From a passion to acting to a passion for writing

IMG_0002_NEWI went from a passion to acting to a passion for writing. When I was a child I loved to write, act and dance.  I loved all of it. I put on shows and I would direct the other kids on our block, even though I was always the new kid. I would be passionate. I would write the show and we would all do it for our families. We always did this in the summer and it was either in our back yard or one of the other kids but I always directed and wrote it. I would not star because I would be too busy doing everything else but I would give myself a meaty part. I did that as a teenager as well.  I wrote a play when I was in high school because I was sick of being a spear carrier.  We were able to perform what ever we wanted during lunch in the small theater so I talked three of my friends into being in my play, called A Family Affair. I was the lead in that. It was fun!
Then in religious school we wrote a play talking about how we were going through the stages of our life. We each wrote our own IMG_NEWparts. It was a lot of work but I got a lot of great feed back and I was hooked on acting. Then my passion turned toward acting. I did have some success, I worked on stage a lot. I worked on the tour at Universal Studios. Most important to me was getting parts in TV shows and TV movies. I had an extra role in a Richard Gere movie. I almost always played teenagers. Even when I reached Thirty.  But after I was Thirty-five  I couldn’t get work. I now looked like a young women not a teenager. I still worked on stage but not on TV and that is where I got paid. So I started to send out articles to magazines. I had a little success. I sold a few pieces but not enough to live so I decided to give it up too.
I worked hard in life but I think I was really miserable without any creative outlet. Then something that I had done as college student hit the internet. Fan Fiction. I started to write for it slowly, it was a great, safe place to write and to learn what works and murder incdoesn’t. I also took classes at UCLA to make myself a better writer. Slowly I had a fan base and then I started to work on my first novel. Murder Inc. started as a series of fan fiction stories that I worked on to carve into a novel. IIMG001 (2) am very proud of it. My father who wanted to be a writer was really proud of it too. He would tell everyone he met about my book. He used to pass out flyers with the cover at his work. From this I decided to try to be a writer again. I wrote articles and more fan fiction. I wrote a first draft of a book.  I was passionate about it. Then Dad died. It ripped my heart out, and I stopped again.
My Mom and brother talked me into writing again. I started to write articles again. And I wrote fan fiction but I could not get past dave and mom in sdpic with bookthe first draft of my novel. My brother talked me into trying. So I started to work on the second draft. I re-structured it and I got really into writing my books again. I guess you could say I was re-born as a writer, it’s a tribute to my Dad.
This Week I had a wonderful chat with Roxanne Bland. We talked about writing and books. How things came about that she started writing a piece of fan fiction, but soon abandoned it as her first book, The Underground, developed. TheUndergroundFtCover (2)While a paranormal revolution looms on the horizon, Parker, a beleaguered alpha werewolf, is locked in a bitter love triangle with Garrett, his mage ex-lover, and Kurt, his despised vampire overlord. In trying to deal with his predicament, Parker falls for Melera, an amnesic space alien, who may—or may not—be a serial killer.
This Tuesday I will be chatting with the wonderful Producer/ Writer Paul Jackson. He is best known for such shows as Sliders, Lois MV5BMTA4OTc1NzYxMTheQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDQ3NTY5MjE@._V1._SX148_CR0,0,148,200_and Clark and Briscoe County Jr. He will be chatting about his famous shows, his creative process and his amazing new projects. Please join me to hear about how he works and what is coming up for him;
I began to re-read the whole series of Harry Potter books.  As I read the first book, I was shocked at how much I had forgotten. I was really stunned at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1how much I had replaced in my mind by the films. So I decided to read the whole series as one story. Here is my review;
schrift 2_whiteBGSherri’s Second Book Fair; Sunday April 28, 2013 at 11:00am to 5:00pm. It is so exciting to have another book fair. I am going to make very interactive this time. Anyone who would like to take part in my second book fair please email me. I will have a raffle again and some other treats, including an e-book autograph hour and a Q & A hour for any author who would like to take part. Please join as a reader or writer at;
Till next time…


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