New Things on The Way!

I am biting my cheeks to keep from telling you some of the amazing guests I have coming up for Chatting With Sherri. I can guarantee that they will all be interesting and very exciting. I can’t wait!

This week I had the pure pleasure of chatting with Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly about their exiting thriller, Indisputable Proof .  We talked about the writing process and the challenges of working with a partner that lives in a different state. They are so much fun and very funny. It was a total joy to me and I think you will find it so too. .  They love to exchange ideas with their fans on their website or Facebook page; .

Next week I will get to chat with the amazing writer Sam Gilmour, to talk about his fantasy work Golden Mane, Renegades of Wolfenvald and the erotic paranormal murder mystery, The Borrowed Kitchen!  Please join me for this new show with such a wonderful writer. .







This week I am also excited to announce the relaunch of my e-magazine; Sherri’s Jewel Box. It is new site with a special theme in this issue. One that is very close to my heart, It is all about Breast Cancer.  How it touches everyone, there is a link to the Breast Cancer site. When you click you give someone who needs it a free mammogram. It is also the official page with a lot of merchandise where all the money goes to Breast Cancer Research. I bought a cute pair of socks. The issue is full of beautiful  issue full of special pieces and touching memories; .

My intrepid kitty, Xena has snuck on my computer again and has written a new blog about all her antics. Please check out how she is finding new ways to fill her furry time; .

I also wanted to remind everyone about my special one on one classes through The Learning Annex. It is a new thing they are offering and I think it is very exciting; .

For anyone in San Diego, my books Fantasy Time Inc and Murder Inc, will be featured at the San Diego Jewish Book Fair. I am not going to be at a table but I will be there on either Nov 4th or Nov 11th. Email me at if you would like to hang out. Here is the link for the site; .

Till next time…


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