Second Book Fair is coming!

IMG_9195My second book fair is coming to computer or cell phone near you.  I am really looking forward to it and so are the other authors who are taking part. I will have a raffle again and some other treats, including an e-book autograph hour and a Q and A hour for any author who would like to take part.   So please join the Facebook group and let me know what you think. Please check it out;

FTI2We had a great autograph party! We had a lot of great questions and a fun time. I am always trying to find new ways to get out there and to think outside of the box. Here was my way of doing that and it was a great time for everyone! Here is the link to by my e-book; and here is the link to get the book auto-graphed; if you would still like to have your copy of my e-book edition of Fantasy Time Inc. signed. It was so much fun I may have another one! What do you think?

KJAlibrary (2)On Tuesday evening I got to stop by one of Kevin J Anderson stops for his national book tour! He was really fun and entertaining. I had already decided to get Unnatural Acts but now I think I want to get two other books as well. He really was a wonderful speaker and he even gave us gifts! I also got to see the prototype of his and Steven Sears graphic Novel Stalag-X, it was so beautiful. I was there with my brother and we thought it was an amazing book. I can’t wait to get that too! Please check out this link and see all the other stops he will be making.

TheUndergroundFtCover (2)

This Tuesday we will have the lovely Roxanne Bland is a writer who is fascinated by words. She started 705b93cf6f940ad8956ef6.L._V375669165_SY470_writing by penning a piece of fan fiction, but soon abandoned it as her first book, The Underground, developed. While a paranormal revolution looms on the horizon, Parker, a beleaguered alpha werewolf, is locked in a bitter love triangle with Garrett, his mage ex-lover, and Kurt, his despised vampire overlord. In trying to deal with his predicament, Parker falls for Melera, an amnesic space alien, who may—or may not—be a serial killer.

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