Distractions…To my Life and in the World

I have been working very diligently on a new short story, I finally finished editing and I sent it off to get it double checked. You can schrift 3. red whiteBGsee some of my short stories here; http://xenafiction.net/Ri/Ri.cfm .  I also finished another two chapters in my novel and a whole section of my memoir. I am determined there will be no place to nick-pick on my next publications so I am working really hard to make them as smooth as I can. I have been working on two articles and my other blogs.  You will be able to check out everything when they are done on my website; http://www.rithebard.com/default.html. 

To say I have been distracted of late would be an understatement. So much has been going on in the world and in my own life that it makes it very hard to concentrate on my own work. I do my own stuff everyday but I do end up getting sucked into the news a lot, of late. It is not shocking when it comes to the horrors that have been happening lately. No one is immune unless they have their schrift 2_whiteBGhead stuck in the sand or they just don’t care about anyone other then their own lives. I am not like that, I care so I watch. Also I have had  few hiccups in my own life. The latest was painful at the time but it is a bit comical now, I sprained my ankle and don’t know how I did it. Then I was healing nicely and banged my toe against the wall. Which hurt like hell and I had to start the healing process all over again. This has distracted me not only about my writing but I have not gone to the gym or really left the apartment except to take out the trash. This weekend I am finally healed so I am able to go out and about to new adventures this weekend. Thank heaven.  🙂

My guest this  coming week will be Tom Ufert author of the memoir; Adversity Builds Character.  “Fearing arrest or an accident I was anxious to return to my parked car and head home. The next moment would change my life forever.”16076228  6551762http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2013/05/14/chatting-with-sherri  Tom has been very supportive and I am very excited to have him on the show. He recently took part in my Sherri’s Second Blog Book Fair  http://wp.me/p2LjpY-98 where not only could you find his book but he took part in my autograph party and  the Q&A.  So I think it will be great fun not only for me but for all my friends and readers to get to know this kind, bright and talented man!

Are you searching for your American dream? My guest on Tuesday was Educator Sandra Bornstein; author of “May This Be TBook Cover Front Only (2)he Sandy-_Mtn_PortraitBest Year of Your Live”; thought she had hers in Colorado. She told the wonderful tale about her life in India and how she had to get over her culture shock and learn to appreciate and even love her new surrounding in India   http://tobtr.com/s/4667063.  She has a lot more info on her book on her website;  www.sandrabornstein.com and her book can found at; http://www.amazon.com/This-Best-Year-Your-Life/dp/1478198052


I am really excpic with bookited to talk to Charmaine Hammond on her amazing Blogtalk radio show; Your Book As a Business.  I will be on the show on  May 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm PST. We will talk about my own show Chatting With Sherri and why I do it. We will also chat about  my own writing. The link to the show is: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-book-as-a-business/2013/05/29/guest-sherri-rabinowi

We will have a new issue of Sherri’s Jewel Box very soon. It will be a new and exciting issue. With great new interviews and beautiful jewel_3pieces. I will have new articles with new contributors and new features.I think you will find it exciting. So this is your last chance to see the beauty of this issue called; Love Is All Around! It is about love and the Myth of love.  For both history  lovers, Jewel Lovers, and the lovers of design this is the issue for you. Here is the link; http://sherrisjewelbox.weebly.com/

Till Next Time…


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