein, he created the show Dogfights on the History Channel he tells how it was created and how they went about making all lady sherlockthose amazing dogfights come to life. Now he has written his first novel called; Lady Sherlock, Circle of the Smiling Dead. It sounds  like a really good mystery and I can’t wait to read it.  He is also a talented magician who displays his talent at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  He is also a graphic artist with a magic poster in the American Museum of Magi, Wow! It is a really fun and funny interview please listen;

Here’s the link for his  class that he has coming up;

And here’s the link for the UCLA writer’s faire:
My panel is  11:50 – 12:30  Court of Sciences 24 – Great Cinematic Characters: A Screenwriter’s Guide.

And on Tuesday I talked to novelist S.L. Wallace. We talked about her life as a teacher and how she started to write her novelRetrospection final cover2(1)s. S.L. Wallace in hat resized(2)How teaching and writing happily coinside and she talks of her two latest novels; Retrospection, and Heart of Humanity. Listen to the warm and fun inteview; …   The links to all of my books are there as well, except for my latest.  Retrospection can be purchased at:


My guest this week is G.P.A who is an electrifying poet! Through his poetic flow he gives a visual of how a man loves a woman and gpaas a woman you imagine you are who he speaks of. His words will grab you, mentally make love to you, his poetic flow is filled with love, respect, sensuality,  lust, strength and beauty;

I wrote two other blogs this week, one was about the late great Elizabeth Taylor and the other was about the cruise my brother and Picture 004 (2)ELIZABETH TAYLOR     Date:I took around San Diego Bay;  There Was Only One Elizabeth Taylor  ,I Had A Two Hour Tour, Two Hour Tour…. 

Only 9 days my special for my novel Fantasy Time Inc. for the two-year anniversary will be coming to an end of the month so you postcardonly have a couple of weeks to get an autographed copy at the lower price! So please send me an email at if you would like an autographed my book for the low price 10.00. Or if you would still like to have your copy of my e-book edition of Fantasy Time Inc. signed. Here is the link to get the book auto-graphed the site and autograph is free! . Here is a review of my novel; ttp://

Still going nuts with work and I still have not found the right person. So  I think I need a virtual intern who can do some of the schrift 2_whiteBGwork from home but live near me so they can help me out during events.  So I signed up with an intern site. If you know any young people who would like to work remotely let me know.
Also if you know any musicians I would love to talk to them. I have a contest going and I would like a short peppy theme song for my show Chatting With Sherri! What I need is short cute song that lasts less than 1 minute. It should reflect my happy positive view of the show. There is a dead line, I will need to get your emails by August 30th. Please send me your entry to with Theme Song in Subject. The winner will be a guest on my show to plug their music! Since I am now booked up till next year this will be a special show with just you, it will be a great chance to reach an audience so send in those songs.

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