Special for the anniversary of Fantasy Time Inc!

FTI2I am gong to have a special for my novel Fantasy Time Inc. for the two year anniversary of it’s being published. So please send me an email at rithebard@Yahoo.com if you would like an autographed copy of my book for the low price 10.00.   Here is a review of the book; http://www.valleyscenemagazine.com/archives/july82011/book/

This wmitzieek author Mitzi Szereto will talk about her book;  NORMAL FOR NORFOLK (THE LONIOUS T. NORMAL FOR NORFOLKBEAR CHRONICLES).Pub landlords are being murdered in quaint Norfolk villages – and the light of suspicion shines on hapless ursine photojournalist Thelonious T. Bear, whose only supposed “crime” is that he happens to be a… bear. #BlogTalkRadio  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/08/06/chatting-with-sherri …



Jim Musgrave author of the Pat O’Mally Historical Mystery Series chats on novel Forevermore; Forevermore by Jim MusgraveJim Musgrave http://contempinstruct.com/Forevermore/ . We had a great time on my show Chatting With Sherri on Teusday. We talked of his book, his series and History as well as the importance of reading. Please listen to the great chat!  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/07/30/chatting-with-sherri …
 1002471_600038430030157_1318259393_nWe had a  wonderful time at the Creative Artists Showcase on Sunday at the Fusion Glass Co. It was a fun time for all 🙂

hopscotchI am so excited that my movie blog;  “A Fun Spy in Hopscotch!”  http://wp.me/p2MXCg-1r   is in Literary Leanings ▸ today’s top stories   http://paper.li/LynneConstantin/1365689851 … Kind of cool, huh?




Also if you know any musicians I would love to talk to them. I have a contest going and I would like a short peppy theme song for 35816_406565138320_1875124_nmy show Chatting With Sherri! What I need is short cute song that lasts less than 1 minute. It should reflect my happy positive view of the show. There is a dead line, I will need to get your emails by August 30th. Please send me your entry to rithebard@yahoo.com with Theme Song in Subject. The winner will be a guest on my show to plug their music! Since I am now booked up till next year this will be a special show with just you, it will be a great chance to reach an audience so send in those songs. http://www.rithebard.com/?alt_id=0H0NG-D1A23-4W5&ts=1335411499574

I decided I needed help I have so much work to do with all my different business’s that I would like to hire an intern. I think a schrift 3. red whiteBGvirtual intern would be best but I really need some help. So I signed up with an intern site. If you know anyone please have them sign up and check out my link on the site; Social Media & Community Management Intern Job at Ri The Bard Publications – http://Internships.com


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